Abbie Reveals the “GODFATHER” of Oregon Football

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The things I overhear while chewing on a new toy from Mr. FishDuck! I shared with you the blustering in our household in another article, and recently I had to pause from licking to consider that someone was called the Godfather of Oregon football. I had to listen closer, as football “tall tales” are legendary at the Fischer residence, and the laughing drew me to the “ManCave” to learn more.

For those who don’t know me … I’m “Abbie,” the star of Charles’s football videos from his early days. Oh, I know people love to gush about the football, but you don’t attract 1.7 million views unless you have animals in it, specifically a gorgeous Pit Bull/Shar Pei brindle like me to pull in the crowds. See for yourself if I’m not what makes this video (check this scene). Even Charles can’t restrain himself!

I’ve been present throughout the life of, and, while I’m slowing down, Charles has shown no such inclination as he loves to study, ponder and write about Oregon football. He has not featured me in a video since the Pac-12 disallowed him from making more of them, and who can blame the conference? Another scene like this one, and nobody would watch Pac-12 games because they could watch my receiving skills instead!

Christine Fischer

We video stars remain cool…

Charles is sad about the content dropping to only two articles a week on Mondays and Wednesdays (and sometimes on Fridays like today), but I can tell that he is much happier overall without the redundant training and frustrations of dealing with an all-volunteer staff. He admits to being anal about the quality, and I would say that description is an understatement.

It has freed him up time for him to have a life again—pursuing what he wants to do, and Mr. FishDuck is thrilled about the progress on the new sections of the website that will be rolled out soon. He has completed the Analysis Library of over 300+ articles, which is a gold mine of Oregon football for fans and coaches to learn from.  He hopes to have the other new sections available for readers by the end of March, and it will be unlike anything anywhere for real Oregon football fans.

One new activity opening up to Mr. FishDuck are interviews about his beloved Ducks. An NFL Fantasy Football site, Roto Street Journal, came calling recently for Charles’s take on former Oregon coach Mark Helfrich going to the Chicago Bears. He prepared well for it and I listened to the Skype interview as Mr. FishDuck gave a ton of information about the Oregon offense and tendencies of Coach Helfrich while he was with the Ducks.

He even broke down the type of plays a quarterback should run and how Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky will flourish with a little zone read on occasion. The half hour interview is available on the interview introduction page, but I’d skip the first minute. Charles was torn by what was written about him on this incredible introductory page of the interview. Mr. FishDuck loves the praise like I love being petted, but even he admits that this page was almost embarrassing for him.

It is there that the “Godfather” comment was written, and some of Mr. FishDuck’s friends, such as humor writer Kim Hastings, have had a blast making hay with it. Roto Street Journal liked the interview so well that they produced another page, which included the podcast along with the original page linked above. While I thought he did a good job, I know that Charles would appreciate feedback on how to improve for future interviews, as I’ve heard him say that all the professionals who read this site make quite a savvy bunch.

As for me? I will continue to make myself available to the family for belly rubs and a daily tug-of-war with my favorite toys. I thank all the good people who read this site and share their passion for their beloved Ducks with Charles, as I can see how everyone so enjoys the discussions that occur here.

Time for a nap!

“Abbie” the Official Mascot of
Eugene, Oregon

The top photo from Christine Fischer is of my favorite chew toy (a rubber football) and me. (Isn’t orange an appropriate color to gnaw on?)

Christine Fischer

I don’t care how good the new mattress is … I insist on sleeping on my favorite!

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