Coach Reverses Course: Herbert Named Starter

Garrett Sharp-Craig Editorials 31 Comments

It seems as though Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn finally discovered what us Duck fans have already known for years: Justin Herbert is LEGIT!

Despite losing his first three starts, Herbert has looked far more polished than anyone expected coming into the season. The Eugene native has thrown for 300 yards in two out of three games and has even showed glimpses of the 2020 Rose Bowl as a rusher.

Tom Corno

Herbert first showed off his rushing ability in the 2020 Rose Bowl vs. Wisconsin

Herbert has proved to be more than capable in his spot starts, even competing against the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady to begin his young career. In last week’s game against Brady and the Buccaneers, Herbert showed Lynn and the rest of the Chargers staff that he deserved to remain starting. He completed 80% of his passes which resulted in 290 yards in the air and three passing touchdowns. He even was a drive away from beating the Bucs; however, Herbert did throw a late-game interception that sealed the Chargers fate.

Now coming into a Monday Night Football showdown against the New Orleans Saints, the Chargers had the choice to return to a healthy Tyrod Taylor or keep riding the wave of their promising young rookie. Here is what Lynn had to say:

“I did not take that decision lightly. It’s not a decision where [Herbert’s] going to be looking over his shoulder… Justin’s our quarterback.”

The vote of confidence from his head coach should only booster Herbert’s performance moving forward. Tune in to ESPN for Monday Night Football and watch as Herbert looks for his first win against another veteran legend in Drew Brees.

Garrett Sharp-Craig
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by Tom Corno

Brad Nye, the Volunteer editor for this article, is a land conservation attorney in Central Oregon.


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Mr. FishDuck

Oh baby….the Texas A&M team that got plastered by Alabama last week just upset Florida?

(Do I hear a door slowly opening in the distance?)


Men’s basketball gets a big one: #4 C signs with Oregon for 2021

Even better, 247 reports that he intends to reclassify to 2020, enroll and redshirt; learning behind N’Faly Dante, before joining what aready promises to be a great frontcourt for the Ducks in 2021.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

He is a 4-Star on Rivals too!

Jon Sousa

Moves us up to top 10 recruiting class.


OT a little but I’m finding myself watching football games I would’ve never watched. Sure miss Pac12 games on Saturday.


Some call it Pac-12 after dark. To me those late games were Pac-12–afterthought.


That is exactly what they are, Annie.


I am glad I’m not the only one finding college football somewhat hollow without the Ducks playing…


On the good news side, Wilner is reporting that all 12 Pac12 football programs are now cleared to practice. Apparently Cal and Stanford are the last two to get clearance, and Stanford had to move their practices from Santa Clara county to San Mateo county (maybe 5 miles, but a pain in the rear).

This is good news for us – in general – and a bit of schadenfreude that Stanford (our first game opponent) will need to deal with the additional logistics of busing to & from practice every day.

David Marsh

Off topic… But go Oklahoma… A texas loss is what Oregon needs!


Oklahoma 53 Texas 45 4OT Crazy game. In the 2nd OT, the Sooners had a TD overruled, rightly, on replay, they did score on the next try. Third OT, Sooners block a FG by Texas. Oklahoma doesn’t waste time, and attempts a FG from the 14 on 2nd down…wide left!

The Sooners start the 4th OT with a TD and then get the 2 pt conversion. Sooners interception!

David Marsh

And Florida falls to texas a&m which starts to close the door to 2 sec teams making the playoff. Though there need to be some more losses from the sec front runners.

Clemson and miami square off later… Clemson will probably win. Though chaos will help the pac-12 regardless.

Though currently the big one to watch is Tenn v Georgia. Tenn is currently giving georgia some significant problems. If georgia goes down the door keeps opening for the PAC.


Yep, goal line stand by Tennessee to lead 21-17 at halftime. You know, not seeing much of that great SEC defense today. LSU stayed in the Top 25 even after losing to then unranked, Miss State, who’d lose to unranked Ark, the next week, but they won’t be there now, having just lost 45-41 to unranked Missouri.

David Marsh

LSU is in a rebuilding year. It’s good for us that they are now eliminates from playoff contention. However, Orgeron is not losing his job for a bad 2020 season.

Though I will say with Oregon back at practice I am more interested in football from other conferences than I have been this year. Nothing like rooting for the teams that will create the most chaos.


Oregon will also have to win out and considering how much is new this year for the Ducks and how many first’s there are for them one has to be concerned. The team we have now is not the team we thought we were going to have this season back in September. Where as Cal and USC have not changed as much as the Ducks.

But if we can win out our chances are looking better that we get to the playoffs.

David Marsh

By no means is it going to be easy for Oregon but at the same time I don’t remember the last time the door to the playoff as been this open for the Pac-12 either… 2014 maybe?

The PAC needs help to get into the playoff these days and that help is being given. Now Oregon needs to capitalize on it and win!


In recent years the committee seems to be more interested in the number of losses than the strength of schedule. Not that it should be that way, but it is what it is.


Herbert has definitely shown that he can play in the NFL. Literally being thrown into his first game on a moments notice might of been a good thing…he didn’t have time to stress about his NFL debut…Crazy circumstances.

Given some time in the pocket he can throw darts all over the field. His throwing motion is so effortless, and is a thing of beauty to watch. He certainly has impressed most people in his first three games. Tough to keep him on the sidelines.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

I am actually OK with him showing well, but the Chargers barely losing, in order to have a good NFL Draft ranking to help the team be better for him next year.


They are competitive, but need some pieces to be contenders. Picking up talent via the draft would help. Hey, maybe someone like Penei Sewell. Seemed to work in college…lol


Oregon is working to reschedule the non-conference games from 2020


I would like to see that happen, however right now it’s way out there before it can happen. The only open (even # year) for the Ohio State game isn’t until 2032. Not sure why it has to be an even number year.

Interesting is that to reschedule North Dakota State our visitors would get 3000 tickets when they come to Autzen however NDS has asked for 8000. Their fan base travels very well.


I think we are also seeing how you deal with the qb position as a coach. You don’t create a qg controversy, number one. You are also very clear about who is starting and who has the job. I hope we see clarity in the coming weeks with our qb situation.

Justin deserves the starting spot just like he deserved it as a freshman at Oregon. The guy throws a pretty ball that is highly catchable when you are a pro caliber receiver.

It will be interesting to see how our qb position evolves. Will Shough have to earn it during the season as Herbert has done twice now. I tend to think he is more seasoned than many think, and will step right in to the starting role.


It’s definitely a tough break for Tyrod, but I think this was the only move that Coach Lynn could make, which is why he made it. Three weeks ago, “Justin was a back-up for a reason”. Now, it’s, “Justin’s our quarterback…isn’t going to be looking over his shoulder.”

Moral victories don’t mean anything in the standings, but JH is KC getting away with a rule violation and their kicker nailing a 58 yard FG, from beating the World Champs, a botched hook and ladder from beating Carolina and losing a shoot out to TB This looks like on the job training for Herbert is working out just fine.

Most enjoyably, this throws big shade on Todd McShay. For the two months leading in to the Draft, TM didn’t miss an opportunity to tell everybody just how big a mistake it would be for any team to select Justin Herbert in the first round. He’ll keep his job; him and Mel are already handicapping the field for 2021, I hear that TM thinks that QB at Clemson is pretty good.


It beg’s the questions:

Is there anything that Justin can learn from having Tyrod Taylor being in the game that he can’t learn from Tyrod being on the sideline ??

Can Justin learn more by watching Tyrod actually play in a game then can be taught to him during a practice ??

Obviously Justin has much more to learn but if the Chargers leadership can be patient with him he will get there. Like all teams that draft a QB the Chargers have many other aspects to their game that needs attention, otherwise they would not be in a position to draft a decent QB early in the first round.

Since the Chargers have elected to keep Justin in the game they now need to put lots of attention to keeping him safe and away from their team doctor. (the devil within)