FishDuck at the Movies

We are hard up against the 2014 Academy Awards and this one is going to be particularly exciting.  The Big Fish pulled some strings and FishDuck has been invited to appear on the red carpet for the awards.

Actually the big gold statue is Charles.

Here you can see Fish being interviewed on the left. I will be parking cars and fetching his beverages.

This year’s roster of Best Picture nominees is one of the main reasons why we were selected to attend.  Never have there been as many movies relevant to Oregon sports:

1)  Twelve Years a Slave: The inspiring yet gruesome story of Ken Simonton, who famously said that he felt like a slave during his years in Corvallis.  Since even driving through Corvallis is a bit like being whipped bloody, I can understand.  But he did get an education . . . of sorts.

Mike Riley coaching up his running back

Mike Riley coaching up his running back.

2)  Captain Phillips: Another harrowing tale, this one about what it is like to compete in the Pac-12 when Oregon is always the better team.  Tossed about on a murky sea of seemingly endless losing, opposing teams have only one way to get rid of the gnawing feeling that plagues the pits of their stomach.

Take one gallon daily during football season.  As needed the rest of the year.

Take one gallon daily during football season. As needed the rest of the year.

3)  American Hustle: A no holds barred look at whatever black magic keeps Lane Kiffin employed.

The dynamic Mr. Kiffin wondering if Alabama couldn't have done better

The dynamic Mr. Kiffin wondering if Alabama couldn’t have done better.

4)  Dallas Buyers Club: Docudrama of how SMU helped make the Southwestern Conference the greatest collaboration in the land.

Hello pardner.  Would you like a bag of money?

Hello pardner, would you like a bag of money?

5)  Her: This torn-from-the-headlines drama is about the glory years of Washington football and the grand lady that made it all possible.  Starring Owen Twelve as Ty Willingham and Meryl Streep as Barbara Hedges, in the titular role of her storied career.

Barbara Hedges

Barbara Hedges – University of Washington

It should be an exciting evening celebrating the very best of the entertainment industry.  Join us, won’t you?

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