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Oregon Football Analysis: The Blitz That Never Was

Think about this for a moment: the Ducks went to the National Championship with a first year defensive coordinator, first year linebacker coach, and a second year defensive line coach. Despite this youth among the coaching ranks, and despite being underreported by national...

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Influencing the Defense in the Option Game

Football is a game of position and space, and coaches spend a great deal of time analyzing their schemes to incorporate wrinkles and techniques that will influence the opposition. In most cases, causing a slight hesitation, or a few small steps in...

The University of Oregon Ducks baseball team fell to the UCLA Bruins 4-3 in the first of a 3 game series at PK Park in Eugene. 0

Oregon Baseball Analysis: Infield Defensive Shifts

Defensive positioning in baseball has changed dramatically over the years as managers are looking at every detail of the game. Getting advanced statistics on batters and shifting players into the correct defensive positions are a few examples. The defensive shifts...