Super Bowl Ducks Talk Statue of Liberty, The Spread Offense, Taylor’s and Burrito Boy

Mike Ostrom History Feature Writer Mike Ostrom sits down with Former Ducks Max Unger and Will Tukuafu of the Seattle Seahawks with LeGarrette Blount and Patrick Chung of the New England Patriots at Super Bowl Media Day:

Two Oregon Ducks are going to walk away Super Bowl 48 Champions Sunday night in Arizona. The other two Oregon Ducks will walk away feeling like the current Oregon Ducks. . . . great season, large amounts of adversity overcome, just one game short of winning it all.

I polled Duck fans like you and asked, “What questions do you want to ask current Patriots LeGarrette Blount, Patrick Chung and Seahawks Max Unger and Will Tukuafu?

Here are those questions and answers:

Question (from a U of O student): “What class at U of O is a must take before I graduate?”

Max Unger: “Michael Conley’s Alternative Methods to Drug Treatment and substance Abuse Prevention, and I’m not going to tell you why, you just have to take it.” Writer Mike Ostrom with LeGarrette Blount Writer Mike Ostrom with LeGarrette Blount

Question: “Whether you loved him or hated him, what coach will you remember most?”

Patrick Chung: “Coach Neal (U of O secondary coach John Neal) molded me as a player and as a man. I owe him. . He pushed me. . . hard, and made sure I kept working. I’m not here (at the Super Bowl) without him.”

Question: “Who was one of your favorite teammates at Oregon?”

LeGarrette Blount: “Max Unger is probably the best offensive lineman I’ve ever played with, college or pro. He’s one of the big reasons why I had that big year at Oregon my junior year. I love him to death. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to reconnect with him after the game Sunday.”

Question: “What’s the best Eugene lunch menu for someone who can eat a lot?”

Max Unger: “Sweet Basil is cherry man. I love that place. That was a staple on my lunch menu. Good prices, lots of food.”

Patrick Chung: “You gotta go to Burrito Boy. (Chung repeats slowly for emphasis) Bur-ri-to Boy mmmm, oh yea. That’s where it’s at.”

Question: “What play does the coaching staff need to call more on defense?”

Will Tukuafu: “The All out blitz, everybody’s coming.” For full Tukuafu feature and how stretching the truth turned into a trip to the Super Bowl, click here:

Question: “What ever happened to the Statue of Liberty and Fake Statue of Liberty plays? We ran them for a first down and a touchdown against Michigan in 2007 and I don’t think I’ve seen them since.”

Max Unger: “I think those Statue of Liberty plays got retired, but tell Steve Greatwood I said to run “Horn” more often. Tell Coach Greatwood I said that, . . More Horn.”

Reply: “Ok, we’ll tell him during spring camp.”

Question: “Was it hard coming into the NFL transitioning from a spread offense to a pro-style offense?”

Max Unger: “Actually yes. It was difficult to convert to a pro-style offense, but not harder than any other transition.”

Seattle Seahawks Max Unger

Seattle Seahawks Max Unger

Question: “What was your favorite game at Oregon?”

Patrick Chung: “When we blocked that field goal against Oklahoma (34-33 final at Autzen ). Oh yea.” Can you say Luke Bellotti onside kick? #InstantReplay

Max Unger: “The ’08 Civil War I think it was 60-something to not very much (actual score 65-38) and then and an obscure game earlier in the season we fell behind Fresno State 17-0 and came back to win. That was one of the biggest comebacks I’ve ever been a part of.”

Question: “What do you miss about Oregon?”

Patrick Chung: “The people are so relaxed, everybody’s chill. I think I’ve told everyone on the Patriots that Oregon’s awesome. And I miss Burrito Boy, and Taylors, and Burrito Boy. Oooh I love that Burrito boy.”

Question: “How often do you get back to Oregon?”

Will Tukuafo: “All the time man. I still live in Eugene during the offseason.”

Max Unger: “A couple times a year. My wife is from Coos Bay and ran track at Oregon. I miss the track meets at Hayward field. I try to come back during out bye week every year and catch a football game.”

Unger, Tukuafo, Chung and Blount all have a pretty big on Sunday afternoon. Kickoff is set for 3:30 pm PT.

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