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Austin Faoliu, No. 99 and Popo Aumavae have used “swim-move” past their opponents…

FishDuck’s Schedule through the Oregon Sports Apocalyptic Era

I am skeptical that any sports at Oregon will be played this scholastic year without the funding of football. Yet this site still plans to offer content to read and discuss when there is nothing out there in sports to report? Oh yeah baby! And all of us will still have fun doing it because it is just like the off-season … only longer!

To be certain, it is quite a challenge and you will have to be patient as we look to hit our stride with the new articles and the writing style that is needed with them. Below is what to watch for as we move to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday article schedule beginning after today. (Meaning, next article is Friday)

Mondays: Classic Op-Eds, (Opinion-Editorials) that FishDuck specializes in.
Wednesdays: Recruiting and Blast-from-the-Past articles that we have not attempted before.
Fridays: Short analyses where Oregon players are always the heroes, but we learn a little football in the process. Be patient, as this is new but is going to be fun!
Sundays: Player Profiles as we are doing with Redshirt Reviews of the 2019 LOI signees and we will move onto 2020 and up to the present verbals!

This is going to be a challenge I never thought I would encounter, yet after nine years of running the site–we can do this.

LaMichael James running roughshod over the Huskies never gets old!

Suggestions? Discussion Ideas? Article Submissions?

As stated in an earlier article, we are not releasing the new forum until we have a football season. (There is nothing worse than a dead forum) However we will still have articles and discussions four times week … unless our readers come through with other off-topic ideas for discussion? Send them to me ( and write up two paragraphs or more about your view of the topic and we’ll add ours and invite the community here to participate.

We always accept guest articles, and with the Oregon Sports Desert awaiting us–our standards might be relaxed a bit. Got something to say? Do it baby, and let us all discuss it!

Any other ideas you have for the site during this unusual time? Like a Ferengi on Star Trek, “we are all ears.”

Lots of time to enjoy pondering Our Beloved Ducks!

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Tom Corno