Oregon Football, and New Looks all the Way Around!

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

We at FishDuck.com have a lot in common with Oregon football, in that we both have a completely new look going into fall 2017. The only similarity with the Kelly/Helfrich offense to the Willie Taggart offense is that they are both zone read spread offenses, and things depart significantly from there. You will see a power-running component and an attack on the flanks that will come from a different format this fall from Marcus Arroyo and Mario Cristobal than from the previous regime.

Jim Leavitt’s defense will be a 3-4 of which is a departure from last year’s 4-3, but not from the rest of the Kelly/Helfrich era. Yet Leavitt will be coaching the defensive backs and defensive line differently than John Neal, for example, and it will be fun to watch the progress.

See the New Categories for Learning Football?

As you scroll down the page, you will see many ways to learn more Oregon football and enjoy the contributions of the volunteer FishDuck.com writers, editors and coaches.

In the coming month we anticipate having another category or two, such as some of our interesting Oregon football history articles from the past.

Well, what do you think of the new site look?

“I think conceptually it’s outstanding. It’s very easy to navigate and very well organized. There are lots of really interesting articles, that go way beyond anything you’d see on another site, and also beyond the scope of the Oregon program into football in general. This is beginning to look like one of the top football sites on the internet, right up there with the big boys like SI and ESPN.”          

FishDuck.com Editor Bob Rodes

We are using one of our assets, our incredible library of pictures. The result is a site that is highly colorful and fun to peruse.

What is the BIG Addition for late July?

My friends … if you wanted to find a particular analysis article about Marcus Mariota, for example, or how Chip Kelly game-planned — you could not find it. We did not have an index. In the past, the site has been oriented toward showing the most recent articles without a “search” feature to pull up informational sources from recent years.

That is changing as an incredible analysis library will be available to all fans and coaches. The reservoir of football information is staggering when you scan through the titles and article summaries of over 280 analysis articles and videos. We will be featuring these as well on the front page, and will have an easy table of contents to navigate to find topics to learn more football from!

A college assistant coach called me and requested for more information about two foundation plays in the spread offense, and when I sent him 15 articles about variations of those plays? He was blown away with the wisdom of the coaches who have contributed to FishDuck.com over the last six years, and grateful for all the work: each article took seven hours on average each to create, thus not something that a coach can find easily on the web in one location.

Kurt Liedke

FishDuck and thousands of readers want to learn from YOU.

This will be a tribute to Oregon football and a resource for coaches worldwide. I am putting a ton of time into the project to make it happen over the next five weeks.

We NEED help with the Site…

–We would like another writer or two who is willing to learn our style and can volunteer three to five hours a week, while having fun writing about our beloved Ducks.

–Our most urgent need is someone completely selfless and who will get no credit or plaudits, but wants to help all of us learn from the coaches. We are looking for a few people to assist the coaches with their articles — and this will be two to three hours a week on average. We need someone willing to learn simple technology to help our coaches. You do not need to be an editor, but if you have some writing skills to help the coaches hone their articles, that is great, but not required.

We can have more articles from coaches if we have two people who are willing to help them!

–Are you a retired coach or a football coach that can spare some hours to offer your thoughts to the Oregon faithful about the team?

For all three positions? Go to the top of the site and hover your cursor over the “Volunteer!” area and click on the position you are thinking about.

We are working on refining the site, but not going away; not with this upcoming season!

Charles Fischer   (FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon

Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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