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    Byron Marshall Loves Oregon’s New Slot-Sweep Read

    How fun is it to see a new variation of a foundation play of the Oregon offense! The Sweep Read is one of those plays of the Oregon offense that has been unchanged since FishDuck.com introduced the play to football fans more than three years ago. Now we …

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    Ducks get Physical with the Power Play vs. Spartans

    Oregon getting physical? We all know that the national narrative referred to the Ducks as soft and this game went a long way to refuting it, but how? What was the game plan that Coach Helfrich used to defeat the Spartans? There is an enormous …

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    Royce Freeman Embraces Oregon’s Straddled Triple Option

    There were plenty of surprises in this game to please even the most ardent fan, but for me — the most satisfying was watching new freshman running back Royce Freeman run Oregon’s Straddled Triple Option as if he were a senior and following his offensive …

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  • Bear Defense

    Oregon’s Disguised 3-4 Defense – The Hidden Bear

    In press conferences, Defensive Coordinator Don Pellum referred to “doing something different” in the Alamo Bowl, while high school coaches that have attended spring and fall Duck football practices whisper about “Oregon’s New Defense.” Hype and puff — or is there some fire under the …

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    How the University of South Dakota Will Try to Defend Oregon

    The Ducks will kick off their 2014 campaign against the University of South Dakota (USD) on August 30. As members of the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision, the Coyotes will be outmatched at virtually every position on the field and will have to play an amazing game, …

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    Lessons for Oregon: How Michigan State Slowed Down Stanford’s Offense

    Michigan State played Stanford in last year’s Rose Bowl, to the dismay of the Duck faithful. However, in doing so, they showed their defensive formula for slowing down the Cardinal’s Heavy 2 runningback offense. I will start by saying that Michigan State did give up …

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  • Pat Narduzzi

    Nasty Michigan State Pass Rush Strategies to Look For Vs Oregon

    September 6th. It’s not that far away. That’s when Michigan State travels to Eugene to battle the Ducks, and while they are “merely” a Big Ten team, they did beat Stanford, who in turn beat Oregon last year. Schematically on defense, the Spartans have the …

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  • Tonyjames

    Scott’s Turf: It’s a Family Affair

    “Because we don’t know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens only a certain number of times, and a very small number really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your …

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  • Huff Scoring

    Post Up: Oregon’s Winning Red Zone Pass Play

    With Eagles’ camp opening last Friday, it’s a great time to talk Oregon Spread Offense here in Philadelphia. The success of the Eagles in 2013 excited both the fan base and the local sports media. The extensive coverage of the Eagles, especially their offensive scheme, …

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  • Noboosection

    Scott’s Turf: Unacceptable Behavior

    Last fall, during a game at Autzen Stadium, I witnessed a moment I am most embarrassed about; the booing of a college player. Has there ever been a more maligned player in Oregon history than Alejandro Maldonado? Criticism of players is fair game in my …

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