Directions for Completing Your Profile Page

Learning Tips:

–1.  To learn and implement best? Have this page open in a tab at the top of your browser, and a tab open of the forum and in the page begun where you want to post a topic or reply. (You can have two tabs of the site open at the same time.) 

–2.  Watch our videos on how to do each task, and you can then see how easy and quick it can be!

What is a Profile Page? This is information that helps Mr. FishDuck serve you better by getting in touch if there is a question about a post or if I wish to ask for feedback about potential changes to the site, etc. The information is never shared and over the last 10 year period of having…it has been incredibly helpful for all parties. Please take a moment to fill it out.

Directions for Completing Your Profile Page? (Below)

Above is the Profile Completion Reminder (red arrows above) that will be at the top of your pages. (Ignore the pictures below the red arrows as installing them is covered in the Uploading the Profile Picture Directions page) Do click on the yellow box, Complete My Profile, at the right red arrow above.

Or if you dismissed the Profile Completion Reminder in the past, there is another way to get to your Profile Page and finish your profile..(See below)

On the front page of the forum after you have signed in, you can get to your profile page by clicking on the image (red arrow above) you uploaded for your Profile Picture, or the helmet that Charles loaded for you (or the colored button with a letter on it if you have not uploaded an image) or you can click on the Drop-Down menu button (green arrow above) and then click on “Profile” option. (See yellow arrow above) Both those options take you to your Profile Page.

Now you are on your Profile Page and you can finish your Profile by clicking on the link the red arrow above points to.

The top part of finishing your profile is as you see above. Go ahead and fill in this information and as you have read on the page near the top, none of your information is ever shared with any source and the only items the public sees is your Posting Name and image uploaded. That is it!  (See at the top of the page as to why we ask for this)  Scroll down that Profile Completion page to the bottom for directions and more information about completing your Profile Page.

This is Mutts for Mariota filling this out, and again–do note the directions and information in the lower part of this Profile Completion Page. You can upload an image if you like, and then click on “Save” at the red arrow above.

So as you see–not very much to fill out and it does not take very long at all!