FishDuck Fuming: “Eight wins should be REQUIRED for a Bowl”

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials

Geez what a bunch of crappy bowls going on! Now some college football fans would find that statement pretty amusing,–that I would write that since our Beloved Ducks laid an egg in their bowl game. Yet this is an article that has taken a long time to wait for, so I could state it without snobbishness. No college team should be in bowl game unless they have eight wins, and this should have been instituted a very long time ago.

Like so many items touched by the NCAA … poor judgment reigns. The FBS division still does not have a complete and non-biased National Championship process like the other divisions in college football, and in fact have gone the opposite direction to reward mediocrity. Six wins and you’re in? 

John Giustina

Danny O’Neil helped break a nearly 30 year bowl-less streak in 1994 for Oregon.

Remember when going to a bowl was special?

This year there are 129 FBS teams of which an astounding 67% went to a bowl? Why have the season to eliminate only a third of the teams? Oh I know the answers of how it helps the players with extra practice–yet the worst of the teams do not get the practice they need? Look, if we’re going to remove the worst–“let the winners take the spoils.” For crying out loud, make the bowls special again and let the fans see some great football in the post-season.

Oh I know the howls that will come up from so many fans, such as how many teams are left? The eight win mark is pretty steep and not many would be in bowls for us to enjoy!


There are more than enough upper echelon teams, 51 teams went to a bowl this year with eight wins or better; if we restricted it to just these superior teams with some tiebreakers? We still have 25 games to watch in post-season, and that, my friends is enough. 

FishDuck, you moron … then Oregon would not have gone this year!

Yep. I have always felt this way and as a 30+ year season ticket holder and Greybeard who has seen it all with Oregon football–I can now say that the Ducks should not have been in a bowl. Not in retrospect because of the results, but because of my eight-win criteria. In the past when my Beloved Ducks were in BCS bowls and National Championship games? Stating that during those years would have been snootiness that few can stand. Heck, I would come off as a USC fan or worse yet, a Husky in the ’90s.

From Video (Peter Finch in "Network:)

The bowl system is madness…

Nope. The time to assert it is when if would affect your favorite team, and that is now.

The math is easy and actually makes it clear for us; the teams that would have eight wins or more would have constituted 40% of the total teams in the FBS. Whoa Doggies! That is still a high percentage engaging in post-season play, and again it is enough.

This post-season with the bowls and the National Championship playoff is so messed up. When are the people who make it happen, the fans who watch the damn ads on TV, the fans who travel to major bowl games, the fans who fund all the ridiculous money the networks, and the conferences receive–when are we going to demand that things be set right?

My friends–it has gone too far the wrong direction.

Charles Fischer   (FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon

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