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Everyone has their traditions surrounding Thanksgiving and the Civil War football game.  A tradition of mine begun years back was to distribute this old video as a reminder of what we Duck fans hope to see in the football game, and of course to have a laugh in the process.  If you haven’t seen it in awhile? Stop, watch and enjoy again.

Warning: this video is crude, cruel to animals, and stunning in how it can offend so many.  (And Funny!)  As I think of the fans on both sides?  Sounds like a good matchup!

How can you NOT laugh and be offended at the same time?




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Want to Watch Oregon Games on your computer?

If you do not get all the channels that have the Oregon Football games, or simply want to be able to watch the game over again as you don’t have the space in the DVR to hold all the games?

Contact me by email: and I can help.  We have fans across the nation and internationally watching the games 24/7/365 and I wish that for everyone.  Charles Fischer