Rule No. 6b: Not “Polite and Respectful” Examples

No. 6: No denigration, disparagement or even minor belittling of another poster or writer on the site; there is no need for it. State your case and let the information or the strength of your argument win the day—but trying to denigrate a fellow Duck fan for a difference of opinion is not allowed.

No. 6a) We look at the tone of the post; does it have an aggressive tone or a bit of a bite to it? (Even if tiny) If so, we delete it. Throwing shade at another member comes in many subtle forms such as, “if you understood….or if you thought this through…,” etc. and while these are benign, they are derisive, and nobody wants to be on the receiving end of it. All posts can be written without an aggressive or dismissive tone.

No. 6b) Are you being “polite and respectful” in your post? The preponderance of posts deleted fail this simple test, as OBD is the civil site, the forum with decorum. If you cannot be nice to your fellow OBD members, then this is not the place for you.
“Duck fans need to chill–you sound spoiled.”

“ROFL. Wishful thinking. Are you high?”

“OBD Member just seems really passive aggressive and dumb so am giving benefit of the doubt.”

“Deal with it.”

“Get a grip”

“Seems that some fans have a memory shorter than a goldfish.”

“Get over it!”

“What are you talking about?

You are the ultimate Sunshine Pumper…”

“Grow up!”

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch. Don’t get your skirt blown up. Step away from the ledge…”

“Come on…after 2 games you are playing the stat game? How many ways can we find to “diss” AB?”

Above are examples where you ask yourself….”if YOU were the one this was directed at…would you like it?” It is not polite and respectful to a fellow OBD member. Share your opinions and others share theirs…but above is an example of going after the fellow member and making it personal and we don’t allow it.