Will the New Hayward Field Help RECRUITING for All Sports?

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For all who have recently toured the renovated Hayward Field, such as the Oregon Track and Field athletes, “wow” has been the most common reaction. Even Olympic Decathlon winner Ashton Eaton was brought to tears, as the memories of historic Hayward Field flooded back to him. He marveled at the majesty of this incredible new look for Oregon’s premier sports facility.

He visited it with his wife Brianne Theisen-Eaton and their son, Ander, and all were “wowed” by the sight before them. It is superior to the Hatfield-Dowling Complex and the new Matt Knight Arena for basketball, as this was meant to be the finest track facility in the world. In the upcoming years, it will host five NCAA Championships and the World Championships and will be a major hub for Track and Field in the United States for years to come.

Truly, this is a treasure in facilities for the Ducks, and it makes you wonder about its potential impact on other sports …

UO Athletic Dep. Video

Ashton and Brianne Theisen-Eaton tour the renovated Hayward Field with their son, Ander.

The positive impact on recruiting for Cross-Country and Track and Field is obvious, but would the new Hayward Field help sway athletes in other sports, who will never actually compete there?

I ponder this as I consider the usual campus tour football recruits receive when they visit Oregon: They see the HD complex, the Jacqua Academic Center and, of course, Autzen. But what about a walk through Hayward to wrap up a visit? How can you not get a tremendous “Big-Time” feeling from being in such a modern and gleaming gem of facilities?

I have to believe that touring Hayward field would give any athlete the impression that Oregon is super serious about competing, and that being a part of the Duck family is much bigger than just being “part of a team.” I cannot imagine anything that more clearly communicates that Oregon is Big-Time than seeing this jewel up close. I am sure it would leave a lasting impression upon any recruit about the intentions of Oregon on the national and world stage.

Do you think it will have the same impact as I do?

“Oh how we love to ponder about Our Beloved Ducks!

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo from UO Athletics Video

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It certainly can’t hurt Charles!


The realm and quality of UO Ducks’ facilities are incomparable. The education and campus are storied. Athletes have extraordinary one of a kind performance development tools, outstanding trainers, superb nutritional options and academic tutoring and monitoring. A best in the world Track and Field [colosseum] of Olympic standards is icing on the cake. I truly hope that the coaches of different sports and the athletic department wii collaborate to capitalize on the competitive advantages owned by Ducks sports.


Charles, I absolutely think it will improve recruiting! I think it will bring in more speedy athletes that can compete in track and field as well as football!



Tyler Shough says QB runs are “Definitely more than last year” in Joe Moorhead’s offense.
Celebrate accordingly Oregon fans.


I think it could be that the quarterback won’t be wearing a choke chain that kept him from running when it was a clear option.


All I can say is…Wow. I hope they replaced the racquet ball courts under Hayward fields grandstand…lol. Which was part of the Esslinger complex across from Hayward.

A serious high school athlete, or even a student that is interested in sports, should be blown away by most of our sports complexes. Walking through campus, well I have always thought it came right off of a movie set…oh, wait it did. The Campus is just very cool.

In short, I have to think that Hayward field will help recruiting in all sports. Even to someone quite young it should be obvious that Oregon has made a financial commitment to having world class sports facilities. Most parents would be impressed…I know that I am.



Did anyone ever hit golf balls from the location from one of the scenes on Animal House? I have to admit we relived that scene with a few beverages one evening, night. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Dy2fo6E_pI


Classic comedy. So many great background scenes of campus. Toga!!!

Jon Joseph

Want a brew? Don’t cost nothin’.


The new $1 billion science center won’t hurt either. Think back to what Rich Brooks used to recruit with and consider what Cristobal has to lure recruits. It is night and day compared to the old days.

I just hope the new Hayward brings in some more speed to the football team. I can only imagine the track guys who want to play football will be swayed.

It won’t be just the speed guys, the shot putters and the strength guys will have another sport to play when they look at Oregon. I think we recruited a DT who was a track guy and he went somewhere else recently. I wonder if the finished Hayward would have swayed him?

When you go to Corvallis it is still similar to the school I knew when I went to the U of O. The Eugene campus isn’t the same at all.


Bryce Foster, an OG and elite thrower, who is still in play for 2021, is a perfect example. Would be so great to get him on campus before signing day!

Great point Re the science center; think of the Justin Herbert types who would be blown away! Hope the team reaches out to co-ordinate with the science center for arranging recruiting-specific tours and don’t just plop them on the standard tours designed to intrigue donors!

Jon Joseph

It looks beautiful. Hope to be able to visit for a football game and take the tour.

Oregon’s athletic facilities are 1st class.


How could it not help? Oregon has long been the Home of Track & Field, and now its gotten a serious upgrade. MKA, PGE Park, The Jane, Autzen, arguably, actually seriously, the best homes in their sports in the conference already, now are joined by the best in the world for Track & Field!

I remember sitting in Hayward in the 70’s watching the Ducks and the Olympic Trials, and oh yeah, as an extra in the highly underrated Classic, “Personal Best” starring Mariel Hemingway, in 1982. Imagine what it’s going to be like to watch, much less, compete in this Hayward Field? Any athlete in any sport can’t help but be in awe of this Hayward Field.


I too was on campus during the 76 trials; had a modest connection with Nike and got tix in the bleachers at the Bowerman curve. What a show!

Missed my chance to extra for Animal House as I was teaching science labs at time and couldn’t get another TA to cover. Of course had no idea how it would blow up; sigh. Was gone by the time Personal Best was filmed, but would have been useless as an extra since I was a hopeless Mariel fanboy. Props to you!


It was fun, I’m positive that for at least 3 seconds, Mariel looked right in my general direction!!! I also have to say that I guess I was so caught up in remembering that amazing time that I put PGE Park where PK Park should go. Go Ducks Baseball, a sentiment for a possible ponder point in the future,


The new coach in Softball has definitely worked out and I have a good feeling about baseball. Horton was a good coach to start with; but I really think that Oregon baseball had fallen in to a stagnation and had to get stirred up.

The enthusiasm alone will be great to sense around baseball, good luck to Coach Wasikowski !


duckcardinal, if you don’t mind my asking, were you a TA in the chemistry department, and if so, with which professor did you work?


I was in Biology/Institute of Molecular Bio; did a number of classes in 1974-77; a couple years of Physiology with Arnie Soderwall, and Medical Microbiology for Bayard McConnahy(?). Also a couple rounds of Fishes as a Resource for Bob Morris – that was a hoot!


Ah, thanks. I’m familiar with Mo Bio, but not as much as the chemistry department.


I never failed anyone who finished my courses, so I wasn’t worried. Frances Reithel was the one chem Dept prof who I knew well; he taught some wonderful graduate level courses, and was a delightful human being. Also took a couple grad courses from Ed Herbert in Chem; another good guy and excellent instructor.