Unbelievable: Campus Insiders Takes St. Joe’s Over Oregon

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I get it – the Pac-12 has misrepresented – even Utah got killed by Gonzaga. So Oregon is the only team in the conference left to carry the standard forward. And, as if enough pundits have predicted no Pac-12 teams in the Sweet Sixteen – we have Campus Insiders pile on with their pick of St. Joseph’s University over Oregon in the Round of 32?

Here is our Swatterboy, Chris Boucher!

Gary Breedlove

Here is our Swatterman, Chris Boucher!

It makes me ill and angry.

I think the nation just doesn’t get it – this is not the usual Oregon team of the past.

This team plays tenacious defense that creates a running game from the deflected passes and blocked shots – unlike any Duck team of the past or of any in the tournament right now! This Oregon team is playing like none other, as they did not choke when given the opportunity in the 1st round. By contrast, they crushed their opening opponent unlike any Duck team I’ve witnessed, and this was primarily with balanced scoring.

Oregon has a ton of interesting stories right now, and everyone is on the Swatterman - Chris Boucher - bandwagon when they do give Oregon any credit. When you consider how impressive this team has been mentally as well as physically … it is hard to understand the national derision.

What don’t they understand – on a national basis, say? This is the coming-out party of Oregon basketball, and just as they would not easily let Oregon football into the “elite” club – they are fighting this hardcourt newcomer trying to steal their thunder.

Everyone now knows of the No-Huddle offense, thanks to the Ducks, and everyone has their own “black” uniform option – thanks to Oregon football paving that way.

The Ducks had a drought in the track and field arena that spanned 30 years, but have re-emerged in a massive fashion by winning 13 National Championships in the last seven years between Cross Country and Indoor/Outdoor Track among both genders. Our beloved Ducks recently pasted Double National Championships on the SEC as both the Oregon men and women captured Indoor National Track titles. When Oregon decides to make their mark – look out!

What we have here is not a flash-in-the-pan observance, but the christening of a new sport at Oregon taking the national stage!

Now, listen to the disrespect given by a national sports site below …

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