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    My Best Fish (Duck) Story — and Closing Memoir

    I’ll never forget the date: Oct. 10, 2011. I remember feeling completely lost, staring into my computer screen for literally hours. You see, I had my first post due for something called “FishDuck.com” at 3 a.m. the next morning. And, while I had been able to …

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    College Football Nation: Shootout in the Desert and Cinderella Crushed

      Bowl season is here and it already has had its fair share of excitement.  This is the time for conferences to boast how great they are compared to everyone else . . . ahem . . . SEC!  Maybe some of the other conferences …

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    Upset Weekend — Comin’ at Ya

    Matt Topolewski As I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for an upset.  And, after last Saturday’s miserable schedule, I’m happy to report that the college football gods have granted us some superb match-ups this weekend.  Not only will these games be entertaining, but there’s also …

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    Rough Road Ahead – Better Prepare

    Kevin Cline So we’re finally finished with our non-conference cake walk.  No more pushovers like Nicholls, jokers from Virginia or bottom of the SEC barrel Volunteers.  Instead, it’s time to gear up for a grueling conference schedule with very few weak spots. Our first Pac-12 …

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