Ponder-Point Predictions: When DOES Oregon Play Football?

Charles Fischer Editorials

My friends, I stated last week that we will have articles four days a week through this Oregon Sports Desert, and can pop in a “Ponder-Point” for discussion occasionally on the other three days each week. But I have to admit that I look forward to reading and discussing something just as you do when I get up every morning. So, I thought I would start off the discussion on a topic and ask for your thoughts as well.

Today’s Ponder-Point is, “when does Oregon play football?” When is the starting point in your prediction and why? What about the other sports? When does Oregon Athletic life return again?

You have seen my prediction in the past; I believe we will not play any sports until fall of 2021. Effectively, when the players feel safe enough from the disease and the universities feel safe enough from litigation–we play again. This is assuming a discussion about COVID, but what about the player demands?  Can enough of those be solved soon enough?

This is not an official article, in fact it is simply a discussion starter similar to a comment. However I am quite curious as to the opinions out there and why people feel as they do?

Remember….this prediction is not what you want, but what you actually believe will happen and when.  Mr. FishDuck says we are done until fall of 2021; can it happen sooner?

“Oh how we will never stop pondering about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Eugene Johnson

If you have a ponder-point for Tuesdays and Thursdays, send them to charles@fishduck.com with your own perspective on the topic.  Give me your handle-name and location for fun and let’s discuss!

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