History of Oregon Football: 2016 to the Present

Oregon fans received in the Rose Bowl what they lusted for during the season; a running quarterback!

History of Oregon Football: 2016 to the Present

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–1. How Will History Remember this 2020 Oregon Rose Bowl Win?
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Published January 12, 2020
Brian Libby has created a Rose Bowl tribute for the ages….

–2. 28 Minutes That Changed Oregon Football History
Text article published February 15, 2020
Brian Libby gives us a memorable recall of a crucial 28 minutes in Oregon Football History.

–3. Oregon Unknowns: Reasons for the Renamed Rivalry?
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Published June 29, 2020
David Marsh shares information about policies in Oregon that would explain a name change of the rivalry game.

–4. The Sweetest of Duck Victories
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published April 17, 2020
Garrett Sharp-Craig gives us the most thrilling Oregon victories in recent history!

–5. Oregon’s Football Success Boils Down to a Single Play?
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published June 30th, 2020
Jordan Ingram recounts a play that Oregon fans will remember for a very long time…

–6. Oregon All-Time Isn’t That Great
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published July 27, 2020
Ryan Robertson offers some perspective to the success of Oregon in the present and the past.