Ponder-Point: Welcome to the Rose Bowl Conundrum!

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“This site is not superior, but the readers are.” Under normal circumstances, that blather is obsequious nonsense to garner favor with the visitors by a site. Not this time as the comments below the articles prove how these readers are better over here. One such reader–a fellow Greybeard in Steven A. Smith, is an example and he gave us an interesting Ponder-Point to consider. Got something to say? Send it in a Word document to charles@fishduck.com and get the feedback from this very unique Oregon sports community. Charles Fischer

A common trait of a Duck is hate for the Huskies. Jeffrey Leonard, the outfielder for the Giants of yesteryear (he of the one flap/arm down home run trot and batting gloves flapping from his back pockets), eloquently stated “The Good Book states we shouldn’t hate, but it’s okay to hate the Dodgers”. So there we have it, the MLB stamp of approval to hate the Huskies.

But wait, come the Grand-Daddy of them all (thank you Mr. Cougar, Keith Jackson) who do we root against? Since in good conscience we can’t root for the Huskies, and I am not sure we should/could root for tUrbanMeyer

From Video

Are you going to cheer for “The” Ohio State head football coach Urban Meyer?

tUrbanMeyer who: 1) doesn’t care about the welfare of women; 2) doesn’t care to tell the truth when questioned about his morals, or lack thereof; 3) doesn’t care if he recruits thugs/psychopaths/sociopaths as long as they can play and seems to be sworn to protect them until their eligibility runs out (or bail denied); 4) is prone to throw anyone under the bus, since he has never been at fault for any misdeed associated with him/his teams.  (No. 5 through No. 83 were edited out for brevity)

And, no, I did not include running up the score with a needless TD at the end of a Championship game in my 83 reasons, since that would seem to indicate a sore loser, which we Ducks certainly aren’t.

So, my perfect outcome would be a 7.4 earthquake with no casualties or property damage, that either causes the game to not be played or rescheduled, or interrupts it and no winner is decided, and scares the crap out of the players and coaching staffs of both teams.

However, since that is probably not in the cards, I say root against the non-defender of women, send him out the loser he is, and deny him a Rose Bowl win, while in my mind, I am still not rooting for uw.

So, who’s with me?

Steven A. Smith
Modesto, California

Top Photo by Kevin Cline


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