No. 1-Ranked Texas Bullets Build Powerhouse With Oregon’s Blueprint

Adam Sharp Advice for the Coaches

After three consecutive turnovers on the first three drives, the Texas Bullets stood calmly on the sideline knowing that this was it. Down 10-0 to the back-to-back league champion and current national champion North Texas Longhorns, this was not the start to the Bullets’ first shot at a championship we had dreamed about for the past seven years.

A game-turning catch!

A game-turning catch!

John McGuire’s pre-game speech about the sacrifices, the pain, the injuries, the hard work and the undefeated season still rang in our ears. It was all for nothing if we didn’t finish things that night. McGuire, a former Bullet free safety, had made the speech of a lifetime. He had every man in the locker room ready to run through a brick wall for one another with these simple words. “There’s work hurt … and there’s play hurt … and there’s no such thing as work hurt in my house.” Those words alone willed the Bullets to a victory that night.

After that rough start, we got back to Bullet football. We were still down 17-10 at halftime, but in the second half those poor Longhorns didn’t stand any better chance than their namesakes stood in the 2013 Alamo Bowl against the high-flying Ducks of Oregon. We scored 32 points in the second half, while our defense pitched a shutout.

How did we do it? We took what we learned from the pages of and put it to use. That night the Bullets let everyone know that we were No. 1 by smoking the ‘Horns, 41-17. When they came out with a two-high safety look, we ran the ball. When they tried to take the run away and stack the box, we threw the ball. When they couldn’t cover the pass and they scooted a middle backer over our slots for help, we pounded the ball some more.

Win the day? Fast … Hard … Finish? In the third quarter, our quarterback went down with a knee injury. He came out for one play, went back in and played the rest of the game, throwing two more touchdowns and willing us to victory. After the game, he went for an MRI on the knee and found out that he had torn the ACL off the bone! Boy, did McGuire’s words ring true that night.

Coach Sharp (right)

Coach Sharp (right)

I would like to introduce myself. I am Adam Sharp, head coach for the Texas Bullets. Thanks to, I was able to turn my ordinary team into an extraordinary one. This year, our Bullets went 13-0 and we won our league championship, leaving no doubt with that convincing 42-17 win over North Texas. We will be playing for the State Championship this August, and we have been invited to play in the National Semi-Pro Championship game at Daytona Beach, Florida, in January of 2015. My hands will get heavy with all the championship rings I have been winning thanks to Charles Fischer and the coach/analysts at FishDuck.

This year, my Bullets averaged more than 43 points per game. Last year, it was more than 45 points per game. Our average margin of victory this year was a staggering 32 points. With the help of, I studied the philosophy of Oregon’s offense, and analyzed the integrity of the plays that the FishDuck crew breaks down into simple terms, to help you understand exactly what is going on.

Tremendous athletes join the Bullets

Tremendous athletes join the Bullets.

I focused on run plays, and the short passing game and how the Ducks set the table to beat defenses. But let’s face it, a lot of us aren’t lucky enough to have the number of sheer athletes that Oregon has, so I learned to take Oregon’s concepts and adapt them to fit my team for us to be successful, while keeping the integrity of the system. After two years of learning and tweaking my offense, I have created a great attack that explodes!

There were games this year where I had a hard time figuring out a defense and their schemes. I went back to the Oregon vs Stanford game of 2010 where there was a chess match, and the Ducks just kept throwing bubble screens or running the ball based on how many safeties Stanford had deployed. With the breakdown of this game, I was able to use this strategy to get my team out of a hole, and we came back to win the games with ease.

Because of our system we attract a lot of talent, much as the Ducks do. My quarterback this year, Justin Willis, was a three-year starter at SMU under June Jones. I have a linebacker who played for the Houston Texans, a punter who played for the Chicago Bears and Washington Redskins, and many more Division I, II and III college football players.

This year, Willis threw for 54 touchdowns and for more than 4000 yards. I have two slot receivers and a wide out who had more than 1000 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns each. My running back has had two consecutive years of 1000+ yards rushing and 35 touchdowns.

Another Texas Bullet Championship!

Another Texas Bullet Championship!

Our Texas Bullets run a very fast-paced, no-huddle offense, and we have created a system to make time between plays virtually nothing, since wearing out a defense is the name of the game, right? Combining what I have learned from and what I now know of the Oregon Duck style of football, we were able to improve from a .500 team to a Bullets ’machine’ that ranked as the No. 1 semi-pro football team in the nation – a level of play that encompasses some 2500 teams.

If you want to know how I was able to put this together, first check out, then e-mail me at I will be happy to explain how we have achieved our goals with the valuable information learned from the FishDuck crew. Right now is the best time to add some new wrinkles and packages to turn your team into the powerhouse that no one wants to see come playoff time!

I may be in Texas, but “oh how I love to learn about your beloved Ducks!”

Head Coach Adam Sharp
Nationally Ranked #1 Semi-Pro Texas Bullets
Weatherford, Texas

(Top Photo by JP

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