Rules No. 13 and No. 14: Sarcastic and Snarky Examples

No. 13: Trying to Sidestep the Rules with Sarcasm? Sarcasm is a subtle form of belittling, of making fun of an individual or a group for their view on a topic. It inhibits people from posting their opinion in the future, and thus is forbidden on FishDuck; we do not want any form of maligning behaviors, (no matter how minor) on FishDuck because of differences of opinion.

No. 14: No SNARKY posts or responses, as this can be a variation of sarcasm, but also can be flippantly insulting and/or a derivative of one of the violations above.  It is not polite and respectful as we require on this site, thus it will be deleted.


Yeah, because football recruiting is the same thing.   Lol”

Oh gosh… lol!  What if everyday employers did regular people like that?” 

“I’m guessing you missed the talent they recruited this year for the offensive line.”

“Geez Eddie…does anyone get the opportunity to improve from last season under your overwhelmingly negative criteria?”

“Unable to confirm reports that Mullens has also reached out to both John Madden and Mike Holmgren. Stay tuned.”

 “If it’s the same thing, let’s get NFL talent scouts to hire our HC next time.”