Oregon Hoops: As Rodney said, “I don’t get no respect!”

Darren Perkins Editorials

Out west, Oregon Basketball has become comparable to the legendary comedian Rodney Dangerfield. Oregon gets no respect.

Take a look here at this year’s pre-season media poll:


TEAM (first-place votes)    POINTS

1. UCLA (9)                          251

2. Arizona State (5)             246

3. Oregon (7)                      241

4. Stanford (1)                     209

5. Arizona                            173

6. USC (1)                             154

7. Colorado                         149

8. Utah                                 131

9. Washington                    85

10. California                      65

11. Washington State        54

12. Oregon State                 36


This isn’t to say that being predicted 3rd is wrong, per se. But, shouldn’t the Ducks get the benefit of the doubt every now and again?

It’s not as if the Pac-12 produces a dominate no-brainer every year.

Over the past decade, Dana Altman has proven himself to be the best coach in the conference. And honestly, Oregon has been the best program during this time. Without the Ducks doing what they’ve done since 2010, the Pac-12 doesn’t even seem like a Power-5  Basketball Conference.

Arizona State and UCLA have recently become “nice programs.” But hello media, how about putting the odds in the favor of the Pac-12’s best program: Our Beloved Ducks.

What do you think? Did the media pollers get it right, or should our Ducks be given more respect?

Darren Perkins
Spokane, Washington
Top photo credit: Eugene Johnson

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