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Come on JJ! Why after going 2-3 last week, are you laughing? Have you no shame, Sir? Wizard? Wizard!

All right. I must cop to the fact that like the Wizard of Oz, last week I was a good man (I hope, you may want to check with my spouse?) but a very bad Wizard. I got COVID-cursed on my pick of ‘the’ Ohio State University to cover against Northwestern, when a number of Buckeyes players were virus benched. But that’s the way the piggy bank crumbles in 2020.

All college football (CFB) bets are subject to COVID-interruptus in 2020, and CFB injury reporting is a rumor when compared to the NFL. But I flat out missed on my pick of the champ game down south that went (Way) “Over” when the Florida O rolled the Tide D, and the Bama O said, ‘see ya later Gator,’ to the Florida defense.

Hey Gary Danielson and Pawall Finebaum, how about them great, brutal, like no other the world has ever witnessed, SEC defenses! Want to know more about those awesome Strength Everywhere Conference defenses? Ask Bo Pelini. If, you can find him? Bo has left the Baton Rogue building.

CBS 17 Twitter

Lawrence has thrown for 22 TDs to only 4 INTs through the limited 2020 season.

The Domers, the very epitome of an ‘ashes of tradition’ program (thank you Brian Kelly) turned into ashes against an all-hands-on-deck Clemson defense. You think Sir Lawrence of Long Locks not being able to play in South Bend, might have made a difference?

Fortunately for the Wizard (?), Clemson easily covered the spread. And so did the Oregon Ducks. QUACK!

You beat an undermanned Clemson team in South Bend, and then get blown out by an all present and accounted for Dabo-Do team, and you definitely deserve to be in the Playoff Final Four, right, Brian? Right? The other good news? You get to be blown out in Dallas instead of in Pasadena; with family members watching!

So at 30-17 year-to-date against the spread, (even though the Wizard’s crystal ball took a nap last week) let’s press on, shall we?

While this bowl season is rewarding a whole bunch of losing teams (I’m looking at you, SEC) we are getting rewarded with a make-up game when No. 12 Coastal Carolina (CC) plays Liberty on Boxing Day, December 26th. With Liberty having to COVID-cancel its regular season game versus CC, we were rewarded instead with a great CC versus BYU match-up. When it comes to this postponed contest, don’t give me Liberty, but do give me the Over 61.5.

No. 19 Louisiana did not get to play CC for the Sun Belt title. In another bowl game being played on Boxing Day, I expect the Ragin’ Cajuns will rage-out versus UTSA, roll over the Roadrunners and cover the 13.5. Win one for Wiley Coyote!

Eugene Johnson

The Ducks rolled over the Buffalos in 2019 to the tune of a 45-3 home victory

Colorado plays No. 20 Texas -12.5 on December 29th in the Alamo Bowl. CU running back Jarek Broussard is second in the nation with 162.6 rush yards per game. And CU’s head coach Karl Dorrell, whose hire buffaloed many, delivered one of the best stories of a sad 2020 season. But without stud linebacker Nate Landsman who went to ground in the Utah game, I don’t think this Alamo will be a battle the Buffaloes will want to remember.

I like the Longhorns in what is likely to be Longhorns warrior, QB Sam Ehlinger‘s, last college game. Texas will cover for Sam the Man and for he’s-still-here-because-Urban-isn’t, Texas head coach, Tom (but I’m a Mensa member!) Herman.

No. 15 Iowa -14 versus the Show-Me’s on December 30th. Missouri went 5-5 in 2020. 5-5 with the 5 wins coming against teams with a combined 13-36 record. I like the Hawkeyes to cover, I do. But when it comes to putting my shekels down, please show me the Over 50.5. (And the $?)

Sooner Club Twitter

The Sooners’ Spencer Rattler has led a four-game win streak to close out the CFB regular season.

The Cotton Bowl – No. 7 Florida -3 versus No. 6 Oklahoma where the 1st NY6 big time money bowl game kicks off on December 30th in the Cotton Bowl. Bowl games often come down to ‘want to.’ What team wants to be there the most? UF’s outstanding TE, Kyle Pitts, has already decided that playing in anything other than a Playoff game is well, the pits, thus Kyle has opted out of this game. I think an Oklahoma team that started slow but finished strong and won the B12 title with a revenge victory over Iowa State, will definitely show up ready and willing to play. But +3 is too skinny for me. Instead, I’m going Over 68.5.

CHRISTMAS DAY BONUS PICK – MAC runner-up Buffalo versus CUSA runner-up Marshall -3. I hope your Christmas Cup will runneth over. And I also hope this game will give me the gift of going Over 54.5.

Here’ some good Christmas news in a season that needs some. Tennessee (because of COVID, right?) will not be Volunteering for the Liberty Bowl. Instead of Tennessee prolonging a most disappointing season, a far more deserving 9-2 Army team will play West Virginia. The football gods willing, I’ll have a pick on this game and the balance of the NY6 games, next week.


Buffalo versus Marshall – Over 54.5
Liberty versus No. 12 Coastal Carolina – Over 61.5
No. 19 LA-LA -13.5 versus UTSA
No. 20 Texas -12.5 versus Colorado
No. 15 Iowa versus Missouri – Over 50.5
No. 6 Oklahoma versus No. 7 Florida – Over 68.5

Do check with the pros when betting and consider their advice, especially at a site such as this.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. And remember, never to bet (or eat) more than a bottle of Mylanta can cure.

Jon Joseph
Aiken, South Carolina
Top Photo by Eugene Johnson

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Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

As writers on FishDuck know, they hear that Mr. FishDuck wants articles that are informative, entertaining and generate discussion. But Jon expanded that further with being accurate in his season of picks. Frankly … it is about the only thing I’ve seen go well in 2020, save Our Beloved Ducks winning the conference again.

Official Rollout of the Our Beloved Ducks Forum is on track for public release on this Saturday, December 26th as we are in the final beta-testing now.

My apologies to Jon for my taking all day before commenting, as I’ve been busy making directions for how to use the technology in the new forum. My objective is to make it easy for everyone to use, or have easy directions to turn to that we never have on other sites.


A touching Christmas Eve thread from Daniel Brown of The Athletic:


Thanks for that.


Notre Dame is who we thought they were and Brian Kelly’s insufferable antics make my teeth hurt. SC is who we thought they were and that shot of Clay Helton doubled over at the end of the Oregon game says it all. 


Haha! Your secret’s safe with me, OVER.


After throwing nothing but shade at Oregon all season, Wilner , reluctantly thinks the Ducks lucked out getting ISU, and will win by default.

Oregon (+4.5) vs. Iowa State (Fiesta Bowl, Jan. 2): The Ducks drew the best possible opponent — any other NY6 option (Oklahoma or an SEC team) would have posed far greater trouble on the size-and-speed front. ISU coach Matt Campbell is one of the best in the country. He has one of the top players in tailback Breece Hall and a veteran quarterback in Brock Purdy. But Oregon’s roster is more talented. And the Cyclones are coming off a loss in the Big 12 title game. Pick: Oregon


With their “SEC! SEC! SEC!” chant, that conference must have convinced a lot of people that it is elite from top to bottom….


There is NO way that the committee puts Indiana in the Final 4, the Hoosiers definitely don’t pass the EYE TEST. Clemson, without Lawrence gets a mulligan. But, if somehow, someway, the Hoosiers beat the Buckeyes, it was because the Buckeyes weren’t as good as everybody thought, so the B1G is out, and Texas A&M joins Alabama, Notre Dame & Clemson.


A little surprised to see you take the over on the Iowa vs. Missouri game. Iowa generally plays very low scoring games in bowls. Missouri may get pushed around a lot and frequently stoned at the LOS in their run game.

I am thinking a 21-7 type of game on that one.

The rest I could get behind if I was a betting man……but alas I am not.


Oh how I long for the warm winds of change. I hope your prognosticating of another impetus for expanded playoff is as accurate as your bets have been this year.

I believe we will see an 8 team playoff soon, maybe not next year but soon.

Will that bring balance to the force? I don’t know, but it will get us closer.


This virus will ruin how many seasons

Jon Sousa

Ahhhh… Mr. Joseph. “Odds Fellow” or “Odd Fellow”??

I always appreciate your football knowledge and reading your picks has been very interesting this year. May you have a blessed Bowl Season and may your bottle of Mylanta stay on the side line and never come in to play.


UT with 6 opt outs, plus multiple injuries in their secondary. But, CO a run first team that spots their passing.

Last year, with nothing more on the line than this year, TX put a boot stomping on the Utes.


Oh Wizard, 30-17 ATS, is darn impressive! Given the variables and extraneous distractions populating this season even more so. Who knows what the future holds? Your well honed guess has been great so far.

Ever since big Sam hollered out, “We’re baaack!” he and the Longhorns have looked as lost as ever since Mac Brown bounded away to the football hot bed that is North Carolina? Sadly the Longhorns will probably have enough left to wrap up the Buffs.


JJ – if you don’t mind, could you opine on the driver(s) that are moving the line in the Duck game? Balancing out current bets, injury, or the ubiquitous dismissive narrative of eastern media Re Pac12/UO? If that’s a save for your piece next week, I can certainly wait.

I don’t bet more than 6 packs or off season woofing rights these days, so just curious.