Directions for Macs and Mobile Phones

My FishDuck Friends, I cannot make complete directions for PC, Mac and every line of cell phone operating system.  My directions are geared to PC Desktops/Pads, and you can then apply it to your desktop/pad or mobile phone from there.  As it is…this was so many hours to assemble that I would be embarrassed to say how long I took to complete what we have.

I have a commitment toward this community in providing the foundation of directions so that you can do in just seconds what you see me do often in posts. Please overcome your short attention span, as we all have it on the web, and take two minutes to learn directions for a task that will take you only seconds later to carry out.

What I’ve learned over the years and many people who do not know how to do these things on their cell phone is….whatever question you have–ask it in a search on a Browser like Google, Edge, Safari, Firefox, etc. and not only will answers appear, but so will links to videos to show you how. Do search with the same question in YouTube and you will have plenty of videos to choose from.

Just search for directions and include your specific phone make and model; for example I searched, “how to you copy and link on an iPhone 11 Pro?” Tons of answers came up on Google, and many others unrelated that would be handy to learn. The categories I would search for certain if you do not know how:

How to Copy and Paste  (You will be doing this at minimum to bring over article links)

How to work on Multiple Pages at the Same Time  (This is also handy to go back-and-forth between an article you are posting, or looking at directions and applying them in the post you are writing)

How to Do Split-Screen Multi-Tasking  (This allow you to see both screens at once)

Since we all spend so many hours reading and posting on this forum…invest a little time to learn how to do things and your enjoyment level will go through the roof. Tons of people tell me that, and it is true.  Investing minutes into learning will spin off tons of hours of fun…

My thanks,