Deep In the Woods: 5 Reasons Oregon’s MATT Is the King of Courts


1. Have You Seen the Court Design?!

Deep In The Woods

Deep In the Woods

As we all know, U of O’s Kilkenny Floor in Matthew Knight Arena has the number one most crazy, outlandish court in the country.  Just as with nearly every other aspect of Oregon athletics, they went big on the design.

At first glance, one might question just why the court has the design it does. Here’s why.  Tinker Hatfield, Nike’s Vice President for Design and Special Projects, explains, “We wanted to design the most iconic television presence possible for the University of Oregon by conjuring a highly unique basketball floor design.”  Just as we’ve come to expect, University of Oregon dresses everything (even their basketball court) for success.

2. Phil Knight

What more is there to say?  Phil Knight graduated from Oregon and likes to take care of his favorite school.  He definitely hooked us up when it came to Matthew Knight Arena.  With the anthem to the fan, the Hero Graphics, the Shroud Wall and not to mention the amazing new court, what else could the university ask for?  Uncle Phil sure does love his Ducks, and his Ducks love him!

3. Puddles

THE Oregon Duck!  Puddles is the cutest, funniest, clumsiest and not to mention most entertaining mascot around.  With his over-sized feet and adorable big eyes, he is a fan favorite.  Oregon’s mascot is a huge part of the Matthew Knight Arena experience and adds to the spirit that is Oregon Ducks basketball.  His many silly antics and crowd-pleasing dance moves make Puddles a true Oregon icon.

4. The Pit Crew

The Pit Crew

Kevin Cline

The Pit Crew

University of Oregon is well known for its insane school spirit.  Nowhere is this more evident than during basketball games.  The student section Pit Crew never lacks when it comes to hyping up the crowd, intimidating the other team and reminding them whose house it is. Whether the Ducks are winning or chasing, the Pit Crew is loud and proud.


How could I forget about what truly makes Matthew Knight Arena the best court around.  Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams have had great seasons this year.  With the men’s team on their way to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, and the women’s team at 15-15, the Ducks are definitely a force to be reckoned with on the court.

With the outstanding, miraculous “fir tree” court design, Phil Knight on UO’s side, the lovable Puddles, a rambunctious Pit Crew and the very talented Ducks basketball teams, it is very clear that the University of Oregon has the best court in the country.

As we say on campus, ‘Sco Ducks!

Top photo by Kevin Cline

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Kerry Merrill

Kerry Merrill

Kerry is currently a Freshman at the University of Oregon and is studying to major in Cinema Studies with a minor in Journalism. She is from Los Angeles. She grew up watching and observing sports, basketball being her favorite. Kerry has been a cheerleader her entire life and loves being a part of the spirit of the game.

  • uoyeah

    The Duck is “The Duck” NOT “Puddles”. That was the name of the original, actual, duck mascot..

    • RUSH Fan

      I thought it was Ochocinco. . .or was it Prince. . .Cassius Clay maybe?

    • FishDuck staff

      A Rose Bowl by any other name…

  • geauxdux

    Rather than write such a blatant homer article, you could have done a little more homework and written a decent article that even non-Oregon fans could have appreciated and learned from. First of all, why not refer to the decades long tradition that Duck fans built at Mac Court, which is now being rekindled at Matt Court? Closing the old place was controversial, and you could have thrown a bone in that direction that speaks to the heritage and success of Oregon basketball that is still alive and well at the new arena.
    A 15-15 women’s team is a “force to reckoned with” and a team that had a “great season”? If you’re gonna go there, then why not talk about the other truly great teams that also call Matt Knight Arena its home…like our #1 tumbling/acrobatics team, or the volleyball team that finished #2 in the nation a couple years ago, and are still top 25 contenders?
    Why not give Dana Altman some props? He is arguably the best basketball coach in UO history (I know–a reach—but he’s in that discussion after 20+ wins in his first 4 seasons.) Or Jim Moore? Or Felicia Mulkey? Talk about them instead of Phil Knight. The Uncle Phil bit is getting really old and tired. (Yes, I love him too.)
    And yes, it’s officially The Duck. Not Puddles. It’s called journalistic integrity and being consistent with what the UO Athletic Department calls our mascot.

    • Clint Wright

      Dear geauxdux – features articles of many types by many writers. We enjoy an open writing environment where authors are free to choose their topics, and approach them in whatever fashion pleases them. The site includes both male and female writers who vary from students to seniors. What all these writers share is a passion for University of Oregon sports. The quality, length and detail of your post indicates that you are quite perceptive. As such, I’m sure you understand that this particular article was not intended to be a critical analysis of NCAA basketball court comparisons. Given this assumption, we can conclude that rather than attempting to truly educate the author, the intent was to share your in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. is always looking to add writers who are motivated, skilled and want to share their particular observations on UO sports. If interested, simply email the website and someone will contact you. If you are not interested, keep on postin’.

  • uoyeah

    I tried to reply to the sarcastic reply to my post regarding the misnamed mascot, but now that post is not active? Am I not allowed to disagree with the writer? This is what I attempted to reply:

    Yeah, that’s real mature. Editors, where are you? I can’t believe the
    sarcasm and disrespect to me, the UO and yes, The Duck. The mascot
    hasn’t been “Puddles” since they had a real, live duck as the mascot!
    That’s a fact! You know, the things real journalists base their careers
    on. But, I guess if you don’t take your position seriously, you should
    look for another outlet for your innaccuracy and sarcasm. Your shameful
    attitude doesn’t reflect the general excellence I’ve come to expect of I’ll be careful to watch the byline and ignore anything
    Ms. Merrill authors.