Oregon Hoops: As Rodney said, “I don’t get no respect!”

Darren Perkins Editorials 31 Comments

Out west, Oregon Basketball has become comparable to the legendary comedian Rodney Dangerfield. Oregon gets no respect.

Take a look here at this year’s pre-season media poll:


TEAM (first-place votes)    POINTS

1. UCLA (9)                          251

2. Arizona State (5)             246

3. Oregon (7)                      241

4. Stanford (1)                     209

5. Arizona                            173

6. USC (1)                             154

7. Colorado                         149

8. Utah                                 131

9. Washington                    85

10. California                      65

11. Washington State        54

12. Oregon State                 36


This isn’t to say that being predicted 3rd is wrong, per se. But, shouldn’t the Ducks get the benefit of the doubt every now and again?

It’s not as if the Pac-12 produces a dominate no-brainer every year.

Over the past decade, Dana Altman has proven himself to be the best coach in the conference. And honestly, Oregon has been the best program during this time. Without the Ducks doing what they’ve done since 2010, the Pac-12 doesn’t even seem like a Power-5  Basketball Conference.

Arizona State and UCLA have recently become “nice programs.” But hello media, how about putting the odds in the favor of the Pac-12’s best program: Our Beloved Ducks.

What do you think? Did the media pollers get it right, or should our Ducks be given more respect?

Darren Perkins
Spokane, Washington
Top photo credit: Eugene Johnson

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When I saw this the first time it’s what I have called it ever since Phil Knight has poored all that money into Oregon. JEALOUSY because they don’t have a booster like him. The best money can buy. Altman is certainly the best Coach in the PAC and Oregon along with it. No Altman no greatness in our BB program. I mean just look at the recruiting and that tells you just about all you need to know.


Having torn mine I feel bad for him. Hopefully, if any surgery is required it heals quickly. Hurts like a son of a gun, but he should be good to go by spring practices.


Wow, was really looking forward to seeing him play and have an impact. I hope he comes back even stronger, best of luck!


Lookin’ good, Beaver Nation https://twitter.com/AndrewNemec/status/1328483274633560064

This is… less than ideal from Oregon State’s branding department. http://buildthedam.com takes you to http://goducks.com


Still working out the details on when UCLA @ Oregon, and what channel.


An ESPN spokeswoman just referred me to the Pac-12 regarding the game time for Oregon-UCLA. So, these conversations are going swell.

Jon Joseph

That stinks but he will be a true and not a RS frosh in 2021.


The Lady Ducks picked for 3rd by the Media, tie for 2nd by the coaches.


Taylor Chavez overlooked. https://twitter.com/JamesCrepea/status/1328748992004440064

Taylor Chavez, whose 47.4% 3-point shooting led Pac-12 last season & ranks 2nd nationally among returning players, probably was national 6th man of the year & was incredibly efficient last season, not among top 15 players in the Pac-12 entering 2020-21, per league’s voting media.

Erin Boley & Sedona Prince were in the Top 15.


Congrats to Erin, who was a huge part of the teams success last season, whether it was more impactful than was Taylor’s is debatable, as who will be asked to do more this season. Sedona Prince has the measurables and past performance to make her inclusion look like a really good one.


Seems North America is sleeping on what a healthy Nyara Sabally might accomplish this year. She’s a Christmas present under the tree that we’ve had to wait 3 years to open.

I’m also intrigued by 6’6″ JC transfer Arielle Wilson. Will she be a project, or a plug & play front line contributor?


That is so true about North America, the Ducks lost Sabrina, Satou & Ruthy, so it’s easy to say they won’t be as good this season. That’s probably true, but no team is going to be as good as last year’s Lady Ducks.

With Chavez, Boley, Shelley returning, and the players you mentioned, and Guard, Taylor Mikesell, who I see getting PT quickly, this is a case of reloading. Just looking at this I see quality depth that other teams won’t have.


Really excited about Altman’s team this year. Richardson, Duarte, and Williams will be tough for teams to match up with on both ends, great length on the perimeter. Richardson needs to create his own shot from the outside ala Pritchard. Hopefully Dante has more endurance this year. He should be a force in the middle. If Lawson can hit a jumper, he’s going to be a perfect stretch 4 in Altman’s offense. Him and Dante are good passers for big men. I was disappointed that Patterson transferred out, I think he’s going to be really good.


Agree about Patterson, I don’t think he ever got to stay in a game long enough to really get comfortable, accustomed, familiar with the other players. Altman’s teams demand communication, and playing w/o thinking is when they are at their best. Patterson was a spark, and I think he’d have been a real asset to the team this season.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Darren, I love the “no respect” theme of your article and hope you don’t mind that I inserted a link to a video over Rodney’s name in the article. He tells a joke about not getting any respect at home…not even from his dog, and it is pretty funny.

The talent on this team is amazing and they’ll get respect before long!


Not seeing UCLA and Arizona at the top is like not seeing Notre Dame in the top ten in the preseason football poll. The pundits are creatures of habit and pander to these schools fan bases.

The nice thing is, as a proud underdog fan, it allows me to cheer on my Ducks as underdogs. This happens even though my Ducks are no longer big underdogs in any sport at this time.

Jon Joseph

OT – UCLA at Oregon kicks off at 10:30 eastern time. The same time as USC at Utah kicks off. The USC/Utah game is scheduled to be shown on ESPN.

AZ plays at UW on FOX, kicking off at an even later11PM eastern time.

Looks like the Ducks game will be on an ESPN JV network. Will anyone on the east coast who is not a Ducks fan; or, not waiting for last call at their favorite pub, going to be watching the game?

Thank you Larry for hiding the Pac-12 light under a bushel of media money.

This is total BS. In the middle of a pandemic why not wait until late in the day to kick off, instead of kicking off at noon or 1 local time?

Make sure to kick off at times that assure AZ, UCLA and USC will all be returning home in the wee hours Sunday morning?

But its amateur athletics and it’s all about the student-athletes, right?


I hate night games.
That is all.

Jon Joseph


As Santa Rosa Duck notes above, looks like the UCLA game kicks off at noon pacific time which makes a lot more sense.

And allows for highlights to be shown during the day.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Darn right Annie. Writing an article for the next day….late on Saturday night is not what I want either. And it is also my worst work–while my best time for writing is in the morning.

I hate those late nights, but I spin it to myself as “it is about Our Beloved Ducks, and that is always worth it!

Santa Rosa Duck

Jon I just turned up a noon kickoff for UCLA at Oregon.

Jon Joseph

Thank you! The time shown on CFB odds sheet must have been in error.

Do you know on what channel the game will be broadcast?

Jon Sousa

Is the preseason poll where they are now? or where people think they will be at the end of the year?

IF the poll was about “Who do you think will win the conference?” then there could be good reason to think #3 is about right. Since this is a shortened season and teams will be jumping into conference play sooner rather than later, Altman will have fewer out of conference games to get the kinks out before the games count towards the conference championship. Oregon may lose a few extra games in the beginning of conference play that cannot be overcome by winning every game the last few weeks.

The Ducks recently proved that they can play so poorly in conference that they wouldn’t even get an invite to the Dance, only to blow past everyone to win the conference tournament at the end of the year and then make a deep run in the National Tournament. Did they win the regular season PAC 12? Not even close. At the end, were they the best team in the PAC 12? They left no doubt.


It’s been said before by others, and I am a Duck proud of our coaching staffs. Several national championships will belong to the Ducks in the coming 5 years with credit due to the AD and coaches. Coach Altman is in the stratosphere of all-time great coaches while he keeps his Midwest values and feet steadily on the ground. This Thanksgiving give thanks for the outstanding coaches at Oregon. Go Ducks!


Well said Brent! Exciting times coming for Duck fans everywhere!

Top of the PAC recruiting in multiple sports combined with top line coaching WILL deliver several National Champions to the U of O! Go Ducks!!!

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Amen Duck-Brother!

And I do like 30Duck’s view that having a “chip-on-the-shoulder” can help this team mentally.

Brent you are so right–I am so proud of these coaches, and we fans are going to see a lot of winning in the future!

Jon Joseph

Thanks Darren.

The media ignoring Oregon? I’m shocked!

In Bristol, CT, they still think Pac-12 football revolves around USC, and basketball around Arizona and UCLA. I get this.

But for the west coast media to be so clueless?


The easy answer is to say, “it’s better this way, puts a chip on their shoulder.” I don’t feel like Altman cares in the least where the Ducks are ranked, the Ducks players probably don’t either. Truth be told, Ducks MBB is slighted a bit right here.

Since Altman’s been at the helm, out of MBB, WBB, and football, MBB is the King of the hill, Recruiting? With the haul Charles reported yesterday, MBB has had top 5 classes, in 3 of the last 4 years. Winning % ? 259-103 overall, 71.5% Conference, 118-62, 65.5. One losing season, his first. 4 Conference Tournament Championships, 7 NCAA appearances, 1 Final 4.

Of course, after Ernie Kent was fired, Oregon went on a coaching search, Tom Izzo was mentioned, but the Ducks end up with Altman, and a huge ? was the response. It’s turned out pretty good.


I agree, Altman and his teams could care less about pre-season rankings, they are overlooked at someone’s peril!

I think both MBB and WBB are going to crush it this year. Who cares about pre-season rankings, let’s see what they look like in March!

Jon Joseph

Great take and stats.

Where would the Pac-12 be without Oregon football and basketball competing for championships? (I will give UW credit for 1 CBB playoff appearance; the Dawgs was blown out by Bama.)

Larry has aided much to the decline of the conference, of course, but why are so many conference member coaches not able to recruit like Dana and Mario?

I wonder if the administration at most conference schools gives a whip about CBB and CFB?

The Pac-12 ‘money ball’ flame out makes it so darn tough on Oregon. To be relevant nationally, the Ducks not only have to win, but Oregon has to win big.


OT – since the 1st half of the CU game, UCLA has played solid football. And the L in Boulder does not look all that bad after CU won on The Farm.

Come Saturday, the Ducks best be ready for the Chipper’s.

Jon Joseph

Sorry, 1 CFB appearance for UW. Not CBB where UW is bad.


I get the Meat & potatoes, but there’s a spice in the gravy that we can’t detect just looking. He comes across as plain as can be. His postgame interviews, no matter the outcome:, “Well, we’ve got a lot of work to do”. Every once in a while, you can see a grin, if you look close. It also is interesting that he holds the Senior Day celebrations until after the game.

But, his success at recruiting is evidence that he can connect with players, whether it be getting high school players, or transfers to play for him, and I think he is also one of the top X’s & O’s coaches around. His weave offense looks simple, but it’s worked for years, and on defense the Ducks employ a myriad of systems, sometimes, zone & man, simultaneously.

Last season the Ducks were different in that they started off really hot. They cooled off a bit, but then looked like normal at the end of the season. UCLA & Arizona can enjoy being above them in the prediction poll, let’s see what it looks like for real.