Opting Out: Did Lenoir and Graham MAKE A MISTAKE?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials 107 Comments

We have witnessed it many times as Greybeard-age fans; players who skip their senior season thinking they are NFL talent.  Either they wash out, or it simply doesn’t work out for them and you wish they had remained at Oregon to make an impact in their final year for the Ducks. Is this true for Thomas Graham and Deommodore Lenoir? I believe it is, and I’m curious as to what this community thinks as well concerning their actual NFL chances and the impact of their departure on Our Beloved Ducks.

I know many readers are wondering “I thought you shut down the daily article schedule, Charles?” I have, but when I have a Ponder-Point that comes up … it is easy for me to keyboard a short article in, and post a picture or two.  If I were to guess, you’ll see that once a week on average and it gives us the opportunity to keep the discussions going in the comments. We also have some articles that writers were working on that will be published in the next month along with my Ponder-Point submissions, and of course we will have a GameDay article for discussion, which has been great fun for all.

Few would begrudge Jevon Holland or Penei Sewell opting out, since they are evidently first-round draft picks, but the two corners? I believe Lenoir and Graham were good college players, but the extraordinary speed and athleticism required of professional football is not something I can say about either defender. As you recall, both had significant learning curves as we won games during their early years despite their mistakes, and even last year at Arizona State … sigh. My point is that I believe an extra year would have helped them and the Ducks.

Tom Corno

Thomas Graham used superb form to foil a third down pass in the Rose Bowl.

Over at ScoopDuck, the owner, Justin Hopkins, felt that of the two corners potentially returning back to the Ducks, the highest probability is with Lenoir. My own sources tell me that Deommodore “has too much confidence in his abilities to play again for Oregon.” I choose to frame Lenoir’s mental approach the way former head coach Mike Bellotti did when asked about the bombastic, over-the-top egocentric blusterings of Ryan Leaf before facing the Cougars one year. Mike diplomatically said with a smile that “Ryan is a very confident young man …” I do not think we will see Lenoir back with the Ducks for this shortened season.

We have also been SURPRISED …

I admit that I did not see former Oregon corners Troy Hill or Terrence Mitchell making and sticking on NFL rosters as long as they have, and I salute them. I thought for sure that LaMichael James would flourish in the NFL with his 4.30 speed and toughness exhibited with the Ducks, but no. Which scenario will occur for these Oregon corners leaving the team?

We’ll be OK?

Hopkins also felt that Oregon would benefit from only one of the two returning to play for Oregon, because his sources told him to expect that Mykael Wright (No. 2) to be starting regardless of who returns. Wright had a number of high defensive rankings/ratings coming into the season, and his talent last year was undeniable as both a corner and special teams contributor. Candidates for the other corner include DJ James (who tackles well in open field), and freshman Trikweze Bridges, who was recruited at safety but possess the athleticism and skills to play corner.

Eugene Johnson

Verone McKinley returns one of his two picks vs. Colorado.

My favorite for the open corner spot is Verone McKinley, who played against receivers in the slot as a nickel last year, but was originally recruited to play at corner. This young man seems to be around the ball often and many turnovers were attributed to him, which is unique for a newbie freshman. There is no substitute for experience, as McKinley was on the field for the big plays in 2019 and could step in immediately for Oregon.

What started as a short 250-word Ponder-Point has evolved into a 740 word+ article, as my own thoughts about these corners and the bigger picture at Oregon developed in my own mind. My preference would be one of the two between Graham and Lenoir returning, but I am comfortable with a Wright/McKinley defensive backfield as well. Agree? Disagree?

“Oh how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Tom Corno

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Just as God intended.

BTW how do we upload our avi? I see others have figured it out.


Welcome back sf; haven’t seen you post in a while. Been out fighting fires?


Nah, all clear up here.


Cool, thanks.


Nine days were lost by the Pac-12 due to lack of urgency following the Sept. 3 announcement of a deal to secure rapid-response antigen tests. Had the conference charged forward, all 12 teams could have been ready to play Oct. 31

Another example of Lazy Larry’s incompetence.


As the saying goes, “it’s like shooting fish in a barrel” to cite examples of Lazy Larry’s lapses. Gotta love ‘litteration!


Wilner says to, “embrace the 9:00 AM Kick off”.


I would happily embrace it, but I live in Eugene, so I’d like it even when fans can attend games again. But I can see where it would be inconvenient for people coming from out of town. Plus, someone was saying that the team and everyone who would be working at the stadium would have to be up hours before 9 am, and I can see where that would difficult for many.

David Marsh

I can’t stand crowds personally and I find stadiums full of people to be rather intimidating… I hate having assembly duty as a teacher because of the crowds.

So personally a 9am kickoff doesn’t really bother me and would open up my evening a bit. However, I completely get that for fans who typically travel to the games this would absolutely suck.

This year with the PAC desiring daily testing this would really suck for student athletes as they would have to get up earlier to report for testing and then wait to be cleared.

10am seems much more civil for a start time.


Practical concern there since no college student I have ever known was good about waking up early, also thanks to Larry for the Pac starting late, 9 AM starts could not be so much an option but what’s left. The B1G and the SEC already have their TV schedules set, along with Clemson, Notre Dame & the Big 12. The Pac will pretty much be filler.


When these early kickoffs were previously discussed, they were looked at like the Thursday night games – something each conference team might do just once – so it’s not like all 3-4 home games for 2020 would be early.

I seem to recall that under Mario the Ducks have frequently practiced in the morning, before most classes start. If players, coaches, and support staff are moderately adapted to being up and functioning for these practices it should be no problem adapting to prepare for one or at the most two early morning games.

As for fans – if attendance is permitted – that one time in the Fall that YOUR team is playing early would be akin to getting up just once at O-dark thirty so that you could be out fishing at dawn when they were biting. Smooth commuting and perhaps fewer rounds of Bloody Marys or mimosas might be a major plus as well.

As a native mid-westerner who had to wait until noon for college football to start on TV, it is one of the greatest gifts of the Pacific Time Zone to be able to leisurely settle in with a big mug of coffee and the first flight of games @ 9:00 allowing Saturday to be my proxy Day of Rest.


I really hope we get to see Trikweze play this year, whether at Safety or CB. I think he can be a real game changer for us as he seems to have a natural ball-hawking ability from his high school days in Alabama.


Hey, thank you for the welcome! I joined up today. Previously I read most of my stories from the Oregonian, things that get posted to Reddit, and recruiting reports from various sites. I love your site! I wish I was able to contribute, but I never followed the road into journalism. I hope you all keep up the great work. I’ve lived in Eugene a long time, and I love reading about the Ducks!


Perhaps Lenoir and Graham are gone because of the shadow they’re getting from the light shining on Wright.


Not replaced, Charles. Shaded.


It would be interesting to see where these guys stack up on draft boards of NFL teams. Neither of these guys look like high draft choices to me. If both are drafted I would be pleasantly surprised. Both look like guys that will need to slug it out to make it on a game day roster.

Good luck to both.

Jay MacPherson

I agree they would have benefitted with another year in college ball. And that Terrence and Troy are pleasant surprises. As for Verone, I am unsure. While an awesome athlete, from my perspective, he too often makes choices that suggest his mental processing of angles, velocities, and Play reads is error-prone. Yes, he has had some great plays…and some horrible ones. For example, even though Verone appears faster and quicker than John Boyett was, he doesn’t display John’s vision of the field. Can Verone improve that skill? Maybe, but I question how much.


Sometimes waiting is fun, the anticipation as enjoyable as the event itself; like waiting for the football season to start!!! This time it isn’t as fun as usual, or what waiting for North Dakota State and thee Ohio State would have been, but here we are, not just waiting for the season to start, we’re waiting for the schedule!

Canzano had an article yesterday where he wrote about talking with a “source” in the Pac-12 offices about just how the schedule was going to come about, and how for hours & hours, he couldn’t really get an answer, except for how it wasn’t going to be done.

There isn’t a formula, it won’t necessarily be based on the TWO schedules that have already been arranged for the 2020 season. That’s not really unreasonable, even Lazy Larry can figure out the division part, it’s that darn crossover game where the confusion is.

Will Larry’s assistants write all the names of the teams on pieces of paper and then place them in a helmet so Larry can pick out the match-ups? The one thing we know for certain is that however it finally comes out, the purple things up north will insist that Oregon got beneficial treatment. We can only hope so.

Jon Sousa

Let them complain. We ARE getting beneficial treatment…
…by having Mario Cristobal rather than ¿¿¿__???
…from great recruits who choose Oregon rather than UW.
…from Uncle Phil and Aunt Penny.
…from AP voters who have Oregon in the top 25 and UW…
well, you know.


Absolutely right, facing reality has never been a trait found in the Purple Things.

David Marsh

five games are already assigned to each team because of stupid divisions.

USC and UCLA will end up playing Cal and Stanford as a major part of Pac-12 expansion was to ensure all California teams play each other every year. This year will be an exception though I can’t imagine each California team playing 2/3 of the other California teams this year.

In trying to keep with the original schedule Utah will probalby not be an option for Oregon as they weren’t schedule to play this year originally… so in reality Oregon really only has the chance of playing Colorado, ASU, and Zona. I think at that point it really comes down to which team needs another away game… if ASU needs another away game they will probably get paired with Oregon as they were scheduled to play at Autzen this year… though this is the Pac-12 we are talking about… who knows!


Makes complete sense, but we are talking about Larry so, sense goes out the window with all the dollars that have already been lost.

David Marsh

Random question…

So I have managed to avoid the substription based Oregon focuses news services so far… Though I am now feeling willing and wanting to dip my toe in. Are there any suggestions of which ones you all think are worth the money more than others?

I think ‘Addicted to Quack’ is an OK, freebie?

The site is average at best, but I do like the name.


I prefer Scoop Duck. Justin Hopkins does a thorough job and seems to have pretty good inside connections.

David Marsh

I have found Addicted to Quack underwhelming… I checked it a lot in 2014-15 but since then I’ve been less than enthusiastic …

But thanks Charles… I have been thinking for awhile as to whether I want to get a sub service but I just haven’t figured out which ones are worth it.


I don’t think they made the best choice, but given how the Pac-12 dropped the ball on the season, they weren’t really given much of a choice anyway, IMHO.

Hate to see them go, but it’s hard to blame them for moving on.


Thanks, glad to be here!

Jon Joseph

No comprende? Are you happy the Pac is back? Or, what?

Agree of course with Charles, always good to have new POV on the board.


Thanks, glad to be here!

To answer your question, I’m glad the Pac is back. I love me some Duck football lol. What I meant is that there seemed to be a lot of confusion and uncertainty coming from the top down (looking at you, Larry Scott) about the season. Mainly, whether there was actually going to BE a season or not. Both Graham and Lenoir initially intended to play, as we all know, but when they were told there would be no season until the spring time, what else is there for them to do besides opt out and train for the draft?

I don’t know if I explained that well or not lol, but hopefully you get the gist of what I’m thinking.


Yesterday I saw that one player on Michigan & two Buckeyes, CB, Shaun Wade, and G, Wyatt Davis who opted out, have changed their minds and been cleared to play when the B1G resumes. So, Graham & Lenoir do have options.


Totally agree CjAllen180, it’s like there was no good choice for them, only a choice.


I’m gonna say it again (since I’ve said it in other articles)…the best choice for who? If we’re going to base things on the best interest of each individual’s health and desires then they made the absolute best choice. Now if we’re going to base things on the best choice for the fans, that’ probably a different story.

I know I may be in the minority here, but I also don’t think the Pac dropped the ball at all. There are just too many unknowns with this whole ‘Rona thing that they’re STILL guessing at. If the long-term goal is for everyone to be healthy and not be one of the millions who are still dealing with the effects then there really isn’t much of an argument that can be made as to the decision to not return to play immediately for the entertainment of the masses being the right one.

I’d love to see them play, even better I’d love to be at a game, especially now that the Cup finals are over (reluctantly, go Bolts!). I’m still not into baseball…I mean I’d rather watch a second coat of paint dry, or even wait for the first coat to peel, and other than highlights here and there the NFL doesn’t exactly get me gushing, so that leaves me with NCAAF, more specifically the Ducks, and you can bet your last dollar that I’m excited to even be able to watch them on TV in a few weeks (<–see, I even minimized the length of time to make it seem closer)…


You raise a good point when you say, “The best choice for who?”

I’m of the opinion that it would’ve been mutually beneficial for both corners to play for the school again. Also, admittedly, I am biased and just hate to see them go lol. Thomas Graham was one of my favorite Ducks so it’s bittersweet.

You’re right about one thing though: There are a lot of unknowns with the whole ‘Rona thing. The other conferences seem to be figuring out how to play though, so I’ll take that for what I will, I suppose. They didn’t have to deal with the wildfires like the west coast did, so there’s that.

I can only conclude that they made the best choice they could with the information they had. That’s all we can really do in the end.

Cheers, and go Ducks!


Yeah, but there is a difference between figuring out how to play and figuring it out without exposing players, staff, support personnel, TV/media personnel, etc….

I’m with ya on wishing to see them play, especially for how highly regarded the Oregon secondary was viewed nationally. Now we have to, as I’m sure a lot of people are seeing it, rebuild. Here’s the thing though…remember how incredible recruiting has been over the last roughly four years? A rebuild for a generational (at Oregon) position group is…well this isn’t your dad’s Ducks team. We’re in uncharted waters here. A generational group today is the next recruiting class.

I’ve been accused of being perhaps too optimistic at times, but I’d argue with pretty much anyone to prove me wrong…


With the way Oregon’s been recruiting, it’s not gonna be a rebuild. More like a reload! I agree with you wholeheartedly. This ain’t the Ducks of yesteryear.

Not that I’d remember those teams from back then… I’m only 27 lol.


The PAC12 bungled the season. Hard to blame players for moving on. What’s most egregious is losing eligibility for signing with an agent, especially in this environment. As long as they’re in good academic standing, they should regain their eligibility if they want to return.

There is + to date, I know of no applicant who’s return has not been approved.

Jon Joseph

I think and hope, that the NCAA is allowing guys to return regardless of whether they signed with an agent?

I know that 2 Ohio State guys who opted out have been approved to come back; as have others.

David Marsh

Growing pains for sure… there will be some times were Oregon’s secondary gets exposed… but then again… that happened with a veteran secondary last year against ASU.

There is some depth with a whole lot of potential for the secondary that I am sure of and I believe Oregon is firmly in the “next man up” mentality here. If anyone remembers from the brief spring, Graham was being moved around and cross trained at other secondary positions because Wright was pushing him so hard for play time. Getting Wright onto the field was so important that moving a three year starter around was necessary.

McKinley stepped in for Holland last year during Colorado and came away with a few interceptions and overall it is going to be hard to keep him off the field, even if Holland was playing this year.

Lenior’s spot is going to be the most difficult spot I feel. James or Manning are prime candidates for that spot but also Bridges will be competing. This secondary has so much potential that there should be a solid two deep where the coaches feel confident.

In addition… even a new secondary is going to get some big time help from the defensive line. KT and company are going to be pressuring QBs all day that will lead to some errant throws or throw aways that should make the job of the secondary easier.

During the season I don’t see the secondary getting challenged too badly at the moment. Garbers of Cal seems like the most likely candidate. Oregon will likely miss Slovis and USC as USC and UCLA will probably end up playing Cal and Stanford as their cross divisional game.

So maybe Oregon will see Daniels of ASU? Though I think it just as likely that Oregon sees Arizona or Colorado instead of ASU. (Oregon will probably miss Utah as Utah was not on the original schedule this year.)

The rest of the Pac-12 north is breaking in new Qbs… which benefits a younger secondary.

Jon Joseph

Great comment and excellent thoughts on the cross over game. I’ll go with CU in Autzen?

David Marsh

I think Colorado is a good bet… I think the best resume builder would be ASU as they stand the best chance of ending the season ranked and Oregon will need every win against ranked opponents to even get a sniff at the cfp.

Jon Joseph

ASU also ‘works.’ And I agree that the Sun Devils will likely finish with a better record than will CU.

Regardless, I do not see a Pac-12 team with less than a 7-0 record making the final 4.

Even then, a 1 loss SEC runner up is going to have one heck of an argument to be in. It is so early and this season is so unpredictable, but watching UGA and UF Saturday, UF looked like the far better team. And UF gets a depleted LSU at home.

I think this Saturday’s Auburn at UGA game is going to be very big, playoff-wise, at the end of the day.

It was Mizzou, but the Bama D appears to be back to being the Bama D.

Jon Sousa

Another reason ASU is good, is because of the loss to them last year. It would be good for Oregon to answer those doubts.


I think both are misguided in analyzing their abilities and both will regret the decision to not return. Ah well, the business world awaits.


Lenoir/Graham reminds me of Darron Thomas. Very good college players without much upside for the next level.

The corners played three years and won the pac12. They climbed the mountain and they have nothing left to accomplish in this half-season of winter football.

I would rather watch more athletic newcomers.


I am bummed that Brady Breeze is leaving. He had some physical traits and was hitting like Chung, Ward, Boyett. Time to coach the new guys up!!!


It’s time for the Justin Herbert/ Chargers report!!!!! The Chargers were one drop of a lateral from being the highlight of the NFL weekend. Down 21-16, the game ending drive started on their one yard line. 5-7 passes later Justin had the Chargers on the Panther’s 40. Last play of the game, Herbert hits Keenan Allen on the 15, Allen laterals back to Austin Ekeler, with a wide open path to the end zone and victory…but he doesn’t catch the ball!!!!.

In the game, Herbert became the 3rd quarterback in history to pass for 300+ yards in his first two starts, this time, 35-49, 330 yds, 1 TD, 1 Int. The other two QB’s? Cam Newton was 1-1, L to Arizona, W over Green Bay. Kyler Murray 0-1-1, started with a tie against Detroit, loss to Baltimore. Next for the Chargers: @ Tampa Bay, Sunday, 10:00 on CBS.

Jon Joseph

A good outing no doubt. In addition to the muffed lateral, there were some big drops which JH has seen before.

I see him progressing like Buffalo’s Allen who had a terrific day yesterday and an excellent season so far.

He needs to develop better pocket awareness and will do so.


I think one thing you fail to take into consideration is Height, not all DB’s are created evenly. but when we compare the 5 DB spots while Wright and Verone are good I don’t think they will be able to handle the coverage spot that Holland covered. In coverage Holland was often put up against TE’s and tall WR’s. AT 6’1″ he had the height to cover these players most of our returning DB’s are 6’0″ or shorter only Pickett(doesn’t have the athletic ability to cover),Trikweze Bridges, and Jamal Hill who was the technical Nickel back up hit the height of 6’1″ or higher.

I’d also be concerned in having two short CB’s in Mckinley and Wright both under 6’0″. lastly I think consideration of Dontae Manning as 4/5 star CB needs to be added to that depth chart.

I don’t see the Safeties changing, I think It’ll be Breeze/Pickett with the firsts, McKinley with the two’s(But significant playing time) and Steve Stevens rounding out the safety depth chart. Nickel becomes a rotational effort by Bridges, Hill and JC transfer Bennett Williams.

CB has Wright and James with Manning getting significant reps. Depth overall shouldn’t be an issue if injuries arise, except at cb where bridges or hill will get put if injuries occur.


that depth chart link is for last spring – Manning is on the whole flock depth chart


I may be unaware of some things but you have to address nickel when talking about our CB’s as our nickel does a lot in man coverage as well.

and for the roster in previous years they would usually update the roster with all the summer enrollee’s in the first week of spring ball, add in opt outs and such and I am not surprised it hasn’t been updated. 247 notes manning enrolled on june 24th(although I couldn’t find a date or article), Cristobal tweeted his birthday literally 2 days ago. and manning’s twitter has questions about tattoo artists in eugene dating back to july as well as retweeting and tweeting at a number of current ducks. Is it all speculative sure, but I think it is pretty sound.

Also I love Chili Duck’s roster tool it is one of the best to view. but if you look at the bottom corner it hasn’t been updated since
03/05/2020. mostly because I think he usually basis it off the published rosters from the team. As another example Anthony Brown Has enrolled yet he isn’t on the current roster for ChiliDuck either.


Great Ponder Point Charles, thank you.

I have been wondering myself if DL and TG didn’t see the writing on the walls with MW and VM waiting in the wings, along with a couple other young studs poised to take away some of their playing time.

With the season being (gone at first, then) shortened, I wonder if they didn’t pull the trigger with much the same mindset that DT used when he declared prior to he senior season, “that new kid coming on (MM in that case) was just too good to be denied,”

I wish them both well, and I have always liked the play of both, but as you said, they both had a serious learning curve starting out. I don’t see either of them as a high pick, unlike PS, a high first rounder. And JH, potentially in the 2nd round.

I think our Ducks are in great shape going forward, with some real talent ready to step it up! Next man up!

Let the games commence, and Go Ducks!

What’s Thomas doing now? Any idea?

Back when he played was there such a thing as a grad transfer?

Jon Sousa

Was he a grad?

Jon Joseph

Thanks Charles for this timely article. Did the CBs make the right decision? I don’t know if these guys made the right call but I do know all of these players have 3rd parties (agents) whispering in their ears.

‘Lot you know DiNunzio!’ I’m pointing this Danny Noonan quote from Caddy Shack, at moi.

1st – I screwed up in the comment section by saying that the Ducks would play 2 cross over opponents in the shortened 2020 season. Wrong. Oregon like all other conference teams will have 1 scheduled cross over game.

The weekend of the championship game we all, of course, hope that the N division champ Ducks will be playing the S division champ. 5 other conference games will be played that weekend with the match ups determined by the regular season records with worst vs worst up to 2nd vs 2nd. For bowl selection purposes, I would have had 2 playing 6, but when has the Pac-12 ever helped out with its scheduling practices?

I am most interested to see the cross over team Oregon draws and whether the game will be played in Autzen? In its revised scheduling, the B1G ‘protected’ Ohio State and the SEC did the same for Alabama. But being the Pac-12, the Ducks will probably draw USC or Utah? Stay tuned.

2nd – I recently opined that the Ducks has no playoff shot. Wrong again JJ. With Oklahoma’s home loss to K State (can’t spell ‘choke’ without an OK) Jerry Palm at CBS sports has the Ducks projected as the playoff 4 seed facing #1 Clemson in the Sugar Bowl. Palm has #2 Ohio State playing #3 Alabama in the Rose Bowl.

If Palm is correct, the Ducks will need to have quality DB play against Trevor Lawrence. To fulfill Palm’s prophecy the Ducks will have to go 7-0 and look darn good in the process. No sleep-walking wins like 2019’s defeat of the Beavers.

BTW, it appears that The Pirate’s O will work in the SEC? All Stanford grad transfer KJ Costello did on Saturday was put up 623 passing yards vs LSU. This broke the SEC record of Eric Zeier that goes back to the 1990s. Watching the broadcast, I think it was Gary Danielson who noted that KJ never threw for over 300 yards at Stanford.

Which has me pondering: Can David Shaw’s vanilla west coast O still win titles in the Pac-12?

Thanks again Charles for this greatly appreciated post.

But to win the ACC, ND will most likely have to beat Clemson twice. A big, big ask. To date, ND has beat up on 2 bad teams. Next up, FSU.

My guess? Fiesta Bowl will be the Pac-12 champ vs the B1G runner up? Could be a rematch with Wisconsin? Or, a game against Penn State?

But I’m with you, I want another shot at Auburn! Auburn at UGA this week should be very interesting. The QB spot at UGA with Daniels not cleared, is a mess.

No doubt, a W over a quality SEC team is missing. The 2 beat downs of TN were nice but those were not vintage Vols teams.


Make that 3 bad teams for ND!

Jon Joseph

Amazing how down is FSU. Jimbo left the program in shambles. And A+M paid him a guaranteed $75M?

By comparison to date Slick Willie is looking good compared to Norvell. FSU has fallen to the 4th best if that, team in Florida.


This just in:

In the week since an influx of 11 positive coronavirus tests in two days forced Notre Dame to pause all football-related activities, the Irish have added another 18 positive tests. Notre Dame has a total of 25 players in isolation via active positive cases and 14 in quarantine thanks to contact tracing, the program announced Monday.
Six days ago — Tuesday, Sept. 22 — those numbers were 10 and 13, respectively.

Jon Joseph

WOW! Don’t see how the Irish can play come Saturday?


The Ducks might make the playoffs without having started the season. :o)


BWT – typical glib disinformation from Gary Danielson who’s made a career out making up things that sound good.

In 2018 Costello threw for 332 with 4TD/1INT in their opener vs San Diego State with a good Rocky Long defense; then went 19/26 for 327 & 3/0 in that gut wrenching win against us; 381 vs Utah; 34/43 for 323 &4/0 vs WSU (guessing Leach noticed). Then 347 vs Huskies, 342 vs Beavs, and 344 vs Bruins. In his multiple injury beset 2019 season he also had 322 vs AZ in one of the 5 games he played even part of.


Danielson was part of the CBS team that worked the 2018 Sun Bowl game – played in frigid conditions – where Stanford beat Pitt 14-13 and Costello only went 6/17 for 105 yards. Ergo, the wellspring of Danielson’s keen insights.

Jon Joseph

Thanks Man. I perhaps, screwed up? Maybe, Danielson said 400 and not 300 yards? Anyway, great stats.

I think KJ made a great move following The Pirate to Starksville. I was impressed by how he rebounded against LSU from a # of screw ups, including a pick 6.

The guy does have a cannon for an arm. And Leach talking RB Hill to opt out from opting out was big. Hill was 1 of 3 guys to garner 100+ receiving yards.

MS ST could be a real player in the SEC W this season. Not beyond belief to see these Bulldogs finish 2nd behind Bama.

Meanwhile, how about the $75M man, Jimbo? I think Saint Nick is looking forward to blowing A+M away come Saturday.


Originally posted this to the wrong reply slot:

No foul on you – I watched the game streaming and Danielson did say ‘300’.

He also further endeared himself to Farm-ites by asking rhetorically: ‘Why did Costello even bother going to Stanford when he could of come straight to Mississippi State in the first place?’ A statement so inane in particulars that it does boggle the rational mind.


No foul on you – I watched the game streaming and Danielson did say ‘300’.

He also further endeared himself to Farm-ites by asking rhetorically: ‘Why did Costello even bother going to Stanford when he could of come straight to Mississippi State in the first place?’ A statement so inane in particulars that it does boggle the rational mind.


The problem is there will be a whole new group of players who will catch the eye of the NFL scouts. These players will show they love to play and have the talent to make it on a NFL roster.

Lenoir and Graham will have to make their point at the combine. Every snap they didn’t look too good, in previous seasons, will be amplified before the final day before the draft.

The only thing they have is opportunity to be ready for draft day like they have been training the whole time. The question is, will they have the motivation to be at an elite level when combine comes. Hard to say, but I will say thanks for the memories, and good luck.

Bottomline, not a great decision with hindsight, at this point.

Unlike Penei and Jevon, there is no assurance these 2 will be invited to the combine.


Foregoing the draft may have been an even worse decision given the usually high levels of player injuries over the first couple weeks of the NFL season. While they both may have had to go the free agent route, it seems every game I’m hearing about multiple players having been called up from the practice squad.

The 2021 draft will be glutted with a surplus of eligible players, so thin rosters this year, but an abundance in 2021.


Yeah, not a lot of pondering needed for this one, Charles. I feel that Graham & Lenoir definitely erred in opting out this season, and would definitely have stayed to be part of the dominant defense the Ducks were expected to have if the season had played out normally.

But, of course that didn’t happen. So, good luck, guys, and time for some new Ducks to step up; and as Charles mentioned, McKinley isn’t even, “new”. MC’s recruiting prowess is going to be put to the test sooner than planned, and recruiting means depth.

Jon Joseph

Losing 2 experienced guys at the CB position and an AA at safety does not help the cause. And, of course, Oregon now has 5 new starters on the O line.

I can’t recall the names but I know that SC had a couple of quality guys opt out.

TYPICAL – The Pac-12 returns to play and ESPN features comments from Clay Helton and Kedon Slovis; ditto, Fox and CBS Sports. It’s all about being in LA; except, when the Ducks come to town and roll SC.

BTW, did anyone get a better ‘scheduling break’ from the revised COVID schedule than Clay Helton? Based on the latest AP Poll, Clay plays #35 Utah and perhaps, #14 Oregon, instead of #2 Alabama and #5 Notre Dame.


Plus Graham Harrell on Fox’s pregame program for a show & tell on Leach’s Air Raid offense. Right in town and happy to drop by!

Jon Joseph

‘Right in town’ is spot on.


Reggie Bush & Matt Leinart on the Fox broadcast team helps; and also makes me think it unlikely we’ll be seeing much of that other local, the Chipster, slipping into those LA based studios, but maybe……


Solid points Charles.

With the way MC has recruited this championship caliber defence, I don’t think there is any worry about the next man up. I think the guys he recruited are better than Graham and Lenoir, hands down. Wright is amazing. So is James. You cannot replace Holland, but i think Wright can get up there where Holland was for sure.


JJ – Tampa taking Cup tonight or what?

Jon Joseph

Tampa boyz will celebrate Monday night by chugging Molsons from the cup, eh?

Still hard for this greybeard to get used to the idea of the NHL having a team in Tampa.

Spot on regarding recruiting, but game day play does matter. I hope the conference will have the Ducks playing the opener in Autzen against a lesser opponent than UW?

And as I noted in my comment, I will not be happy if Oregon’s cross over opponent is Utah or SC..


The best way to guarantee a 1 or 2 loss Pac-12 championship team is to have the best in the North play the best in the South as a crossover game.

Jon Joseph

I do like David’s thoughts above that the conference is likely to have the CA schools, CAL/UCLA (big brother/little brother} and SC/Stanford (?) for its cross over game.

I want CU in Autzen! If the conference keeps the original division schedules, Oregon will play the cross over game at home, along with UW and Stanford.


Tampa having a hockey team is as weird as Utah having a basketball team – and calling themselves the Jazz.

Jon Joseph

AMEN as to the Jazz. Annual rumor that the Jazz will move to Vegas. Played 25% of its home games in Vegas back when. This is the reason Kareem set the scoring record in UNLV’s, Thomas and Mack Stadium.