For OBD Moderators: How to Mark Posts as “Moderated”

Suggestion: Have this page open in a tab and the OBD Forum open in another tab so you can go back-and forth easily.


When you open a thread, the top post will have the “Check Post” (Red arrow above) and when you click on it–the post will have your name, day and time you moderated this top post of a thread.  Note the green arrow pointing to a square that will be important later and I wanted you to be aware of it.  Finally the yellow arrow above points to a very important black square that will contain a drop-down menu for moderators to use with marking the checked posts.

Note the red arrow above shows how this post has been “Moderated” and the color of the post has turned green in this image, but we no longer have that feature since these directions were made. (All posts moderated are white while moderating.) Note the blue circle above that shows who the post was checked by and when.

To check one post at a time, you would check off, or “tick” as they say in England, where the yellow arrow is above. After you have clicked/ticked that box, a black toolbar shows up on the bottom of your screen and you would simply click on the “check” symbol on the toolbar.  (Green arrow above)

Note how the second post above is now “moderated,” and the blue circle above shows who checked/moderated the post.

Want to learn how to check all the posts at once after you have read all of them so you don’t have to individually check twice with each post? At the right of the top post in this thread is a black box with a drop-down menu. (Red arrow above) After you clicked that you would click on the top choice, “All,” (yellow arrow) in the drop-down menu you see above.

As you scroll down the thread…see how all the boxes on the right (yellow arrows above) are already checked for you because you clicked on “All” in the drop-down menu at the top?  Now just click on the check-mark (red arrow above) on the toolbar and now…

Now it will show that all of them have been checked for violations, (moderated) and who did it. This is really handy to just read a thread as you normally would and then click that “All” at the top and it marks the entire thread for you!

Now what if later a number of new posts were added?

As you see, the green arrow above is pointing to the last post that was checked, and there are now three below it that have not been moderated yet.

Do the same process as you did to check them all before; it will now check the three posts that were added. The fun part is…you just read posts as you normally would…and then with three clicks at the top of the thread you have marked them ALL as moderated no matter how many there are. Cool!

I don’t see how it can be created to be any easier than this!