Ducks: 2020 is the Perfect Year to Underachieve

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If there was ever a year in which the Oregon Ducks would not play up to snuff, 2020 is that year.

This year brings about plenty of baked-in excuses as to why a team like Oregon might not play up to its lofty expectations. Lack of a full off-season, several key starters sitting out, and a shortened season that just doesn’t quite feel as if it matters as much. The list goes on.

A non-Duck friend of mine mentioned that perhaps the Ducks were “rebuilding.” Which for an outsider makes for fairly logical reasoning. But, given the way the Ducks have recruited the past three years, rebuilding should be a thing of the past. The Ducks are now a “reloading” program, not a “rebuilder.”

Although our reloading talent is young (the oldest of which are now sophomores), one might conclude that the raw talent alone should have the Ducks playing much better, particularly on defense. But, painfully, that’s not the case. The defense just seems a step slow on most plays. An old high school coach of mine once said, “You can’t think, you have to react. If you’re out on the field thinking, you’re going to get beat.”

Tom Corno

Noah Sewell’s impact has been felt in a big way at times, but even he has had his fair share of growing pains in thinking vs reacting

The 2020 Ducks seem to be thinking a heck of a lot more than reacting.

It’s because of this that I consider 2020 to be a “practice season.” It’s not a rebuilding year because the Ducks aren’t rebuilding, they’re underachieving. The Ducks need this year’s reps and experience so that they’ll be a lot better in 2021. So far, the Ducks have played all fairly mediocre teams. Could you imagine if they had played Ohio State this year? It would have been ugly.

So, c’mon Ducks, please improve so that next year in Columbus, it won’t be ugly.

What do you think? Is that a fair sentiment to hold over this youthful team? How accountable should the defense be of the Ducks’ lackluster 2020?

Darren Perkins
Spokane, Washington
Top photo credit: Tom Corno

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In their second game of the season, the #9 Lady Ducks, beat the Portland Pilots, 85-52. A 33 point win is impressive, but it’s part of the narrative that this team will follow all season. Not only are they coming after the best Women’s team in the country last season, (I see you, South Carolina), they just beat a Seattle U team, two nights before, 116-51, so the expectations are great.

The Ducks started out a little shaky, had more turnovers in the first 5 minutes than in the entire game against Portland. But eventually, their abundance of height, length & talent, overwhelmed UOP. A part of the “problem” Coach Graves has this season is so many great players makes it hard for a specific group to find a rhythm. Erin Boley scored the first 7 points for the Ducks, and finished with 25 in 25 minutes, she also led in rebounds with 9. Te-Hina Paopao led the team in assists again, with 5. Taylor Mikesell cooled off from her 80% 3 point shooting in the first game, only hitting 50% this time, 3-6, and finished with 11 points.

That does it for warm ups, the season starts Friday at MKA against Colorado.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

This team is a long way from their potential, as expected. I was surprised to learn of the freshman starting at point guard, Paopao, but she is an amazing ball-handler. She single-handedly broke traps routinely with cross-over dribbles, but she was sometimes a little out-of-control after breaking the press. Very, very talented and I can see what Graves was referring to now.

It seems to me that Prince, Paopao, Mikesell and Boley are obvious starters, but after that–you could make a case for a number of other players to take that fifth spot. Sabally made some great plays, but missed a couple of bunny shots being a bit out of control. Chavez and freshman Parish had their moments, and because of COVID–having a ton of players could be important this season.

One notable part of the game the Ducks need to work on is getting the ball up the court against pressure. It was effective early for Portland, hence the TO’s by the Ducks. Last season, Sabrina usually brought it up herself, and often found Ruthy at the basket from mid court, but that isn’t going to happen now.

Coach Graves is fantastic, the most personable coach I’ve ever seen for the Ducks in any sport. Last year once when asked, “what makes you a great coach?” He pointed out to Sabrina, Satou, Ruthy, Erin & Taylor, “They do”

He will have to learn the way to coach that Geno Auriemma has mastered at UCONN, getting a roster of 14 highly talented players to blend, happilly, into a power, where winning is the only thing that matters.


where winning is the only thing that matters.” I know a football team that needs to learn this, and it’s not the Raiders.

Steven A

Darren, yes it is. Plus, the way they played the first three games allowed us to be let down gently by this L since greatfully the team had lowered our expectations. And, I would rather lose to OSU than Cal or “the other team on our schedule”. Hopefully, this is like the Auburn game last year that without that loss, we probably wouldn’t have beaten “the other team on our schedule”.


Alternate reality games are interactive games that use the real world as a basis, with some changes that the players have to figure out in order to move along the story line, and generally solve a puzzle.

Bear with me, and I will take you on a short alternate reality game. Pay attention to the words in bold. All of the quotations are real, with [brackets] indicating a minor change to keep the flow of ideas.

Words in bold are key – these have all been changed. Can you guess what the real words were? Don’t cheat by using Google either!

There will be a challenge at the end of the post for you to fill out in the replies!


“What happened to Oregon’s defense? And can Mario Cristobal bring it back?”
“The big thing I’ve evaluated and seen with Oregon is they have talent obviously, but it’s communication,” Kirk Herbstreit said during Saturday’s appearance on Sports Center. “[California] would do a very good job of using some tempo, bunch formations, motion … forcing Oregon to have to communicate with unusual formations. Anything that you can make them think and look and make adjustments to is what I think [California] will do.”

“For his part, Cristobal shouldered the responsibility.”

“It’s very disappointing, I know our fans are disappointed, but I can promise you that our players are disappointed and we’re all very, very disappointed,” Cristobal said Saturday. “And it’s my responsibility to get our team to do these things better and that certainly will be the goal in the future.”

“Well, a lot of it is just mental errors,” Cristobal said to explain some of the defensive issues. “I mean, you got to get off the field when you get opportunities to get off the field, especially on third down. We lost contain on a quarterback two or three times on third down where we had people covered just keep the quarterback, make the quarterback throw the ball from the pocket. You know other times we make mental errors, whether it’s gap control or how to fit plays.”

“There has been erosion in the Oregon’s defense, and here are some of the reasons:”

“Trying to organically grow DLs instead of using JUCO players: Defensive linemen who come from high school to big-time PAC 12 football aren’t exactly a dime a dozen. It takes time. It takes good nutrition and a whole lotta time in the weight room. And it takes projecting how an 18-year-old body will mature into a 20-year-old man.”
Oregon typically leaned on veteran defensive players at every level during his its dominant stretch [last year]. This year, freshmen [and new players] have been forced into roles before they were ready. Injuries certainly played a part. But so did early departures.”

Oregon Fans Are Furious With DC Andy Avalos vs. [Oregon State.]”
“If only there was a defensive minded, analyst on staff that would be readily available to replace Andy Avalos.”

“Let’s start up front where Oregon is vastly inferior to [last year’s edition], which means it can’t garner a pass rush from their base defense.”

“He runs a 4-2-5 and normally plays two [safeties] on the roof,” said a coach. “That’s because his defensive line is so good, they can play a six-man box. That isn’t the case anymore. He has to cheat some sort of coverage, which exposes the nickel.”


You challenge is as follows:

Correctly substitute the bolded words with the actual words from various internet articles:


Mario Cristobal

Pac 12

Andy Avalos

Thanks for bearing with me, and I hope that Charles does not ban me for this! And, there is a point to all of this, which I will reveal after I get a few replies.


Thanks for this, FishiceCream, I’ll try:

Ed Orgeon
David Aranda


It was close, and thanks for the reply. I think that I put this up too late to get many eyes on it!

The answers:

Pete Golding

As for the point, I think the overall gist is that even looking at teams on the pinnacle of college football, you see many of the same issues and the same types of contents. And it’s not a bad thing to see the program get to the point where expectations are high.

I will add a few related comments on today’s article so more people can see them.


I agree Darin. This year hasn’t felt right at all for me either. Even the loss in the (Pick your name) game didn’t hurt like it has in the past. It’s just hard to take this year serious. Even winning the P12 game won’t carry much weight since it looks like the south winner won’t even play 6 games.

I see this season as a great primer for next year. A chance to instill a new offence and get some young players so playing time in real game situations.

One thing that concerns me though and thats the NCAA allowing players to play an extra year. I’m totally ok with that, but with some of the better talent sitting in the wings it may be another year before we see those players on the field. Does that mean much of the same next year?


No word on Oregon @ Cal this Saturday, but Stanford will now be @ OSU on Dec.12


Before the season, @Cal was a Trap Game, right between OSU & Washington. Now it’s a Must Win game. Cal has superior talent to OSU, save for Jefferson at RB. If the Ducks don’t “want this one more” than does Cal, they will lose.

“Gut check”, entitled” are both applicable to what we saw against the Beavers and fear being exposed against the Bears. Through this season my estimation of Saban has grown. There is indeed a skill to coaching a team full of 5*.


Jon, so no Las Vegas Bowl? The new Raider stadium would be nice to see. It has to be better than Levi Stadium!

Jon Joseph

NO. And a lot better than the old. old Sam Boyd Stadium where the game was played.

Speaking of old? I knew Sam Boyd.

Jon Joseph

I’m so excited I can hardly hide it, I’m about to lose control but don’t think I like it?

I don’t mean to be petty, but the waiting is the hardest part.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we are less than 180 minutes away from the Doc Soda Pop/World Wide Leader, 2nd 2020 BIG REVEAL!

WHO IS IN! I am considering 3 and not just 2 valium to help me make it until Reese pulls back the curtain.

And I used to think Christmas Eve was exciting? What in the heck was wrong with me!


With THAT out of the way, man the bowl situation for the Pac-12 just continues to dry up.

ESPN (Booooooo!) reports that the Sun Bowl will be called off today. This leaves the conference with 4, if played, bowl games. And here are The Athletic’s chief honcho, Stewart Mandel’s, picks for said games.

FIESTA BOWL – Washington (please, do not kill the messenger) vs. Iowa State. Mandel has Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl playing A+M and he thinks a 3L Cyclones team trumps an undefeated and conference-less, BYU.

ALAMO BOWL – USC (see the above plea, please) vs Texas. Perhaps, this will be renamed ‘The Last Dance Bowl’ in 2020? The H boys, Helton and Herman, are both very much on the hot seat.

LA BOWL – Oregon vs Boise State. Me thinks it takes a whole lot of faith to believe this bowl will be played? And Boise, 2 out of the last 3 years and already scheduled out in the future? How about NO!

INDEPENDENCE BOWL – CU vs Army. The Black Knights has already accepted an invitation to visit beautiful Shreveport, Louisiana.

Not to spoil anyone’s anticipation, but Stewie most likely will mirror THE COMMITTEE (moment of silence, please) with his prediction of Bama playing the Domers in the Sugar Bowl and Clemson playing Ohio State in the Rose Bowl.

Everyone, please have a really nice day.


Duck WBB winning as I’d hoped the men would have in football, slow starts as new highly regarded players learn to play together. Then second half domination of less talented teams.

Jon, I share your curiosity about scheduling of the Cal game. What if Cal decides to cancel? Would an unexpected bye allow Ducks to better prepare for Husky game? If nothing else it would make the Dogs howl “ Oregon always gets a bye before they play us.”

Darren, well said. I’m willing to with hold judgement on this season. Youth and inexperience will be enough to keep me from getting too deep in the cups, for now.

Jon Joseph

I very much doubt the Bears want to cancel but may have no choice? If the game cannot be played in Berkeley for general COVID reasons, the Pac-12 will tell CAL to head to Eugene.

David Marsh

Oregon is rebuilding this year.. only because of the opt-outs. There were losses on defense from graduation but those were relatively few compared to the amount of opt-outs. Tomorrow I am going to dive into some of this a bit more in my article.

But just think… Holland, Breeze and Graham were all planning to return this year for the defense and after the virus they opted out. Same goes for Sewell (who would have played this year by default as he would have been a true junior) on the offensive line but the virus and the risk of injury is too great to risk his draft stock.

This should have been a reload year with some new faces taking over some starting roles but with a lot of veterans…

There is a sneak peak for tomorrow… so thanks getting everyone’s mental juices flowing Darren!


Have to agree. With a defense that is currently a work in progress, the team has to rely on the offense to outscore opponents. Unfortunately, the offense has also had its own problems. On the bright side, the defense has been getting more reps because of those problems.

Because of youth, and inexperience this team gets a pass from me. However, both coaches and players need use the remaining games to improve. I will be optimistic that we see some inspired football over the next few games, and we can use this year as a catalyst for an improved version of this team next year.

Jon Joseph

Drake, I see the D in 2020 as a WIP, like my golf swing that I have been working on for 6 plus decades.

On occasion, a good swing shows up.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

A conference championship is a conference championship no matter what the year, and if we have a real chance of winning it–I’d like to.

The concern that many of us have is that perhaps the major reasons for the decline have nothing to do with the unique year we are in, but could be coaching and culture issues.

Again…too early to say for sure since I do not believe the coaches declined in their talents over-night, but something is clearly wrong, in particular on defense.

David Marsh

So difficult to tell on the coaching front as there has been so much less practice time. There were quite a few early enrollees that got no benefit out of enrolling early this year. Then in terms of strength and conditioning, I feel some have done well if they have had access to facilities at home while others may not have had as much access and have struggled.

A loss in player leadership has probably hit this young team pretty hard as the players would be the ones holding each other more accountable for the off season…

Jon Joseph

David, good points. But didn’t the Beavers and the other teams played to date, also have limited practice time?

Here is an inconvenient fact. With the possible exception of USC, the Ducks roster is superior to that of every other conference team.

The Ducks is not struggling against Ohio State, Bama and Clemson, but against inferior conference competition.

I more than respect you and respect your comments but frankly, I’m getting tired of all this excuse-making.

David Marsh

True every team has had limited practice time… but Oregon has the youngest team of all. I don’t think Oregon would be as bad if the entire secondary returned from last year as originally planned. Experience is at a premium this year more than ever.

Jon Joseph


Experienced players do of course make a difference. But with all respect David, we should be seeing better than this, no?

Every Pac-12 team the Ducks has played to date has young guys who are in the starting rotation.

Will it be year 2 when the now young guys paly to their potential or year 3, after which the quality guys will be gone.

In today’s CFB you do not have time to coach up 4 and 5 star guys. They need to play to their HS potential out of the gate.

Look at true frosh DB Wright at Bama. He was a start of the season turn style. Last Saturday while helping to shut down the Auburn O, he had 2 interceptions. And oft looked like the best Bama D guy on the field.


Oregon was breaking in a new offence while OreSt was in it’s 2nd year of Lindgren.
New O line and new OC for Oregon.
No spring game and a late start with no OOC games.
Youngest team in the conf.
I’m sticking to my excuses. :)


I suppose it’s a fair enough sentiment Darren.

The D looks like they are completely confused on nearly every play. They are looking over at the sideline and shifting around when the opposing team snaps the ball. Then they get blown back a yard and parted like the Red Sea. Linebackers run full speed to the line and either get pushed off the play with a nudge, throw an arm tackle at the ball carrier and bounce off or completely run past them…… or worse of all run into a completely empty hole and swivel their head as the ball carrier speeds off two holes over and down field for 20+ yards.

On third down and long (or short for that matter) you just have pit in your stomach watching the game because you know deep inside that there is no way they are getting off the field. I particularly remember one 3rd and 18 in last weeks game.

The secondary…..oh man. Don’t even know what to say.

These are all feelings I had when Brady Hoke was coaching the D several years back.

It’s tough knowing your team is one of the most overrated and most underachieving teams in the P5, save for Penn State this year. Tough to give a pass, but I am going to do it for now.

Curious if anyone knows whether Penn State fans are giving a pass?

Jon Joseph

IMO, he has to resign. He will not be fired by alma mammy.

David Marsh

I doubt Penn State is going to fire their head coach over this year and the chaos of the pandemic… Harbaugh I give a 50-50 odds of being fired as Michigan will have pay out his contract and revenue is down so that will probably have to come from donors… in addition there are only a handful of potential hires this year as the coaching carousel is going to be very small due to restricted funds.

Some Group of 5 Coaches might get a look by any Power 5 program who can afford to fire their coaching staves and hire a new one…

I do think Avalos will going to get this defense rebuilt … but it might not be until next year which would be a problem. I do want to see some significant progress against Cal. Maybe hold Cal’s running game to only 150 yards…. (vomits a little)

Jon Joseph

Harbaugh won’t be fired but he may leave for the Lions job?

PSU will not fire Franklin. But I think Franklin has likely hit his B1G high water mark? PSU is having a terrible year in recruiting. Not so for the Buckeyes.


The Harbaugh situation is very true and also ridiculous, he will basically be run out Michigan to take the NFL job in Detroit? But Harbaugh has been hard to track his whole career, He turned Stanford around, then went to the 49ers, where he had two really good years, than not so good, so off to his alma mater, Michigan he goes. He hasn’t beat Ohio State yet, and hasn’t been fired. But he probably will handle the buyout and coach the Lions.


To paraphrase Groucho, “Those are my theories. If you don’t like them, I’ve got others”. After going through various theories, I’ve had an epiphany and picked one: it boils down to youth and inexperience.

Yes, we can see continuing game-coaching issues and an apparent lack of passion. But, the biggest factor is the Ducks are the youngest team in the country.

Avalos did not suddenly get stupid. The defense lost a boatload of outstanding players from last year. And sure, every program has been affected by COVID, but young players without games and practices behind them are more affected by the lack of prep time. Yes, the new guys are highly rated recruits, but they’re not in high school anymore, and it takes most of them (Noah excepted) some time to adjust. They’re not out of position, they just are blowing tackles and dealing poorly with blocks, things that coaching and more reps can improve.

Without inside knowledge, all we can do is speculate. Until it becomes clear that there’s something else going on, I’m going with youth and inexperience as the primary (not sole) cause of the puzzling play we see.

Jon Joseph

As Tony notes below and as was reported yesterday, Ware-Hudson has flipped to USC.

However, this flip likely had little to do with how the Ducks is playing (or not playing?) in 2020, but a move for playing time based on the other incoming to-be-frosh wideouts. Clearly, this in-conference flip has nothing to do with the truncated Pac-12 last to the party, season.

BUT, you can bet that right now the negative recruiting being thrown at Ducks’ ‘commits’ is off the charts. Especially, for recruits coming from east of the Rocky Mountains. Conversely, perhaps the Ducks playing mediocre ball in 2020 will keep some guys in the fold because they believe they will see early playing time?

Darren, spot on at least Playoff-wise, that this was the season to no-show. Realistically, with a max 7 game schedule against no top 10 opponent and maybe, 2 top 20 opponents at best, was not going to get the Ducks into the Playoff (sorry, Jerry Palm.) Oregon had to go 7-0 while posting 7 impressive, dominant wins. Even had the Ducks produced 7 blow out victories, a lot would have had to happen nationally to get Oregon into the 2020 final 4, a lot!

My concern for the 2021 team is not simply that the 2020 team is not being coached up to play to its ability, but rather we are witnessing the early stages of a cancerous culture that could metastasize into being playoff terminal?

The talent on the 2020 roster is there. So, it either isn’t being properly coached up, properly in-game coached; or, the player’s simply don’t give enough of a whip? All 3 of these issues can be laid at the feet of the coaching staff.

Take an L? Hey, stuff happens. But fail to show up with an attitude and not play to the best of your ability? That’s a long term losing or at the very least see you in NY6 consolation bowls, proposition.

OT: Stanford is moving its football operations north to Washington. Any word on if the CAL game will be played in Eugene?

Early line has Oregon -10 (57) at CAL.

Jon Joseph

Thank you Darren. A well written ponder point by you good Sir!

Frankly, as noted above, I’m getting tired of the excuses. Lot’s of teams have many the young player competing and playing well together.

DGU is a true frosh. How did he look in TL’s place? How much has the young Bama DL and D backs improved this season? How much has 2nd year starter Mac Jones improved?

Excuses are like you know what.

If the flip doesn’t switch in the remainder of this season or next season, how about No More Excuses?


Totally agree with you on this Jon.

Underachieving in performance denotes underachieving in recruiting. We’re seeing it already. Its going to take a big hit. Recruiting is all about winning games.

With the toughest games still ahead of us and a coaching staff that doesn’t seem to be able to recognize and correct things ahead of time things don’t look good for the last two games of the season.

Duck lifer

Kyron Ware-Hudson just flipped to USC. Praying this isn’t the first domino. Overachieving I think would have kept him here possibly, but underachieving isn’t going to be a strong recruiting tool for our Ducks..


Dont’e Thornton, Keith Brown, and Jaylin Davies (Ware-Hudson’s teammate) all tweeted that they’re still committed.


DP , totally agree , nothing butt excuses !! Remember after every beat down , Hef would say , “I gotta coach better “ ? That’s kinda what I’m hearing and reading right now ! SOMETHING just isn’t right ! I have heard that , Pittman / Flowe are transferring to USC as soon as the season is over . I hope I am wrong , but this person also said that a Decommit was coming , and , wow , ware gone , Saturday gonna tell US all about this program , and what effect our poor play will have on the final push before signing day !!! Let’s GO DUCKS , take all the crap out on Cal !!!

Jon Joseph

I’d take any rumor about guys on the roster transferring out with a big grain of salt. Especially, heading off to SC if Helton’s contract is not extended.

The Ducks is still odds on to likely play and defeat SC in the Pac-12 champ game.


I hope they are WRONG !!!!!!!!!


I’m really not sure the Ducks can defeat SC. I’ll probably pick USC to win if they play the Ducks for the Pac-12 championship. Not that I want them to but I’m a realist. USC plays real real good in the last 3 min of the game and the Ducks play real real bad during that same time. If USC makes it to the Championship game Helton will still be around for another year or two and I see nothing to stop them at this time.

Jon Joseph

NO doubt! But my guess is that Oregon will be favored in this game even if played in LA, which is looking doubtful.


Moorhead gets a pass, not his guys, not a lot of time to put his system in place. I still want to see more from him on key downs and in execution.

Cristobal doesn’t get a pass, time to have the culture in place to win the small games and be ready for the big games. He should have players ready to reload, and compete. The lions share of blame is right here.

Avalos doesn’t get a pass either. He took over a very good defense and has been given lots of praise for elevating that defense. Now is the time to see if he really can put his stamp on a defense or was it one great player, Dye, helping him keep it all together?

The good news is there is time to grow, but these guys need to get it done going forward. As far as the perfect season to underachieve, it is never ok to underachieve.

Jon Joseph

Moorhead, a pass? That’s a ‘C’ right? You are a tough grader, friend Hayward.

I think with all the stuff going on in 2020,with a new starter at QB (who a quality grad transfer could not beat out true, but without strongest of arms) an entirely new O line and the continuing history of dinged up TEs, I’d give JM a B or a B+ for the effort to date on the O side of things. You put up 38 on a Beavers squad on the road, you should come away with a W.

I’d have to give Mario a C- and Avalos a D. Guys like MR.T and Scott seem to have simply disappeared, no? When the D is on the field, it looks like the proverbial ‘fire drill.’ Does anyone know where he is supposed to be and what their role is? I think Troy Dye should been paid at least 10% of Avalos 2019 salary?.


When you grade somebody there is a final exam which impacts the grade. The final exam was the last possession, a three and out, unacceptable. I give him a C based on the inability to keep a drive going when needed. I think there is time over the next two games to do better on his final exams, I hope. The other two guys have done poorly on their final exams too, by the way.

Jon Joseph

That’s Old School and I love it!


OT. Would love to see these two together at some point:

“Patriots HC Bill Belichick on Chargers QB Justin Herbert, ‘he is really solid. Has no weaknesses. Smart kid. Handles things well. Game-plan. Line of scrimmage. Fast, athletic, can extend plays, and hard to tackle. Takes hits and throws the ball and comes back and does it again.’”


Kind of like he is describing Brady, except for the fast and athletic part.

Jon Joseph

Now, if he can only marry a woman who makes more than he does?

Jon Joseph

Please forward to Todd McKnow-Nothing, Bristol, CT.


Dear Todd McSham, Justin keeps setting records.

Jon Joseph

30, like your choice of name for Todd a lot better than mine.


That sounds rational,Darren, except that there are teams playing under the same conditions as are the Ducks who look a lot sharper.Indiana nearly beat the aforementioned Ohio State, this season appears to have a lot of meaning for the Hoosiers. The Huskies,? Granted they got some assistance from a botched line marking against the Beavers, and so far this season haven’t played a game outside of their stadium. They seem to have a desire and purpose for the season the Ducks haven’t found, despite starting their season a week later.

Jon Joseph

That was a GUT-CHECK comeback vs Utah last Saturday, including overcoming a late 4th Q pick thrown by the UW QB. Before he threw for the last minute TD and the win.

What resolve would this Ducks squad have if it was down in Autzen 21-0 at the half this season? I’d like to think Oregon would fight back, but in 2020, I’m not sure.


Cristobal’s Ducks are taught to “own it and move on” to the next opponent. We will find how at Cal how well his mantra is entrenched. Go Ducks.

Jon Joseph

Due to County regulations, Stanford has been forced to move football operations to the state of Washington and the 49ers will be playing the next 2 ‘home games’ in Glendale/Phoenix.

According to the Mercury News (out of San Jose) a statewide lock down is imminent.

Will CAL (different County than the Cardinal and 49ers) be tripping to Autzen?

Will the LV, Holiday and Rose Bowl games be played? Redbox Bowl has already been canceled.

With the CAL game scheduled to kick off in Berkeley at 4 PM, it might be prudent for Oregon, if not already doing so, to fly in late Saturday morning or early afternoon?