Marcus Mariota: The Heisman Trophy Would be “A Dream Come True”

It’s a big week for Oregon Ducks football as we head into a rematch against Arizona for the Pac-12 Championship title and an opportunity to play in the first ever college football playoff.

This morning Marcus Mariota was interviewed at the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex for FishDuck.comNot only are the Ducks heading into their rematch against Arizona this week, but the Heisman Trophy winner will also be announced next week; you can imagine every sports reporters curiosity when it comes to the quiet and mysterious Mariota’s feelings on the subject.

Mariota after making a rushing touchdown against Oregon State.

Kevin Cline

Mariota after making a rushing touchdown against Oregon State.

It was asked what it would mean to Mariota if he were to win the prestigious award and he mentioned at one point that it would be a “dream come true.” When asked to elaborate on this answer he said, “Any young athlete, any young football player has dreams and aspirations of being a part of this and maybe even winning it. I grew up watching it, if it was on TV the whole family would watch it together and it’s kind of a cool deal to see the best player in the country get recognized.” He went on, “To say that I expected myself to be here would be a lie, this is all just really surreal and I’m very thankful to even be apart of the conversation.”

When it comes to the Heisman, it is obviously a big deal and we are all aware that those involved with the University’s propaganda could make this look incredible in a product line. But that isn’t what Mariota wanted for his campaign, in fact he didn’t want a campaign at all. He explained that it was a collective effort between him and the coaches and he said, “For me I really didn’t want all that attention, and I’m glad that they were able to accept that and respect that decision.”

Just one more reason to adore our beloved and incredibly humble QB! The majority of this press conference with Mariota was in regards to the Heisman, however he kept bringing it back to two things: His team and this week’s game. No matter who Mariota ever plays with and what team he is representing, I believe that he will always be sure his team is getting credit where it’s due and will focus on nothing behind or ahead of the upcoming game. If he does decide to depart to the NFL after this season, he will most definitely be missed.

Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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