Rule No. 26: Examples of Getting Personal with Players and Coaches

No. 26: Do not get personal in judgments of  the current Players or Coaches: We allow commenting about the current players and coaches as that is what message boards and forums are all about. Second-guessing coaches and judging player performance is what everyone does, but we must not get personal or nasty toward them. Questioning a play-call or whether a tackle should have been made (Performance-related) is fine, and give your thoughts as to why in one direction or the other.

Whether a coach should be retained, or a player replaced is also fair-game because they know they are in the public sphere and that goes with the territory. Let’s discuss, but Ad Hominem attacks on them are forbidden.

(Former Oregon players and coaches do not have Rule 26 protections once they leave Eugene, as they sometimes do objectionable things that deserve to be called out.)

No such rules with current of former coaches at other teams, their players, or their fans. Go for it and have fun!


“Something has always really bothered me about Moorhead. This guy has documented serious health problems and is obese. And he looks like he’s 70 years old. Well, he just turned 48! What athletic department wants to place their bets on someone like that?! What’s going on here?”

“I don’t understand Mullen, tell Moorhead Thanks, but you no thanks, you left our program, so go work on yours. Not playing the Freshman QB’s is a mistake, you need to see what you have!” 

“Go to Florida, fool, and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.”

“Yeah, DeRuyter is trash.  He can take that weak 3-4 defense with him.”

“Stone cold liar and user just like the snake.  But he is still a liar and a fraud, good riddance.”

“Preach loyalty, do the opposite. The one thing Mario Cristobal proved is he’s a liar.”