New NCAA Player Eligibility: Is this FAIR to the Pac-12?

Jon Joseph Editorials

The NCAA has announced that the 2020 season will not count against any student-athlete’s four years to play five, eligibility. Let’s think about the consequences for the B1G and the Pac-12?

Student-athletes, no matter their current season of eligibility, will be allowed to play in every game without burning a red-shirt year. Seniors and red-shirt seniors will get to play another year if they so desire.

So, a 5-Star player like Justin Flowe, could play for Bama this season and it would not count against his eligibility. Coach Lane Kiffin has already suggested that B1G and Pac-12 players might enjoy the environs of Oxford, Mississippi.

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Lane Kiffin would welcome players that “Flowe” to the SEC…

Every single commissioner and the Notre Dame AD agreed to the following: No students on campus = No fall sports.

In the time since these gentlemen so agreed, COVID cases have increased coast to coast. In the majority of the United States, non-essential business continue to be shut down. This is also the case with the majority of the country’s public schools. North Carolina sent its student body home; “not you student-athletes, you stay on campus.” This is also the case at LSU. Notre Dame sent its student’s home for two weeks, yet the football team remains on campus and continues to practice?

So, these commissioners lied to the VP and fellow commissioners, play on and get rewarded by the NCAA? How afraid is the NCAA of losing more money and having to tighten the belt, if the college basketball tournament is called off two years in a row?

My dear Duck friends, this Emperor not only has no clothes, it has no shame. The next time I hear anyone from the NCAA talk about student-athletes, I’m going to barf.

The NCAA’s relief for schools that have postponed the 2020 season? 

“Your student-athletes are allowed to practice 12 hours a week.”

Seem fair to you? Perhaps I should I have asked: seem fair to y’all?

Jon Joseph
Aiken, South Carolina
Top Photo by Tom Corno

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