Rule No. 19: Not Clean Language Examples

No. 19: No Profanity, Keeping it Clean: Anything that is profanity is forbidden in this forum, whether it is the obvious “F,” “S” or “A” words or all the other words that the forum management recognizes as profanity. I will allow you to disguise the word by putting in symbols such as stars, exclamation points, hashtags, etc. to replace letters since it keeps it from being so blatant. Keeping it clean also refers to anything linked, the site it is linked to, or anything imbedded into a post. Again, this is part of being the GREEN REFUGE from the rest of the nasty world.


“MC is a great recruiter but a terrible coach.  He lost me when he lost his shit on the sidelines at Kris Hutson… Go to Florida, fool, and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.” 


“Jesus, man!

“When they start using Trojan Protection, then and only then will they come.  IMHO.”