Oregon, Stanford Quarterbacks: A Nerve-Racking Debut

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As we eagerly await the opening game of the No. 14 Oregon Ducks’ football season against the Stanford Cardinal next Saturday, I can’t help but worry. The history between Oregon and Stanford has been filled with a white-knuckle mix of heartbreaking losses, troubling upsets and glorious revenge.

But the Cardinal lead the all-time series against the Ducks with 49 wins (Oregon has 33 wins, including last year’s 21-6 victory). Stanford has had some troubles recently, finishing the 2019 season with a dismal 4-8 overall record (3-6 Pac-12).

Kevin Cline

The Ducks will look to knock off the Stanford Cardinal in their 2020 home opener

Somehow that’s not comforting.

I’ve always been leery of Stanford Head Coach David Shaw‘s ability to recruit and assemble a competitive team nearly every year. Despite Oregon’s strong defense, I believe the game will be won at the quarterback position.

Here’s what we know: Starting Cardinal quarterback Davis Mills has worked his way to the starting position last year, replacing an injured K.J. Costello. Despite Mills leading the Cardinal to just a single victory in their final six games, he broke the school record for single-game passing yards against Washington State (504 yards).

Now a senior, the five-star recruit from Georgia (and a black belt in Choi Kwang Do) may be in a position to make a statement in a shorter six-game regular season.   On the other side of the ball, Oregon Head Coach Mario Cristobal has narrowed the field of likely starters to either Tyler Shough or Boston College grad transfer Anthony Brown.

Neither of them has a full season in the Pac-12 for the Ducks. And with a new offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead, there could be a learning curve. One thing is for certain: the Cardinal aren’t going to be pushovers. Learning on the job will have to occur rather quickly against Shaw’s squad.

No matter who takes snaps for the Ducks this year, Stanford is going to be a big challenge to start the season.

What do you think Ducks fans?

Jordan Ingram
San Diego, California
Top Photo By: Eugene Johnson

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I’m surprised by the discrepancy in win’s by Stanford over Oregon. Anyways their QB isn’t gonna have much time to throw the ball down the field I would assume. Avalos should have his D primed for a huge game. Stanford just isn’t that good. Also we have 2 starting QBs with Shough and Brown.

Maybe Shough doesn’t have the experience and we watched him play against SC and he looked pretty good to me. He doesn’t lack anything to be Oregon’s premier QB and unlike Hebert and Mariota before him he has MOXIE. He’s got all the tools that both Hebert and Mariota possessed and one more neither of those guys had and that’s he plays with emotion and he will get in guys faces if he thinks their slacking.

To me right now not one of us should be questioning Mario’s abilities to get this team ready for the first game on ABC. He’s got the pedigree he’s got the players and he’s got a A+ group of coach’s that know what’s required to get the job done. The PAC 12 as a whole are not getting what they need to succeed by Scott who clearly has NO CLUE what he’s doing for our number 1 Sport Football. He should have been fired a long time ago.

Jon Joseph

OK ST – out! On a phantom PI call.

Jon Joseph

And also helping the Ducks cause, so long Michigan.

David Marsh

Is it next week next? I’m ready for OREGON football… Tired of watching not Oregon play.

Jon Joseph

The last time Oregon kicked it off at 7:30 on ABC in front of the varsity broadcast team? Oh No!

Not this time.

I expect black belt sensei Mario’s D will put black belt Mills on his back; early and often.

Like Sewell, the Cardinal’s stud OT has opted out. Expect a big dose of Mr. T and friends.

Might Gameday be in Eugene?


Well, just one of their 5 star OTs (Walker Little) opted out; Foster Sarell who was also injured most of 2019 and could use some good quality footage for a look by the pros, will be lined up; along with a lot of young, (but experienced from last year) Oline talent. Not as deep as us, but their front line talent is pretty good.

David Marsh

Boston college is currently leading Clemson… If Boston college beats Clemson this will create chaos throughout the run up to the playoff in so many ways.


You’d like to think so. But, if Clemson ends up losing, to unranked Boston College, “Trevor didn’t play!!!” will be the cry. Lets see if they even drop out of the top 4 in the polls.

David Marsh

True… And covid makes it more complicated as he will probably be back later in the season. He will probably miss the notre dame game.

Though… Should that even make a difference? When only one player misses a game due to covid this year should that be treated differently from if that player were injured? At least from an evaluation of the schedule perspective.

Right now the biggest problem Clemson had isn’t necessarily the quarter back … Though only 13 points in the first half is troubling…

BUT the Clemson defense is the real problem for them right now giving up 28 in a half… That is not championship quality defense.


Well, lets imagine that BC was w/o its starting quarterback? Would a Clemson win be devalued because of that? Of course not. This is how Clemson has it so easy.

They have NONE of the drama that Jordan brought up in this article. It won’t matter next week either. In their biggest game of the season, winning or losing is irrelevant. because they will play Notre Dame again in the ACC Championship. 3 L’s might drop Clemson out of the Top 4.

Jon Joseph

Clemson won. However, Lawrence is out for the ND game.


Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter.

Jon Joseph

For those of us who tape the games in order to avoid small town sheriff Boz and Judge Doc Pepper’s speed traps, please stop!

However, those of us who had our Clemson -31.5 bet COVID cancelled, do see this as good news.

Jon Sousa

Well, I sure don’t think Brown has much of a chance to be the starter. It looks like Shough has had practically all of the first team reps. Brown hasn’t been named yet. How does he get enough reps with the first team to start next week? I suppose it’s possible that someone gets his lung punctured, but shy of an injury I think we can count on Shough leading the team against the Cardinal.

It would be nice for Brown to get in a quarter, but he probably won’t even if the Ducks are winning by a lot, just because of the need to get more reps for the first team. It’s not like we have a couple of cupcakes to get everyone in. The ones and twos, and even the threes can all rotate in, but QB is a different animal.

Jon Joseph

Agree Jon. But as you so note, hopefully the game goes the way of getting brown snaps? Brown, if he so desires, will also be available next season.


It’s gonna be a great day for a Duck!


Watch: WR Juwan Johnson tells wife he is playing in 1st NFL game

Jon Joseph

NICE. Too bad he was dinged early last season but will we ever forget the BIG catch in the Rose Bowl?

To be elite, need to send guys onto the NFL and they have to ball out in the NFL.


I think it’s going to come down to the running games, especially if the weather is terrible at Autzen. Like MC, Shaw is conservative on offense. The D better be ready to tackle.

Jon Joseph

A BIG question. In 2020, is it Mario’s or Joe Moorhead’s O? Tight, grind it out wins against unranked teams will not move the Playoff Committee meter.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Great to see you JORDAN for a Ponder-Point!

I like Drake’s point about practicing against this defense; it will make our blocking better for the newbies along with perhaps a bit less “learning curve” for Shough.

Like all teams we play–if we do not play well, then any team can beat us.

Good point. But I prefer to phrase it: ‘if the team does not come ready to play?’ Cannot play down this season to the level of bad conference opponents.

Only 2 Pac-12 teams, notwithstanding contributing COVID circumstances, are in the top 25 for a reason. The nation simply has no respect for the conference.

Want to be the Clemson of the west? Start blowing out inferior conference competition.


Jon, you’re right. In the farce that is the “Playoffs”. Clemson has gamed the system. If Oregon wants to be afforded the same consideration the Ducks need to be even more demonstrative of their superiority over the dregs of the Pac-12

Once Oregon can do that, their regular season too will be full of meaningless scrimmages where if they drop one it won’t matter.


The only way that Stanford beats the Ducks would be because of turnovers. An opponent never should be taken lightly, and Stanford has upset a highly ranked Duck team in Autzen in the past, I just don’t think this Stanford team will upset our Ducks.

Our new offense will be less predictable this year, and since they practice against one of the better defenses in the country, I think they will be more than ready for this game. Defensively, we are formidable, and will be very good at stopping the run.

The Ducks cover the spread in this one.

Go Ducks!!!

Jon Joseph

At -9.5, on ABC, the Ducks best get the cover and then some.

The Stanford/ Harbaugh O does not work any longer in the B1G. Thus, Harbaugh has changed it up.

I see no indication that Shaw has gotten the message. Even with Nick Saban opining that you will not win titles today without a dynamic O. I just see no way that the Cardinal is going to be able to smash mouth this Ducks D.


I think the qb is always interesting, but Oregon is a defensively led program now. Can the defense shut down the run and get to the qb, are the questions.

The defense will either give our offense a chance to win the game or make it so the offense is under pressure. I look for the defense to step up and give the offense a chance for a few mistakes.

I even see the defense scoring. Our defense is where we win and lose this season.

The real test will be the secondary as Stanford has a good qb and some very good receivers. If we shut down the passing game, it is over.


Good points, Hayward about the Ducks defense. A dominating defense provides a security that a prolific offense did not.

Jon Joseph

Ask Lincoln Riley? In today’s CFB you at least need an adequate D to support a high flying O.


A certain amount of fear is good; means you’re cognizant of the situation, that, mixed with the jitters and joy of playing their first games, will have both teams on the edge. Fortunately, I feel that Oregon is better overall, and will end up with the win.

That of course means absolutely nothing, especially against Stanford, where you pointed out Jordan, being better overall, hasn’t helped Oregon against Stanford. I actually like the worry. Clemson fans don’t know what it feels like to actually have some apprehension before a game.

Jon Joseph

BUT, if there is no Lawrence in S Bend next Saturday?

Jon Sousa

Their true freshman backup is looking great.


Yep, it was down to the Ducks and Clemson for DJ Uiagalelei.


Won’t matter at all. Unlike this article about Oregon; that talks of how important the game against Stanford is; Clemson’s game at South Bend couldn’t matter less.

If Clemson beats the one opponent on its schedule with a pulse , then everything is copacetic. If they lose; no sweat; Clemson vs Notre Dame in the ACC Championship Game.


Although Stanford lost a lot of players for multiple reasons and their recruitment has not been up to par, the Ducks must not take any game lightly. It’s nice that the Ducks will have home field advantage in Autzen before a packed house of cardboard fans with piped in noise, a very controlled environment for our QB. Advantage Ducks.

Jon Joseph

Has the Ducks adopted the pay for charity play of having your face on display in the stadium?

Huge break for tOSU tonight not having to face a White Out in Happy Valley.


Yep, $50 per seat in Austen. What a deal.

Screen Shot 2020-10-31 at 11.42.04 AM.png