Are you Ready for a DUCKS SPORTS OVERLOAD?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials 34 Comments

I know, the lack of Oregon sports since the end of March has been tough and at times-depressing. We all understand why, and agree with the cancellations last spring and the deferrals of fall sports until more about the disease and testing was known. But boy, for die-hard fans like those in this community … it has been brutal at times. We can only discuss the past so much, and we need our current fix of Our Beloved Ducks.

The news of having a football season and both men’s and women’s basketball seasons beginning in November got me to pondering about an unusual occurrence coming up due to the COVID crisis and the impact upon Oregon sports. It could be the Duck-Fan equivalent of a rare eclipse almost never seen, but cherished when actually viewed. I am referring some incredible weekends coming up in December, (just two months away) when we have Ducks Sports Overload taking place as it never has.

As you know, the football season begins November 7th and continues into December for a couple of weeks, while the basketball teams begin November 25th and jumps right into a conference schedule. Basketball schedules are not available yet, but when you consider two womens conference games in a weekend and two mens basketball conference games along with a football game? We might have five games from these winning programs in a single weekend? Whoa baby!

Would that much Oregon sports at once be the therapeutic needed to overcome such withdrawal we have all felt?

Tom Corno

Taylor Chavez returns to drive for more points for Oregon.

We already know about the questions surrounding the football team that add to the drama and entertainment, but the basketball teams have a ton of questions to answers in a short time. Dana Altman has some key experienced players returning in the back-court such as Will Richardson to direct the offense, but the Oregon staff cleaned up on transfers coming to Eugene at all positions. The challenge is the absence of the non-conference games that are important to develop the line-ups and the team chemistry, as Altman teams mature late in the season for the tournament.

Kelly Graves has killed it on the recruiting trail with freshmen and transfers, and perhaps he needs even more time/games than the men to determine the best group of players for this upcoming season? It is possible that both teams could have very mediocre records at the end of the season, yet evolved into Sweet Sixteen or even Elite Eight teams when you consider the rosters of talent assembled by these outstanding coaches.

The entertainment factor of both basketball teams is through the roof in a weekend, and you add a football game to it?


The anticipation of waiting for a football season now became even better as we consider a bit of Christmas coming early to Oregon sports fans in December. I cannot hardly wait, can you?

“Oh how we love to ponder Our Beloved Ducks!”

Charles Fischer   (FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
That incredibly cool top photo of Popo Aumavae about to make a crucial sack is from Tom Corno

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Looking forward to a forum. Thank you. I want games now so the wait will be difficult.


Oregon Ducks LB Sampson Niu may not play in 2020 for personal reasons.


Hmmmmmm what next ??

David Marsh

The oy reassuring thing on that front is the massive amount of depth at linebacker. It looks like Sewell is in that position so we might be seeing more of Sewell earlier in the season.


Men’s hoops may be a bit better prepared than usual with their roster turnover. They have a full front court that is coming off a red shirt year of practicing against the starters with transfers Eugene Omoruyi (Rutgers) and Eric Williams Jr. (Duquesne) plus true Fr Lok Wur.

Further, a delayed enrollment and injuries provided Five Star Freshman center N’Faly Dante what was almost a redshirt year of limited game time, but a good dose of learning Altam’s system, and adjusting to college ball.

In the backcourt, Will Richardson’s 3rd year in the program, matched with a healthy Chris Duarte provides a great match of experience and talent. Duarte had just begun to dominate games when he sustained his season ending hand injury. One of the very few pluses of the whole Covid arc is that it likely kept Duarte another year in Eugene.

Chandler Lawson and Addison Patterson also offer tantalizing upside and a full season of experience in the front and back courts respectively.

True point guard play can be eased into the mix via grad transfer Amauri Hardy (UNLV) and high 4 star Jalen Terry from Michigan (state thereof).

The 2019-20 Altman team was atypically strong out of the gate, and Altman acknowledged that he had taken steps to make that happen. If he refines and uses some of those techniques & strategies this year we may be able to enjoy another very strong early season performance by the Men’s team!

Jon Joseph

Great update, thank you.

David Marsh

It’s the thing that has probably kept Oregon men’s basketball at the top of the PAC for all this time.

Altman has really been able to reload every year… And even in the years where he doesn’t seem to reload … Well he just goes off and wins the pac-12 tournament and gets into the dance anyways….


Football has had brother connections, and basketball could be going that way, 4* PF, Jonathan Lawson, brother of Chandler, signed with the Ducks for next season, and he is apparently has ties with highly recruited PG, Jaden Hardy, brother of Amauri.


It’s never too early to fill out your brackets, and CBS’s Joe Lunardi has the Ducks “lookin’ good”

The college basketball season is getting closer, and with that in mind, ESPN Bracketologist Joe Lunardi updated his projections for this year’s NCAA Tournament. Lunardi projects Dana Altman’s Oregon men’s basketball program will go on to repeat as Pac-12 Champions this season.

Lunardi projects the Ducks as the league champion and to be awarded a No. 5 seed in the Boise pod in the South Region. The Ducks would face off against No. 12 seed UNC Greensboro.

David Marsh

Duck Sports overload? Is there such a thing?


Ah, Charles, just what we need, as the Ducks set forth as Defending Champions in football, Men’s basketball & Women’s basketball. Helping us along is a blast from the past that is also big news now:


Great news on that link, thanks for sharing.


Like a rare eclipse indeed, I just hope nobody takes their glasses off and ruins it for all.

Jon Joseph

Thanks Charles. The cavalry is on the way!


Your right Charles, us Oregon fans are like addicts who need a sports fix and soon. One can only go so long talking about the past and the future before you feel your mind is in the “twilight” zone of reality, and you wonder if you will ever find a way out.

Have the sports god’s been testing us, can we hang on for just a short time more, is it really going to happen, – – oh the pain of it all, let it end.

Wait, I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel – – – or is it just a train coming ?? – – – I can’t tell anymore.

Jon Joseph

You are suffering from DSU – Ducks Sports Underload.

Take a heavy dose of ACC and SEC this weekend and get back to me on 11/7.


Good advice, my friend. Thanks

Jon Joseph

Could be a NY 6 invite for BYU? The Cougars play UTSA this weekend, 12:30 Left Coast time on ESPN 2.

BYU keeps winning like it has and with the 2 game schedule add on of at Boise and San Diego State, maybe a G5 invite?

Interesting that BYU is not truly a G5 team but counts as a P5 opponent for OOC scheduling.

With Baylor and TCU in the B12, BYU would, IMO, be a good fit. A team with a 60,000+ seat stadium and a growing national and international fan base.

To date, BYU is the only school out west playing ball.


There was lots of controversy because BYU was playing and Utah was not but that should soon even out.

Begs the question that if BYU is ready to go into a P5 conference, like the B12, would that hurt the chances of a Pac-12 team that might want to switch conferences to maybe the B12 ??

Jon Joseph

Me thinks come 2024 there could be a whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on?


I sure hope so. Its time to get off of this sinking ship.

Jon Joseph

BDF -While sitting it out Oregon-wise, here is something to ponder.

The Red River Rivalry will be played this Saturday by 2 teams on the brink. Texas, again, lost to TCU last Saturday and Oklahoma lost its 2nd game in row to a B12 opponent; both teams OK was favored to defeat.

Think coaching them up matters? In the last decade, Texas has had 7 top 10 recruiting classes. During these 10 years, the Horns has signed 147 4* and 5* recruits, In this same time frame, only 3 Texas players been taken in the 1st round of the NFL draft. And since Mack Brown was canned no Texas team has won more than 3 games in a row.

THIS is not coaching them up.

I know 2020 is the Year of COVID. But a loss to OK on Saturday likely means that HC Tom Herman is in deep kimchee. Texas does have the boosters to come with the buy out $. Boosters who, unrealistically or not, think Texas should be playing for CFB titles every season.

Herman goes and Mario could be in-play?

BTW and for what its worth, I think Clemson vs visiting Miami and UGA vs visiting TN are both locks to cover the spread. The only question, will these games be played in wet, hurricane related, weather? Weather that could keep both games close.

Stay thirsty for Oregon football my friend.


Texas and USC, it’s fascinating to me how since the 2006 Rose Bowl neither the Trojans or Longhorns have been relevant; yeah, one year, big Sam got the Trojans to the Rose, but that didn’t last, and Longhorns QB, also named Sam, (that might be the problem) declared, “We’re back”, only to fade once again. Imagine the pre-game speeches spewing out of Lincoln and Tom before this edition of the Red River Rivalry!

Jon Joseph

Just need the right guy to jump start a program. A Dabo, Saint Nick type. But these guys do not routinely come along.

According to Matt Leinart, Coach Meyer is done with coaching.