Rules No. 17 and No. 18: Examples of Shots at Writers and Management

No. 17: No Needling of Writers, Readers or Management of the Site, and this one is a judgment call on the part of Mr. FishDuck. Like the “Snarky” violation above, it is hard to describe but easy to detect due to the history of the offender.  It is often quite obvious that a post is written simply to offend, annoy or needle someone due to a difference of opinion and we delete these as they do not fit our “polite and respectful” profile of posts required.

No. 18: Posting denigrating statements about the sites of FishDuck, Our Beloved Ducks Forum, or of Mr. FishDuck? If you have a complaint, then email and Mr. FishDuck will engage with you.  If you post your feelings in the forum–you will be deleted in a heartbeat, because after all the thousands of hours and dollars put into creating the site over the last ten years … who needs it?


I do find it ironic that a kinder, gentler FishDuck is to discuss a pugilistic, violent sport.”

How do you know the views of the fans?” (A shot at the writer)

“I actually learn about football and the Duck at this site. Without the sensationalist opinion click-bate crap I find almost everywhere else.–until this article.  I can find aggrieved, troll the audience crap writing anywhere.”  (Shot at writer)

“Such an uninformed and inaccurate assessment.  This is a poor approach to so-called journalism.”

“I think the writer’s stance (name was actually used) in this article is overly harsh, completely hyperbolic, and shows an underlying dislike of Cristobal.  It’s a hyperbolic statement a child would make.”

“This is pure bullshit.  It is an embarrassment to our new staff that Mr Fish Duck would think he represents hundreds of thousands of fans. He is a pompous tool who has no place in our program. REALLY?????   We have lost Brand???  Don’t think so.  Scoring is down throughout college football.  The spread offense has been figured out.  FishDick needs to retire already.”

“This article turned my stomach.”