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At FishDuck.com we take very seriously your trust in our product. We know that you come to us for insightful football analysis, crack reporting of breaking news and humor as if from the Gods of Mirth.

I'm only captioning this picture so I don't get fined.


I’m only captioning this picture so I don’t get fined.

But did you know the travel and tour arm of FishDuck.com is your one-stop shop as a travel resource? Each year, FishDuck.com hosts a bus tour of the places our Ducks will be playing in the following year. So climb aboard.

He's expecting you.


He’s expecting you.

Package 1 — “See Detroit … if you dare”: The Ducks will be visiting East Lansing Sept. 12, for a return date to wax Michigan State. Since the motto of East Lansing is “As boring as Lansing, only a little to the right,” your friendly host has negotiated a stop in one of America’s most bustling metropolises and tourist meccas: Detroit.

While in the Motor City, you will be treated to .5 star accommodations in the Vanity Ballroom:

Pay no attention to the skittering noises. It's just the building settling.


Pay no attention to the skittering noises. It’s just the building settling.

Package 2 — Rocky Mountain Higher: By this summer, weed will be legal in Oregon. Some Oregonians think it’s about time we smoked it all. Others are less sure. But weed has been legal in Colorado since 2012 and a food group for locals since 1964.

Look at it this way. If you are a baseball fan, you likely played the sport when you were a kid. But you wouldn’t pass up a chance to see Mike Trout take BP. Take this opportunity to go to Colorado and see a group of people stoned since birth.

Guest appearance by...what was I saying?


Guest appearance by … what was I saying?

Package 3 — The Experience-Losing Project: Seattle is home to many wonderful things. Boeing, Starbucks, Nordstrom and Grunge all had their beginnings in the Emerald City. But did you know Seattle wasn’t always called the Emerald City? That title used to belong solely to Eugene. But the political leadership in Seattle decided to cash in on the envy Husky fans have for Ducks. Their faces are a lovely shade of emerald, aren’t they?

hey look like they need to bow down at the toilet.


They look like they need to bow down at the toilet.

Tickets for Fishduck.com bus tour packages one and two are $299 apiece for double occupancy, and $449 for single. Tickets for the Seattle trip are $149 apiece for double occupancy, $269 for single and $1.83 if you agree to moon Husky Stadium from atop the Space Needle.

I see some folks have taken advantage of the special offer already.


I see some folks have taken advantage of the special offer already.

Contact Charles Fischer between the hours of 2:00 and 4:00 a.m for more information on how to purchase your spot.

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