Understanding Recruiting Rankings at FishDuck

Jaylon Redd makes an incredible catch against the Huskies.

I want to clarify to all the readers that we follow the Rivals.com rankings here, as it makes it easier instead of always clarifying that ranking in an article is from Rivals or from 247, etc.

Scout.com was a huge national site with eDuck being the Oregon franchise. Scout.com was created and owned by a Husky, and it was beyond suspicious when a player would verbal to Oregon and then would suddenly be dropped from a 4-Star to a 3-Star, while once players verballed to Washington…their 3-Star ratings went up to 4-Star. (It happened all the time)

NOBODY could trust the Scout.com recruiting rankings…not that current year, or any year prior.

Guess who bought Scout.com? 247 acquired all the Scout.com ownership in franchises and data-base, thus I will not use 247’s prior data, and frankly…some of their current rankings doesn’t always seem right.

ESPN has their rankings and they are not reliable or have a consistent track record going back 20 years as Rivals does.

What I am striving for is uniformity in what we are writing about, so that we are not comparing apples-to-oranges. If we use Rivals consistently throughout our articles, then there is none of the confusion about which service we are referring to when reporting the rankings.

Rivals conducts a dozen or more elite level regional Rivals Camp Series camps across the country each year, including the Five-Star Challenge where they bring the best players from each region together for a week of competition. These camps are exclusive for Rivals analysts, so they see significantly more of the nation’s top prospects competing against each other than any other ranking service.

I have no relationship or receive any benefit by using the Rivals rankings and ratings.

Mr. FishDuck