Beating the Huskies NEVER Gets Old: A New Target?

Were you grinning at halftime of the Husky game as I was at our 28-6 lead? It did not go at all the way I thought, as we all were pleasantly surprised. Of course I have an irrational hatred of the Huskies, hence my highly disproportionate joy over defeating this foe compared to other games. We have won 11 times straight over them, and it could have been one for how I felt — was it the same for any of you older fans out there?

I was impressed with how many fans agreed with the linked article above based upon my text messages and emails; it just doesn’t get old beating the Huskies — although half the fun is knowing that, euphoric as we are, thousands of Huskies are sick to their stomachs with the loss. How bad a person am I for feeling that way? The heck of it is, I have no control over those pent up emotions when they bubble up to the surface. Yes, I get hyped in basketball, but not in the same way. (I recall a Husky fan telling me years ago how Washington was a “football school” and the Ducks should just steer clear. You can imagine the resulting indigestion I had after hearing that.)

She likes the thought of this...

Kevin Cline

She likes the thought of this…

I notice that, in the total series between the two schools, our beloved Ducks are still down by 14 victories. Can we catch that? Could we go 25 straight on the Huskies? Common sense says no, but we can always hope! It is so hard to make up that difference, as every time UDub wins, we have to win one to prevent a bigger hole. Is it a target to attain?

Perhaps not asking for 14 straight, but to get it done over 25 years is more reasonable. With the direction the program is going, the recruiting, and I believe the longevity of the staff going forward — anything is possible.

Usually when I write I offer proof sources or examples to back up my assertions, while this time — I am being silly and just spouting my emotional nonsense toward a largely understanding readership. Yet that is a cool target for Oregon fans — to catch up the long-time series score. Possible? Silly stuff?

May you all bask in the glory of another win over Washington!


Top Photo by Kevin Cline


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