How to Tighten Up the Bottom of a Post

All the rules and protocol in the Our Beloved Ducks forum are present to make the experience for the reader to be richer and easier. Thus when we post–we all have to do our part, just the Administrator and Moderators do theirs.

As the forum continues to grow–the threads will grow longer with more posts, thus we need to tighten up the floor or the bottom of posts so others do not have to scroll so much to get to all the posts of a thread.

Above is an extreme example, but it does happen. The OBD member created the post, but did not check it before or after submitting the topic or reply. In the case above, it is TEN spaces too long in the post.

The post above is more common, but it is still three spaces too deep. Fixing it only takes a few seconds; go to the upper right corner of the post and click on the three dots or the “ellipses,” (Red arrow) and on the menu that appears you click on “edit.” (Green arrowThen you move your mouse and click your cursor in the left corner as low as it will go. (Yellow Arrow) Then backspace until you finish at the end of the last line you wrote.

Then you click on “Save” button below and you are done! It only takes seconds to tighten up your post, so as a courtesy to the thousands that come to this forum already–please check your posts after you submit and edit when you left excess spaces at the bottom of your post.

Everyone in the forum says, “thank you!”

FishDuck Needs You.jpg