Texas Bullets Shoot Down Scorpions for the State Championship! (A FishDuck.com Friend)

Adam Sharp Editorials

My FishDuck.com Friends – you may recall the story of Coach Adam Sharp, who turned his .500 team into the No. 1 Semi-Pro Football team in the nation … learning the Oregon Spread Offense from FishDuck.com. He wrote a wonderful article to update us on his exceptional team! Thanks Coach!

My nerves were through the roof, as I thought of what might happen after our country’s national anthem was sung. What would the scoreboard show when the clock struck zero? That was what we were feeling going into our first state championship game. The Texas Bullets once again found themselves against the wall, laboring to keep our national championship dream alive against the West Texas Scorpions.

My name is Adam Sharp, and I’m the head coach of the Texas Bullets. On August 16th this year we played the West Texas Scorpions for the Texas State Championship in Semi-Pro football. After winning the TUFL Championship, I was not sure how our mindset would be coming into this game since we put so much energy into winning our league. The Bullets once again put my mind at ease as we started off fast and hard and never looked back. The Scorpions’ secondary was giving us exactly the look that would make the Oregon Ducks’ Marcus Mariota lick his chops! The Bullets amassed a 34-7 halftime lead but not with ease, as the Scorpions put up a great fight with their very talented and well-coached team.

State Championship Rings!

JP Waldron.com

State Championship Rings!

When the clock struck zero the Bullets ran to the center of the field with hands raised, basking in a score of 44-21 and a state championship trophy to go along with it. Oh … and ANOTHER ring to add to our collection! Next step is the National Championship in January where we will play the St. Paul Pioneers at Daytona Beach, Florida. Interested in how I used Mr. Fischer and the FishDuck.com crew to help turn the Bullets into the No. 1 team in the nation? E-mail me at sharp.adam21@yahoo.com.

Running room in the Bullet Spread....

JP Waldron.com

Running room in the Bullet Spread….

Top photo of Coach Sharp with his team by JP Waldron.com

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