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As with every subject about Our Beloved Ducks … I would love to hear your feelings and thoughts about the cancellation and the near future in the comments below. I am quite sure we all are going to go into a bit of a depressive funk for awhile, but eventually we return to our old habits and  fixes (Duck fixes), and FishDuck will continue to provide them. This site has always been about pondering the “what-ifs” concerning our favorite sports in Eugene, and while our contemplation will be a bit more removed, we can and will continue to have fun within this special community.

Why Did This Happen?

It may be a digital time, but I am like an old broken record. The reasons for the cancellation of PAC-12 fall sports, in my view, are primarily due to risk, as universities subjecting player-athletes to enhanced risk of COVID-19 were almost certain to be faced with multiple individual and/or class action lawsuits. I originally felt secure in this analysis, and that the current liability policy for the team could not possibly cover such an extraordinary event, as an extra rider attached to their policy now would cost millions.

But the players have significantly increased that risk profile with their demands and aggressive demeanor. Let me see if I have this right: they want to play, but they will not release the Ducks from liability via waivers? Usually I give them respect by calling them young men, but such are the “I-want-it-all” blusterings of children. The danger is real, and I agree with their concern, but I do not agree with all of their demands. (And I remind you that this article does not represent the other writers, the editors or management, and like all articles on FishDuck … they represent the views of this writer, in this case Mr. FishDuck, only)

In the end it was a risk-versus-reward decision that I believe was the right one for all parties. (Well, not for this one!) 

From YouTube Video

LaMichael James running roughshod over the Huskies never gets old!

FishDuck’s Schedule through the Oregon Sports Apocalyptic Era

I am skeptical that any sport at Oregon will be played this scholastic year without the funding of football. Yet this site still plans to offer content to read and discuss when there is nothing out there in sports to report? Oh-yeah baby! And all of us will still have fun doing it because it is just like the off-season … only longer!

To be certain, this will be quite a challenge, and I humbly request the patience of our readers as we look to hit our stride with the new articles and the writing style that is needed with them. Below is what to watch for as we move to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday article schedule beginning after today. (Meaning, next article is Friday)

Mondays: Classic Op-Eds, (Opinion-Editorials) that FishDuck specializes in.
Wednesdays: Recruiting and Blast-from-the-Past articles that we have not attempted before.
Fridays: Short analyses where Oregon players are always the heroes, but we learn a little football in the process. Be patient, as this is new but is going to be fun!
Sundays: Player Profiles as we are doing with Redshirt Reviews of the 2019 LOI signees and we will move onto 2020 and up to the present verbals!

This is going to be a challenge I never thought I would encounter, yet after nine years of running the site–we can do this.

Kevin Cline

We’ll take suggestions from all types of fans!

Suggestions? Discussion Ideas? Article Submissions?

As stated in an earlier article, we are not releasing the new forum until we have a football season (there is nothing worse than a dead forum). However, we will still have articles and discussions four times a week … unless our readers come through with other off-topic ideas for discussion in the open days each week? Send them to me ( and write up two paragraphs or more about your view of the topic and we’ll add ours and invite the community here to participate.

We always accept guest articles, and with the Oregon Sports Desert awaiting us–our standards might be relaxed a bit. Got something to say? Do it baby, and let us all discuss it!

Any other ideas you have for the site during this unusual time? Like a Ferengi on Star Trek, “we are all ears.”

Lots of time to enjoy pondering Our Beloved Ducks!

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Tom Corno


Phil Anderson, the Volunteer editor for this article, is a trial lawyer in Bend Oregon.



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Would love to hear from a real medicine man like QuackCanadian but myocarditis seems to be COVID connected and has affected a number of college athletes.

If this truly is the case, how can you put any student-athletes heart at risk?


You know What does this really mean about a disease that Mankind cannot make a vaccine or a cure? I know were not supposed to talk Politic’s or Religion. So what does all this were talking about have anything to do with either of those subjects? Well that’ If anyone would care to s pretty simple it has everything to do with what the Bible has to say about the conditions we are in. If anyone would care to learn as there is a scripture that talks about these conditions we find ourselve’s in now the Last Days as the Bible describes them.

You don’t have to look any farther than 2 Timothy 3: 1-7. Talks about Critical times hard to deal with and doesn’t that speak of right now. Then it goes on to talk about what type’s of people would be in these last days. Men from it’s talking about which obviously includes Women to that they would be Lovers of themselves, Lovers of money, Boastful, Haughty, Blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self control, FIERCE, without love of goodness and these are just the first of a pretty bad list of bad qualities that mankind in general portray. Doesn’t that sound like most people today?

I myself love the game of football but I need to love the almighty way more because he doesn’t care one way or another about whether this football season gets cancelled or not. He cares about his creation and that’s everyone of us regardless of our skin color, what our race is or how rich or poor we are he just is giving people the chance to let him direct your step or follow the other one which will lead off to everlasting destruction. I know this sounds awful and negative so I’m just trying to get people to understand the predictiment of mankind in general while everyone on the planet makes up their minds of who they want to follow. If anyone has any questions about what I’ve written please let me know and I can point you to answers from the Bible our everyday book on life.

Sorry Charles I didn’t want to take anything away with what the writers are trying to bring to lite except that there are way bigger issues going on with regards to the Universe than Football. I love the game and lets be honest the game has gotten to the point where these players and I’m not saying all of them but yes the majority of them are just like what 2 Tim 3: 1-7 talks about and watching from the back ground for the last 10 to 20 years I’ve soured on this game I used to love. These players as in most of them don’t have a clue about life and what should be expected of them. As far as Football and most other competitive sports, there done for good. I’m saying this not of my own but from what God’s book says.


Player safety is of the utmost importance but look at the facts not the propaganda. The players should have the choice to play or not. Isn’t choice a fundamental right? Obviously we are in unprecedented times and, looking back, this was inevitable. Basically we have a lack of leadership and it starts at the top of the PAC 12.

However, the final push, over the abyss, came from the bottom up. When the players themselves, from the me generation, made known impossible demands they left management little choice, this time, but to cancel the regular season of sports. Given the current climate and the projected path I don’t see things ever returning to what we all thought was normal.

I have lots of great memories of hard fought games and the excitement of our beloved Ducks winning (Often against all odds). Alas, we can kiss our favorite pastime goodbye. There won’t be any football in the spring anymore than there will be football this fall.


I would think that spring football will be determined by how well the schools that don’t wait and play the season now, do with the virus. If for example they have a lot of cases of the virus then spring football will be in trouble. However if they have little virus problems then it’s a good chance we will have spring football.

Jon Sousa

A whole different meaning to ESPN’s question, “Who’s in?”


If there is spring football, I assume it will be a shortened season along the lines of the 10 games that were going to be played in fall before everything was postponed. I wonder if they might shorten football games themselves, 12 minute quarters instead of 15 minutes, say, since presumably the players would be back practicing again in August for a fall season, and shorter games might wear them down less.


I expected the season to be cancelled. It didn’t make any sense to have a closed campus or a hybrid model with strict social distancing protocols and exempt the football team. The likelihood of a major outbreak on the football team was high. Preventing that outbreak from spreading on campus or the larger community was too big of a risk. Times that by 100 football teams and the risk grows exponentially.

The SEC and ACC will give it a try but I expect it to fail and the season will get cancelled at some point. Some schools are in small towns and don’t have the medical facilities to deal with a major outbreak.

In terms of the players demands, the health and safety concerns were likely factored into the decision to cancel. Moving forward, the players are finally beginning to realize that they have power. Good for them. Some of their demands are outrageous but if they’re able to tear down amateurism as a guiding principle, it will be a huge victory. Big time college football and basketball have exploited the athletes for way too long.


Looking forward to a civil debate, Charles

Jon Joseph

Will Notre Dame play? How about Boston College and Duke?

Santa Rosa Duck

I doubt this is much of a shock to those who post on this forum.The cancelling of OOC games followed by the 10 game in conference season all seemed like flailing to find a solution that is not there. A spring season seems like more flailing as well. The health of the players should be the #1 concern and we can sort out player demands after that.

My concern is that the rabid SEC, ACC and Big 12 actually hold a season and then use it as a recruiting tool and come after all our new recruits who have committed but not signed. “Come to Georgia where we will actually play football” etc. Oh well, no Eugene for me this season either way. Thanks Charles for keeping us well informed.


My guess is that by the time signing day comes around we’ll have a more clear picture of what the CFB picture as a whole will look like, and I highly doubt that there are going to be any conferences playing, SEC, ACC or otherwise.

David Marsh

I’m not too worried… Because the flip side of that is … Stay with Oregon because MC will protect the players (huge plus for parents).

I am not going to say the conferences that still intend to play will be met with disaster but…. The MLB has had some big problems with team outbreaks. I’m sure it will happen during a season and it will be highlighted negativly for the team and the conference involved.

Cristobal is a top tier recruiter he will make the current situation work for him.


I agree player safety should be a big selling point. Especially, after we already have players testing positive and having complications after recovery.

Jon Joseph

This will lead to poaching, no doubt. I wonder if B1G and Pac-12 guys who want to transfer and play in another conference that decides to play ball, will be immediately eligible? Will Bama ‘cut’ a guy so Penei can play?

And the size of the 2020 rosters will have to be flexible; how will this affect the T9 requirements?

I do know that for the incoming recruits this will count as 1 of the 3 seasons removed from HS. Thus we are not likely to see the incoming 5* and 4* recruits play more than 2 seasons of ball?

I have significant doubts as to whether the 2020 season will be played come spring?


All it takes is one school, that is playing, to get hit with the virus while doing so and the recruiting problem for the Pac is solved.

And what are the odd’s of that happening ??


May the odds be ever in your favor.


All I can say is thank God for hockey right now…oh, and beer.

Jon Joseph

As every hoser knows, you can’t have 1 without the other, eh?


Take ahff, eh? Lol


Honest question which demands are the players actually currently seeking? the pac 12 #WeAreUnited released demands early in August these demands included the ill advised 50% Revenue share, cutting coaches pay or using Stanford’s endowment fund to keep non revenue sports alive or are we looking at the modified #WeAreUnited X #WeWantToPlay demands?

For those not aware the #WeWantToPlay demands are:

  • We all want to play football this season
  • Establish universal mandated health & safety procedures and protocols to protect college athletes against COVID-19 among all conferences throughout the NCAA
  • Give players the opportunity to opt out and respect their decision
  • Guarantee eligibility whether a player chooses to play the season or not
  • Use our voices to establish open communication & trust between players and officials; ultimately create a College Football Players Association representative of the players of all Power 5 conferences

Essentially the P5 football players want a Players union in the NCAA which i assume is practically a no go with both the ncaa and conferences.

I may be wrong but I personally think that these things helped establish and push the conferences into deciding quicker that they aren’t having a season. What i mean is I think the conferences would have came to the same conclusion either way but it is easier and quicker to make the decision when the players are asking for Revenue shares and to essentially unionize.

Anyway I am going to sit sullen in my home office as I ponder a Time when saturday football was real. As for an Idea maybe we can get one of the High IQ football coaches on here to do a basics to football course(once a week article) We could learn more about the different types of Defenses(Not just oregon specific) the different zone coverages, how coordinators call both Defensive and offensive plays learn more about different offenses. I’d love to branch out my football knowledge.


On a slightly side note here is the Rutgers president giving an interview on NPR about the decision to cancel fall football and its implications.

Jon Joseph

It makes no sense in some respects but when it comes to CFB, the NCAA has little or no say when it comes to how a given conference operates.

The NCAA called off ITS basketball tournament but cannot call off the ESPN CFB tournament.


Somehow I think the high school players who select a college to send their letter of intent to and then must sign a stack of legal papers created by the schools with the schools best interests in mind need to be balanced by legal representation of these 18 year old players that know nothing of the rights they are signing away. The NCAA sure as hell doesn’t look after the players, so who does ?? The answer is “no-one”. They’re like a rabbit standing in the middle of a wolf pack blindfolded. Maybe a players union wouldn’t be a bad idea.


I mean I don’t want to say players shouldn’t have a voice because they should and potential athletes should have some sort of representation before they sign their LOI paperwork but would a players union actually protect them?

Think about schools and school union’s for a second? The Union is designed to protect current teachers, so you can’t fire an older teacher to hire a younger one(or fire an inexperienced one to hire a tenured one). Would a players union designed to give the best benefits to the current players be designed to protect the players who make take their spot on the team?

The NCAA has scholarship limits football is 85 total/25 a year. The system has a few work arounds including counting Early Enrollee’s(EE’s) on the previous year if you are about to go over. If you aren’t familiar with P12 rules and currently a Scholarship offer at any p12 team only guarantees a spot on the team for one year(It does guarantee a 4 year scholarship) Essentially if you underperform you can be kicked from the team in favor of the school have more scholarships for the team. This is where you get players transferring(whether you like it or not every P5 coach does this) Oregon Examples under Cristobal – Brenden Schooler, Cody Shear, Jacob Capra, Braxton Burmeister. All these players left because they were told they wouldn’t have a spot on the team. Now my guess is a players union would want to prevent this sort of action. essentially players can leave but they can not be told to leave.

I noted this yesterday that while the pac 12 is behind in money yet our tv deal signed in 11 is worth ~25M a year the MW just signed a 6 year contract worth ~4.5m a year. How can you have a football player union the correctly and accurately maintains the needs of FCS(Still division one schools) group of 5 schools and power 5 schools? I mean even looking at the 50% revenue demand from the pac 12 players makes no sense when you look at their claim of each sport the athletes get what they earned. Surely tennis would rather have the value of education then the revenue split from their sport revenue.


You’re right on many points of course. I’m looking at a players union in the context that would provide new signee’s some sort of legal representation to tell the 18 year old kids just exactly what all the schools legal paperwork they have to sigh is all about and what it really means, not just what the schools tell them it means. I would think that over time a players union would work with the schools to make the legal rights of the players more representative and informed. Things like that takes years to accomplish.

Let’s take your point about players being told they don’t have a place on the team. I suspect many of the 18 year old kids don’t really know much about that when they signed and sent in their letters on intent. I have no problem with the schools having this in the paperwork (or anything else for that matter) just as long as each and ever kid really knows about it and understands it coming into the program. I would think there are a lot of little things in the legal paperwork that the kids sign that the schools kind of don’t explain very well to the kids as it might scare then away.

An 18 year old just coming out of high school and being able to play football at his “dream” school only has one thing on his mind and it’s not “whats in the details of the contract” that gets put in front of him after he has already signed the letter of intent and told his parents and all his friends where he is going.

I wonder if the NCAA gets involved in stuff like having consistent paperwork between the conferences or if each conference is left to create it’s own as it see’s fit ??


I’m sure the Ncaa does have some influence in what is included in the LOI’s and all the surrounding paperwork but I do know that the guaranteed 4 year scholarship is not mandated by the NCAA. all the P5 conferences have adopted and some of the G5 but its not universal. I guess my point is I don’t think a players union would start by considering the high school recruits and would focus on the current players. As an example I could find little evidence from the NFLPA in which they support predrafted players.

I agree that these high school players are signing a ton away when they sign their LOI’s and they deserve some third party to review and look after them but unless they can afford their own lawyer I just don’t know who will be willing to do so.


I too feel that postponing/canceling the season was the right call for the safety of the players, the coaches, all who work with the team, and everyone with whom they’d come in contact, including friends and family members.

I am concerned about the SEC, Big 12, and ACC going ahead with their seasons. I’ve heard both TX and LSU talking about allowing fans to attend games by cutting attendance in half–which still means 50,000 people in some stadiums. And, skeptic that I sometimes am, I worry about how honest those conferences will be about any positive cases they might have among the teams and those involved with them. For example, will the number of those who test positive be announced to the public or kept under wraps so that players who might test positive but don’t display symptoms can still play?

Jon Joseph

There is no way the potential COVID liability from a player of any fall sport suffering from the virus, can be waived away or cordoned off.

IMO, no quality law firm will be willing to opine that the risk of playing is acceptable. And good luck hiding behind medical opinions.

If I am president Schill, the only way I would have considered playing fall sports was if the Oregon legislature gave the school complete indemnity from liability and all individuals involved in the decision to play, from the board of trustees on down, a complete personal liability indemnity.

With the B1G and Pac-12 decisions, the potential COVID liability for the ACC, B12 and SEC just ratcheted up.

As I am sure we all know, the lawyers will be circling. And with the long term effects of COVID being unknown, this liability could last for years after the virus goes away.

1 thing I have been pondering. Penei Sewell decides he wants to play. The SEC decides to play ball. If Penei wants to play for Bama, is he immediately eligible? Will Bama be allowed to go over the scholarship limit under these special 2020 COVID circumstances? Ditto for Justin Fields wanting to play at Georgia in 2020 and many other B1G and Pac-12 players who want to play ball in the fall?

Thanks for keep-on-keepin’-on Charles. As I addressed in yesterday’s article, there will be serious financial ramifications coming.

Across the country student attendance at games is dropping. A student who is not a fan today will not be a booster tomorrow?

Besides the issue of whether Pac-12 and B1G athletes are now immediately eligible to transfer and play in 2020, I also wonder if this decision might not well be a welcome predicate to the B1G and the Pac-12 taking back the Rose Bowl and telling ESPN and its ‘playoff’ to get lost?

If, the conferences remain as currently constituted I would love to see the Ducks open at home vs Portland State every season, play a BIG opponent H+H, OOC and play 10 conference games. Get rid of divisions. If there needs to be a champ game, the top 2 teams play at the home field of the #1 seed.

David Marsh did a great job in a recent article that explored this question.

Whatever the reason(s,) the B1G and the Pac-12 have emphasized that the health of student athletes matters more than does $.

Would it really hurt any Duck’s fans feelings if the B1G and Pac-12 in CFB told the ACC (a conference that supposedly prides itself on academics,) the B 12 and the SEC to take a CFB hike?

Then, if we could just get rid of Larry and have Fox take over the Pac-12 Network?


Great points, Jon. I especially like where you contrast the conferences that have postponed the season to the ones that are powering through! It wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all to tell those conferences to pack sand, and yes, the idea that the ACC, with the UNC scandal,

prides itself on academics is laughable!

Jon Joseph

I loved UNC’s defense; it wasn’t just student-athletes who were cheating, the entire student body was cheating.


Dear FishDuck peeps,

As a physician and surgeon, I am torn. Many times, I have worn PPE and gowns to operate on positive Covid 19 patients and I remember very well how scary that initially felt. Now, after some months of this, we all realize as long as you have protective gear and don’t mess with that, you will be safe in taking care of these people effectively.

However, I do realize that all of the social distancing and self protection won’t stop the world populace from contracting this potentially lethal virus. Right now we have data to support who does not do well (obese, lung disease history, etc), but we have no way of predicting which healthy 20 year old will get it and do poorly. Unfortunately, this cohort is the same as those we watch playing college sports and as ridiculous as Larry Scott has been regarding the Pac 12, for this decision he may be on the correct side of history.

Hopefully, the world’s virology labs can come up with an effective vaccine – one that actually works as is not a “space race” kind of propaganda that we are hearing out of the former Soviet Union!!!! (if this vaccine is real, then great, I don’t care where it comes from, but i call BS on it for now).

I do realize small businesses need to be open in order to feed the families of those involved. I do realize we need, as a planet, to return to some type of normalcy. It’s very sad that many social media posts have made the virus a political tool. This virus exists and is from outside of the US border and doesn’t give a heck what political views you have, it exists all the same.

This virus is not going away in a year or maybe more, so the need for a vaccine and to get the world moving forward is a huge deal and not some cash grab for a lab somewhere.

I am going to miss college football dearly this fall, but I would be even more disturbed if a player got sick and was one of the kids in their 20s that “did not do well”.



Lavish Larry will be on the right side of history because he followed the herd. Once again we have leader who follows and we get run over.

If Larry had lead each school, in the Pac-12, to get the best testing equipment, then a tracking and isolation plan in place, maybe we wouldn’t be here. Instead we have our leader following and reacting to the mess we see in front of us. Yes I am sad, and pissed at the leadership we have. It is time to move on from lavish Larry and put in place somebody who has a vision and can lead.


If it takes days to get test results back, it’s hard to say that is going to be effective in a sports situation like football where close contact is the name of the game. If they can get that down to a few hours then it could be used in a plan like you mention.

Totally agree with removing lavish Larry, ASAP (or sooner)


The returns on money spent towards education pay off big time. The same can, could have, been said about money spent on effective, quick, testing. My hope was the Oregon Athletic Department or maybe even the Pac-12 would understand this. Seems it was only a dream, and now a nightmare.

Jon Joseph

Myocarditis? Doctor, is this associated with COVID? Would appreciate your professional take?


I have seen and read this as a potential effect. Viral myocarditis ran through my graduating medical class at the U of Ottawa in 2004 and I had a holter monitor on for 2 weeks. If you look up the classic symptoms in the Merck manual, I had them and in 6 months i was free of symptoms. But during that time, I had arrhythmias with SVTs and extra atrial beats all over the place. Very uncomfortable. So, if this virus can also cause that, it sure is not pleasant and is a risk no matter how rare in young athletes imho.

Jon Joseph

Thank you. Scary stuff.

Steven A

Dear Pac 12 CEO Group ….
Congratulations Part I, on doing the right thing and cancelling fall sports.
Now, do the right thing Part II, and cancel Larry Scott’s contract by using the “force manure” clause that he has been shoveling/selling you for years.
Part III, hire me to replace him and here’s why:
1) I will work for 1% of what you were GIVING him.
2) For that 1%, you get to replace an Ivy League graduate with a Pac 8 grad.
3) Who graduated from the #1 University in the Pac 8 system (spoiler alert, it is located in Eugene, Orygun).
4) Who only knows how to talk out of one side of his mouth at a time.
5) Who is comfortable flying commercial and will use his own airline miles to upgrade to first class.
6) Who is a former attorney (don’t turn on me yet) who knows when you negotiate a contract to make sure there is an “escalation clause” so that your conference is always allowed to renegotiate when any of the other Power 5’s negotiate their media rights deals.
7) Is willing to move the Pac 12 headquarters to a barn outside of Corvallis if that will put more $ in each school’s coffers, provided it is upwind of Albany.
8) I can’t do any worse that Mr. Scott. Of course, other than our elected representatives, no one could.
So, what do you have to lose, even if I screw up as bad as Larry Scott, you are still $5 Mil ahead.
P.S. Bonus #9) I hate champagne.

Jon Joseph

All great reasons to bring you on board. But I think the next Commish will be Bob Bowlsby, Commissioner of the Big/Pac-16 conference?

HQ in Irving, TX. Big/Pac-16 Network, formerly known as the Longhorn Network, owned and operated by ESPN, with HQ in Austin, TX.


Love it, how can we get the deal makers talking on this ??


An attorney making promises. Hmmmmmm I’ll have to ponder this for a while. Thanks for the suggestion Steven.

Steven A

“former attorney”, as of 7/31/20


You chose well.


Not claiming any Nostradamus like ability, this is what I saw coming. It’s possible that some of the uncertainty regarding potential risks to the student athletes will be reduced to a point that a football season is feasible by Spring.

What kind of season that would be is another question. The NFL has said that the draft can be moved to a time in the Summer so as not to conflict with the playing of games; that’s great, but the players with high draft potential will still probably choose to focus on their NFL futures, several already have.

Will all the schools be ready to play in the Spring. Nebraska, according to head coach, Scott Frost, wants to play anyone, anywhere it can. Could other schools join the Huskers and conference ties be lifted, if only temporarily, to have enough teams for a season?

In the meantime, nostalgia reigns, remember the BYU game when the Ducks made life absolutely miserable for Ty Detmer !

Jon Joseph

Herbie was the COVID Nostradamus; he was roundly called out for predicting this result months ago.

I doubt that the NFL will do anything to help out its farm system teams? The NFL is already looking at playing on Saturday as well as Sunday this fall. I cannot imagine that any player 3 years out from his HS graduation and invited to the NFL combine is going to play another down of CFB?

Nebraska is being called out and vilified by any number of B1G folks; that was Scott frost shooting his mouth off. If I’m the Nebraska Prez and AD, I am not happy about Frost’s ridiculous outburst.


Yep, Frost was not well received by the folks on ESPN, who kept noting how Frost kept speaking as though HE was Nebraska. Those comments were a rant that should never have been made public, and yes, the NFL moving the Draft certainly wouldn’t be an altruistic gesture.


As SAD , and as BRUTAL as this is , IT’S the only decision ! Today is August 12th , and UPS would have just dropped off my 29th Pack of 4 season tickets to my house here in Carlsbad , CA ! Truly a joyful day every year !!!!!!!! BUT what I keep hearing from all those idiots that have there head , you know where , that this are STUDENT / Athletes , NOT , Athletes/ STUDENTS , and that’s why the Presidents of these schools had only 1 choose !!!

Jon Joseph

AMEN. I don’t see how the Prez of Notre Dame and ACC, B12 and SEC schools can justify playing? The liability potential is off the charts.

I learned that one the hard way, even when they don’t win, they win. You can be totally right, but take on an attorney, and you don’t stand a chance. Like wrestling a pig in mud, they will win and enjoy it.


Hold me.


We are all aware of the new use of the word cancel in our society. We now have cancellation of a way of life, a tradition, our heritage and that hurts, sad day.

We will move on, but this one was a gut shot.


Yep, a very promising season that is just not going to get out of the starting gate. Lets you know just how fragile life is on this single planet.


First of all let me say, I was wrong. I was sure that the desire for money would overtake the caution of subjecting player-athletes to enhanced risk of COVID-19, but I was wrong. 

With that said let me state that this is not the first time I’ve been wrong and it will not be my last. 

Now for what I think about the conferences decision to cancel football, to me the big question is, “what do the players think about it and how will they react to it” ?? Realizing that all football players want to play football just like all race car divers want to race cars. It’s what they were “born for,” right ??

I suspect that most players will just wait it out, others will move on and upward. I don’t see why a senior who is going to move up into the NFL draft will care that much about playing this season in the spring of 2021. So I suspect a lot will sit it out to get ready for the draft and stay healthy. 

I also wonder how this will affect the Pac-12 player demands. Right now those players and the conference have a lot of time to work things out before spring. That is if there is any of those protesting players still remaining come spring time. 

All in all I really would have liked to see how our team was this year. With the defense we were suppose to have had this year I was really looking for some domination football by the Ducks. 

While, just like our two basketball teams, it’s not meant to be. It’s now time to let it go and move on, and I will. 


Not sure you’re wrong BDF, as other conferences with- how to put it, different values, or measures of values, may still subject their students to what we know (despite a certain Oregonian columnist’s assertion to the contrary) is a clinically demonstrated, measurable and communicable risk to lifelong health beyond the usual injuries.

Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren got it right, and I for one as a Duck alum and fan, stand behind the reasoning and application of the precautionary principle:

“The mental and physical health and welfare of our student-athletes has been at the center of every decision we have made regarding the ability to proceed forward. As time progressed and after hours of discussion with our Big Ten Task Force for Emerging Infectious Diseases and the Big Ten Sports Medicine Committee, it became abundantly clear that there was too much uncertainty regarding potential medical risks to allow our student-athletes to compete this fall.”

Had we got our responses right- has we locked into the science and stayed the course earlier on, we might not be in this position now- but we did not, and so… now the difficulties that Jon has discussed in his recent articles and not so recent posts become… more complicated.


Interesting, and thanks.

Jon Joseph

You were not wrong. It’s simply that the people ultimately responsible determined that the rewards from playing could not overcome the risks of playing. And this risk attached to every student-athlete playing any fall/winter sport. Not just football players.

I believe they made the only reasonable, prudent decision they could make.


Yes, I agree that was the best decision, I just didn’t think they had it in them to make it. I am happily disappointed.


Yes, so much potential this season, lost. I hope we can maintain it into 2021.