Justin Herbert Should TERRIFY Mario Cristobal

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Justin Herbert improved over his college career. That is an indisputable fact that seemed to be overlooked by pre-draft NFL writers. They seemed to believe that he peaked as a sophomore and everything was downhill after that. Herbert saw his draft stock come in to question as analysts doubted his accuracy, questioned his leadership and pre-ordained him as a bust.

Herbert was drafted sixth overall by the Los Angeles Chargers, proving all of the pre-draft speculation about a slide incorrect. The rookie QB took over for the injured Tyrod Taylor a few moments before kickoff against the Kansas City Chiefs in week two, and the NFL was immediately changed.

Herbert has lit the league on fire, throwing for 1,542 yards with 12 touchdowns and three interceptions. Despite those gaudy numbers, the Chargers have had a hard time winning, posting only one victory in five games under their new QB. If Herbert had started in week one and achieved his season average in yards, the Chargers would have the seventh-ranked passing offense.

This is all to say that Herbert has played fantastically thus far. He has played so well, in fact, that Mario Cristobal should be worried.

Why is a Great Herbert Bad for Cristobal?

From Video

Justin Herbert wasn’t as good at Oregon as he is in Los Angeles.

The Oregon Ducks of 2019 were fantastic. They finished the season 12-2 with a Rose Bowl win and had arguably the best defense in school history. Herbert was a top ten draft pick at QB, and he was pressured at one of the lowest rates in the FBS. So why was Herbert’s draft stock in question? Simply put, he didn’t look spectacular.

Sure, 3,471 yards 32 touchdowns and six interceptions are not stats to laugh at. But completing less than 70% of his passes, having multiple games with no touchdowns accounted for and being compared to a quarterback named Joe Burrow, who had the greatest season in college football history from a passing perspective left many wanting more from the Ducks QB.

Flash forward a year and there is a massive debate happening in NFL circles about if maybe Herbert is a better QB than Burrow. Herbert spends all day every Sunday throwing absolute bombs for touchdowns. With several of the longest passes (in the air) in the league this season, Herbert has proven to have one of the best arms in the league and has shown off tremendous touch never before seen from the former Oregon Duck.

Eugene Johnson

Herbert had to wait much longer at Oregon for receivers to get open.

The revelation that Herbert is this good should frighten Cristobal.

The top two quarterbacks taken in the 2020 draft had the number one and number three best scoring offenses in college football. The presumptive top two QB’s in the 2021 NFL Draft have the number one and number four best scoring offenses in the current college football season. The point being that having a top QB should give you a top offense and yet Oregon’s 2019 offense ranked 14th in ppg. Nothing to laugh at, but they averaged 12 points per game less than Burrow’s LSU Tigers.

This bodes poorly for Cristobal, despite the departure of Marcus Arroyo (who should be equally scared). If you have a great offensive line and a top QB, along with a solid group of receivers, it stands to reason that you should have a top five offense. Even if he wasn’t the play caller, Cristobal is still an offensive minded coach, and he should be worried that one of the most talented offenses we will ever see in Eugene could only manage 35 points per game.

How to Fix the Offense

Kevin Cline

Mario Cristobal needs to do more of this on third down!

If Cristobal had a high level of influence over the play calling in 2019, the Ducks should be worried. The best thing to do with talented college quarterbacks is to let them throw the ball. The recently noted stat that Oregon ran the ball 20 percent of the time on third and long does not bode well for the longevity of the current iteration of the Ducks.

In this scenario, the best thing Cristobal can do in 2020 is to let Joe Moorhead have free rein to call the offense. Moorhead is an innovative offensive mind who has shown a liking for spreading the ball out and getting the football to playmakers in space. Cristobal should let his fantastic offensive coordinator call the game and run his offense in order for the Ducks to reclaim their spot as an elite offensive team.

If Arroyo was the main reason the offense stank in 2019, then the change to fix the unit has already been made. Moorhead took a Penn State offense to undreamt-of heights before becoming a head coach. He comes to Eugene looking to reestablish himself as an elite offensive mind, and will likely do whatever is necessary to jumpstart the offense.

Either way, the play calling woes of the past two years will hopefully come to an end in 2020?

Ryan Robertson
Yuma, Arizona
Top Photo By Kevin Cline

Bob Rodes, the FishDuck.com Volunteer editor for this article, is an IT analyst, software developer and amateur classical pianist in Manchester Tennessee.

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Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Whoa Doggies! An Our Beloved Ducks Forum after all?

My friends, we all have had a bit-off-more-than-we-chew type of project, and the new forum is in that category. The software for this website, FishDuck, took long enough to learn, but the forum software is completely different. It is a mother-bear that has consumed many, many hours of my time already.

The goal is to have it out within a few weeks, and I think we can do that. However I will tell you that it will just be a pretty basic forum to start, and we will gradually add more items and/or fix things over time. It might be a tad plain … bordering on ugly, but again–we’ll slowly fix that.

The important thing is to get it up and have the safest, most civilized discussion of all things Ducks anywhere and we will.

Thanks for your patience!

Mr. FishDuck

Thank you for your persistence!


 a tad plain … bordering on ugly.” Who knew I would find a description of my first visit to Corvallis on FishDuck?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Made me laugh!

So true….


Young Man you are putting out some pretty good stats yet your forgetting some other major points about what your talking about. Arroyo’s offense was just not that good nor did it advertise many of Justin’s quality’s as a starting QB. Even though this was the case he was still the best QB in the PAC.

When you talk about LSU and Burrow’s which reminds me of all those 4 and 5 star QBs SC used to get back in the day. Yet only one of those Palmer was a decent starting QB. They had loaded teams just like LSU had last year and that’s why the majority of top ranked class’s end up in the playoff’s continually and win Title’s.

Imagine Justin having all those same players Burrow’s had at his disposal and the green light to just do it. I really doubt Mario has any worry’s except that they didn’t get that last scrimmage done before hosting the Cardinal’s. Well now Mario is quite fast building those type’s of Roster’s that can play with the best represent with the best and actually win one for the Knight. I meant Gipper, lol.

Quite sure Phil would love to see all that money he’s donated come into play like before he turns 100 and can’t see the field. Thank you Mr and Mrs Knight for making the once terrible Football program that turned into a Giant over night.


For the longest time I was somewhat sceptical and believed that Arroyo was just game planning around Herbert as he did often make bad throws(Sailing over his tight end or too low for his receiver to get). But at this point our 2019 offense needs to be looked back at as one that failed herbert and our fans.

In the multiple years of watching Herbert his mechanics never ever got better. He always took extra steps, his left arm was always swinging on throws and he bounced around while making his throws. in week two against the Chiefs Herbert didn’t so any of these. clearly this is a failing on Arroyo who did not coach Herbert on his mechanics.

I think cristobal wants to win by line of scrimmage and defense, something that is still present in the NFL. This is the same mantra that ron rivera of the Washington Football team has. rule number 1 – don’t turnover the ball on offense. the problem is that in college you have to be able to put up elite level of points to make the playoffs. Without going through the numbers my guess is that every CFP champion has averaged ~45 points per game.

Again i am fairly hopeful that Cristobal will give Moorhead the reins when it comes to this new offense. Moorhead could have taken a position anywhere in the country and if cristobal was saying stuff like “I need you to run my offense” then Moorhead probably would have ducked out.


Broncos 31 Chargers 30. Once again, the Chargers do what the Chargers do, this time they lose with 0:00 on the clock as the Broncos extra point goes through. It didn’t start well, Justin threw an INT on the first drive, but came back and would finish with 3 TD passes, as the Chargers built a 27-7 lead.

Justin had a 2nd INT, and this one was big. It was also one that you hate to put on the QB. The defender and Chargers WR, Mike Williams were close together, Williams was facing the ball as it came to his chest, and then bounced off into the arms of the Bronco defender, who only then saw it. There was a drive where Justin read the routes wrong and sailed the ball over both WR’s, causing them to settle for a field goal.

The Chargers are making an art of losing, every game they have lost this season they have led by double digits, and ended up losing by less than a touchdown.


Truer words were never expressed. Lynn does nothing. The Chargers won their first game, since then, they have led in each one at some point by at least 2 touchdowns, somehow the clock ran out before Jacksonville could beat them. None of their losses have been by more than a touchdown.


Yeah nothing to do with their star QB though. He’s pretty much put them on his back every game he’s played except for that Defense to crap all over themselves. Justin is clearly the best Football player on that team now. Lynn just might lose his job because he seems lost when trying to figure out how to win games. That D is something to be desired though. Terrible D. The offense is right there and maybe one or two more playmakers and they will be elite. D though needs a transfusion of better talent and their Coach not saying something stupid towards his bread and butter Hebert.


I’m not sure if JoMo is the answer or not. We’re about to find out. He may not be the offensive guru that we think he is.

Jon Sousa

Evidence? Not disagreeing, but what makes you entertain such thoughts?


I look at it from a different perspective, what makes you think he is the savior? His resume is decent but not earth shattering. How much influence does MC have over offensive philosophy? Did he go out on a limb and turn over the reins to an outsider with a completely different philosophy or did he hire someone that has a similar mindset? Probably the latter and I don’t think the offense is going to be hugely different from last year. Probably less Pistol but I don’t think JoMo is installing an NFL passing offense like Joe Brady did for Joe Burrow at LSU. That was a radical change.


Better than Arroyo by a lot so I wouldn’t worry to much about that offense as they should be just fine. The D should help them to round into shape by the 3rd and 4th game then unstoppable. They just need rep’s and here’s a great point. Every other team in the PAC has the same things going on that Oregon does. No Spring game and preparation for the fall and starting this late season with all the same time for preparation. So to me it’s gonna have a whole lot to do with talent this year and Oregon is the leader in that group. Moorehead will get this offense or should have them putting up 40 + points a game. Moorehead is a pretty good OC if you look at his past resume so nothing to worry about. The only thing I could see this offense not producing those points is TO’s. Just hang on to that darn ball.


Jon Wilner is doing Previews of the Pac-12 , Oregon: https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/10/28/oregon-season-preview-game-by-game-predictions-program-trajectory-coach-and-quarterback-assessment-and-more/

The Ducks are replacing their star quarterback, their all-galaxy left tackle and the rest of their superb offensive line.
And they’re supposed to pick up where they left off, with another division title, another conference championship and another run at the College Football Playoff?
We don’t see it.
From our vantage point, the Ducks aren’t merely the most overrated team in the conference; they’re one of the most overrated in the country.

Before it required a subscription to continue reading, I saw that Wilner predicts that Oregon will lose the opener to Stanford and @ Cal.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

I don’t like it, but it is a perfectly reasonable and rational view, as I’d be saying the same thing if it happened to USC or Washington.

This is why I think making it through our season undefeated is a steeper climb than most think, and I’d be quite happy to be in the Fiesta Bowl come January.

With the recruiting going on–our best days are ahead of us. I can wait…

And 30Duck? THANKS from everyone for bringing these tidbits from everywhere to fuel our discussion and pondering!

Jon Joseph

Jerry Palm Bowl Projections for 2020:

Sugar – 1 Clemson vs 4 Oregon
Rose – 2 Ohio State vs 3 Bama
Fiesta – USC vs Wisconsin
Independence – CAL vs Army
Alamo – ASU vs Iowa State
LA – Stanford vs Boise
Sun – UW vs BC
LV – Utah vs Ole Miss

Redbox Bowl has been cancelled.

7 Pac-12 teams bowling; only 3 from the Pac-12 S. No Chipper.

I think Alabama if it goes 11-0 in the SEC will take the Committee’s #1 spot and play in the Sugar Bowl. I still think it will be difficult for 7-0 Oregon to get in but OK ST and Michigan losing helps the cause.


Ryan, I am going to have to respectfully disagree with your statement that the “offense stank in 2019”. Your statement near the beginning “The Oregon Ducks of 2019 were fantastic. They finished the season 12-2 with a Rose Bowl win” correctly attributes to the success of the season.

Could the offense have been better? Absolutely! I would have written that the offense “under performed”, but I think it didn’t “stink” as finishing 5th in the AP and Coaches polls speaks well for our Ducks. JMHO

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

I get how you are looking at the final performance, but I am inclined to agree with Ryan due to the extraneous circumstances surrounding the offense. We had one of the nations best offenses for a nine year period, was duplicated by the best, (Clemson and Ohio State) and Cristobal took it a different direction.

THAT is on the head coach.

I’ve written about it extensively in the recent past with one example here.

We’ll disagree; no sweat.


Completely agree

Jon Sousa

Seems like we are trying to create a controversy where there isn’t one. Are commits de-committing? Are the Ducks free-falling in the polls? Is MC all of a sudden looking less confident in front of the press?

I doubt that Mario is losing any sleep. The next two weeks will show the state of the play calling. They will probably also show whether or not the 2020 Ducks under the new OC will be trying to put up style points, or will be content to just sit on a small lead while going into vanilla offense mode.

JH’s failure to show improvement over the last two years can be easily laid at the feet of the QB coach, the OC, and the wide receivers coach, all three of which have been replaced with what looks to be improvements in all three categories. This reflects well on the MC, not poorly.

Looking forward to next week.


MC had his fingerprints all over the offense so he deserves blame too.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Good stuff to chew on Ryan, as one of the bombs thrown by Herbert a game or two back was to a receiver just taken off the practice squad a few days before. Thus Justin could do it, even with someone he was not familiar with…

I do get back to another reason for Oregon stumbling twice last year, and I wrote about the mental hurdle that had yet to be overcome.

Last year was dealing with that, and both the coaches and players grew from it and frankly–all teams have to go through it to become mental champions as well, IMHO.


Cristobal inherited his coaching staff. Tough to do a full scale house cleaning in that first year. Since his first year it appears that the coaching staff has been upgraded to me.

I am excited to see what Moorhead brings to the table. If it is good, then I hope they can keep this staff together for a few years. We have highly touted recruits waiting in the wings. Should be fun to watch.

Mike West

I personally believe Herbert proved who he was when the Snake was HC. When JH was healthy, Oregon’s offense rivaled LSU’s. The WRs were outstanding. After that group left, JH was mechanical, and he hesitated often before throwing the ball (waiting….for….guys…to…get…open).

I dare say if he had that 2017 crew last year, Oregon would have easily made the playoffs. Just compare last year’s set of WRs to every playoff team. Redd is the closest to the plethora of talent all four had. To further add to things, look at what Arroyo fed Shough when he mopped up in games last year: short bursts to guys that could get open in space.

Talent matters and NFL talent in college kills. Oregon has some on defense, but that talent offense was average.

I felt very confident we had a chance to defeat Ohio State this year. I’m definitely convinced now. My only concern is this year’s disruptor: the invisible and for whatever reason “scary” bug Covid (again, how manny athletes have spent significant time in the hospital? How many teams have seen a full blown set of hospitalizations?).

Wisconsin pulls a fast one and hides behind an “ outbreak “. Yet my gut tells me it was a fourth string QB that fostered the cancellation (they hadn’t faced a situation that met the conference guidelines to justify the cancellation). Michigan romps Minnesota then loses to Michigan State ( who embarrassed themselves last week). WHAT?

Focus. It’s all about focus now. The tilted teams have an advantage, but as always killer instinct and brutal intensity wins games. You know the size of the fight in the dog kind of thing. If Oregon’s kids are fierce, they will be playoff contenders. Forty nine points a game on offense kind of fierce. We’ll see if Moorehead unleashes the hounds.

Jon Joseph

WISKY? Looks like next week’s game versus Purdue will also be COVID cancelled. 22 positive tests on the Wisconsin roster. In the B1G this = 22 players out for at least 21 days. I doubt that Wisconsin tanked the Neb game? If you do not play 6 B1G games, you are not eligible for the champ game.

Who wins the W? Northwestern, or Purdue?

Perhaps the Ducks with all hands on deck could have defeated Ohio State? The B1G this season is the ACC: Ohio State and everyone else. Although with Notre Dame ‘in’ the ACC, this may not be fair to the ACC?

From a mile away? ND defeats a Lawrence-less Clemson in South Bend. Clemson with Lawrence defeats ND in the ACC champ game. Final 4: Bama, Ohio State, Clemson, Notre Dame?

BTW – For the 1st time in Leach’s career, The Pirate was shut out at Alabama.

IMO, it stinks that the Stanford game next week on ABC will be going against the ND/Clemson game on NBC. And Game Day will be in South Bend!

Speaking of fierce? Did you watch the antics of UF coach Darth Vader Mullen?

Thank you Bama and BYU, but Harbaugh, what did I do to you? Week “1” phantom results – Mississippi State’s Air Raid works in the SEC and Michigan will be a real contender in the B1G, right?

With my bet on Clemson thankfully COVID cancelled, I went 2-1. YTD ATS – 7-4.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Mike…I always wonder how good that 2017 offense would have been if Herbert had not got hurt. When clicking, (before and after his injury) the combination of Shotgun, Pistol and Gulf Coast Offense was high-scoring, yet used a ton of power-blocking elements. We ate opponents up with the counter-play so well that year…

Makes you wonder why MC didn’t keep most of that offense and use the stuff he didn’t want to keep ad lib (just to keep teams off balance). I really enjoyed the Jet motion stuff. Made it easy to identify what a defense wanted to to, and sometimes could force teams to key on Redd (in order to open up lanes for the other WRs).

I just don’t get why MC junked most of the Spread elements of the offense. As much as I defended Arroyo, I tend to agree he took most of the element of surprise away from the offense (I’m no much of a fan of a”roll downhill” kind of offense).

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Well, you know my thoughts on it; MC did not want others to later say that, “he just piggy-backed off of Chip Kelly’s success.”

So he junked most of the offense so he could say later that he did “his way.”

Perhaps he will have his wish with Moorhead? I’d love to see tons of scoring again under JH, and then MC can make his claim.

And we all win as a result.


Great article, Ryan. Two things bode well for the future, 1, the new OC, who comes with a great background, unlikely he’s just going to be a front man for his coach, and 2, all these WRs, big, fast, game changers. If Mario gets all this talent and doesn’t exploit it, we should be terrified.

Herbert > Burrow: https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2020/passing.htm#passing::pass_rating

QBR: Herbert: 108.1 Burrow: 89.4
QBR ranking: Herbert 7 Burrow 24
TD/INT: Herbert 12/3 Burrow 9/5
Passing % Herbert 67.4 Burrow 66.6

From another site: https://pickingpros.com/nfl/quarterback-rushing-leaders.php

Rushing: Herbert 25/121 4.8 Burrow 32/121 3.8
Fumbles: Herbert 3 lost 1 Burrow 8 Lost 3

For how often they have been sacked: https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/qb-sacked-per-game

I could only find Team Stats, but again, Chargers 2.0 per game Bengals 4.0


What you highlight is the fact that talent needs elite coaching to reach it’s potential. Cristobal is bringing in the talent needed to win big. The question is, and will continue to be, can the coaches add the needed edge?

I think the athlete culture isn’t under question. These kids are a team and work well together. Cristobal knows how to develop teamwork and juice on the field.

The question is can Cristobal create the coaching dynamic where the chess game on the field is won and dominated? Just look at the Auburn game, a timeout before the game even got going?

Game clock management is one of those little details elite coaching has figured out. I think this is a canary in the coal mine indicator of the development Cristobal needs in his game coaching ability.

I don’t know what the answer is, maybe Moorhead will provide it. Maybe maturity of Cristobal will provide it. We all know Chip lay an egg on his first game and struggled at times. I just hope C-ball continues to develop.

The worse thing that can happen is for Cristobal to think he has it down. I doubt that will happen, and indications are the Moorhead move is a move in the right direction.

Jon Joseph

We all know that Herbert did not max out his potential at Oregon. But this means Mario should be “TERRIFIED?”

As you noted, Mario, rather than cowering in fear, apparently learned his lesson? Arroyo is out and Moorhead is in.

I do not think you can compare the talent surrounding Joe Burrow in 2019, including LSU’s WRs. with that of the talent surrounding JH. 14 guys from that LSU team went in the draft. 14! Including many the skill player. Other than for JH, how many skill players were drafted off of the 2019 Oregon roster?

In the NFL, Herbert is throwing to far better WRs, RBs and TEs. BTW, so is Joe Burrow. Mario clearly realizes he has to upgrade the wideout position which was not all that last season. Your evaluation of the 2019 Oregon receiving corps is not based on the talent we saw on the field. Especially, with Juwan Johnson being dinged for much of the season and after the starting TE went down. The receiving talent at Bama and LSU in 2019 was not superior to that of Oregon’s? The receiving talent at ASU and USC in 2019 was superior to what the Ducks had on the roster.

Mario also learned from this. He is recruiting and bringing in 4* and 5* HS receiving talent.

The proof is in the pudding. no? Who cares what a bozo like McShay thinks? Herbert ‘dropped’ all the way to sixth, 6th!, in the draft and is making millions and millions of dollars. THIS should terrify Mario? A guy will not play QB at Oregon because Burrow and Tua went ahead of Justin, who only went 6th? LOL!

WE all would have liked to see JH better utilized last season, but it’s a team game. JH had nowhere near the receiving talent needed to play an advanced, pro style O; talent like Burrow had at LSU, and Tua had at Bama, and Lawrence had at Clemson, and Fields had at Ohio State.

I’ve been as critical of Mario as anyone. But Mario should be terrified because one of his player’s is exceeding the expectations of some, not all, including the team that took Herbert 6th, and making huge bank in the NFL?

No comprende, compadre. Peace out.


Well said. The receiving core was no where near those other teams. Oregon dint even have the best receiving in the pac -12

Santa Rosa Duck

Have to agree with those before me that Arroyo was part of the problem. If he did not leave, I wonder if Christobal would have fired him? Also Justin Herbert had limited wide receivers to throw to. That should be much improved this year. GO DUCKS!


I am 1000 percent certain this is why Arroyo is gone.

I am not worried about how “underused” Herbie was, since we all seem to know this posting on this board.

Should Clemson worry about losing Lawrence? Nah, the 5 star merry-go-round seems plug-and-play after the Boston College first half scare.

Shough and the BC transfer kid can both have a chance to shine in a Moorehead system, that to me – living north of Big 10 country and always getting Penn St on ABC – made run of the mill QBs look like world beaters (see Trace McSorely).



Injuries and lack of talent @ WR a big factor in 2019 offense’s limitations. Herbie & JJ3 in second half of ASU game were a perfect foreshadowing of what Justin is doing consistently with the Chargers now.


A real great observation Ryan, thanks for brining it to us.

Yes, Cristobal should be worried in that he had the talent to be a top 5 team but they weren’t. He had a QB with the talent to be great, but wasn’t. He had an offensive line that was descent to be top 5, but wasn’t.

Yes, Oregon had the talent but did not have the coaching staff to support it. – – – Opportunity lost.

Cristobal had been improving his coaching staff at Oregon and hopefully will continue to do so but you have to note that we still have several staff members that are, how would you say, sub par. Running backs and special teams come to mind.

Jon Joseph

BDF, would you say that Oregon’s talent in 2019 was superior to that of Bama, LSU, Clemson, Ohio State? I think the Ducks finished ranked EXACTLY where the team should have finished ranked at 5.

The difference in 2019 was the L at ASU. Win this game, even with the loss against Auburn and Oregon is in the final 4. And likely losing to LSU in the Peach Bowl? Not winning the Rose Bowl. Recall, LSU had 14 guys drafted off the 2019 team. I do think Oregon was better than Oklahoma in 2019, but OK lost early at K State and not late at ASU. And that, of course, was OK’s only regular season L.

I was very disappointed by the end game vs Auburn and the no show at ASU, but I do not believe the 2019 team significantly underachieved.

I most certainly do not believe that JH’s success in the NFL should ‘terrify’ Mario Cristobal.

If anything, Herbert’s performance to date provides Mario with the opportunity to say, which I don’t believe he ever would say, “I took a 3 star recruit with minimal receiving talent around him to 6 in the NFL draft, and made him a multi-millionaire”

JH’s NFL success is NOT going to turn off future QB recruits. With the 2020 recruiting class currently ranked at 3 in the country, JH’s performance in 2019 does not appear to have turned off many quality recruits?


In 2019 I was disappointed in two things. Not going to the national playoffs and not winning games in a dominant fashion.

Right now I’m looking forward to 2021.

Jon Joseph

Agree on both 2019 takes.

But with OK ST losing to TX, Michigan losing to Michigan State, UGA looking pedestrian against Kentucky, ND playing against Clemson without Lawrence on hand but against a guy, DJU, who would be starting for almost every team in the country, and Cincinnati having to play at UCF?

Don’t count out 2020 just yet,


and to think we almost had DJU who would undoubtable be starting for us now.

For this season I’m concerned about the untangles, things like miscommunications, not enough experience with the new offense, not enough experience with the new QB, the little things. I’m thinking we have a chance to win out but certainly not big or dominant.