In a Year To Forget, Travis Dye Is Having a Season To Remember

Joshua Whitted Editorials 43 Comments

By now, we know the story. The Oregon Ducks aren’t doing so hot.

The Ducks are coming off of back-to-back losses, and they nearly lost three in a row, putting forth a disappointing performance against UCLA and its backup quarterback a few weeks ago. With a talented Washington team coming to Autzen this Saturday (barring a cancelation), it’s unfortunately very likely that Oregon’s losing streak continues.

But in what has been a largely forgettable season for the Oregon faithful, there has been at least one player who has consistently given fans something to celebrate. Travis Dye has emerged as the go-to playmaker for the Ducks, and his emergence has been nothing short of spectacular.

Tom Corno

Dye is having a breakout 2020 season.

Dye leads the team in rushing, averaging more than seven yards per carry — a mark that puts him in the top-15 nationwide among ball carriers with 20 or more carries. His explosive acceleration, much-improved vision and nimble footwork makes him a nightmare for opposing front sevens to contain. He has been the team’s best option in the ground game by far, but that’s only half of what makes him such a weapon.

On only five catches, Dye somehow ranks third on the team with over 200 receiving yards. He’s averaging an absurd 40 yards per reception, and three of his five catches have been scores. Talk about efficiency!

Dye has been Oregon’s best offensive player, and he has established himself as one of the top skill players in the entire conference. The player who was once known as “Troy’s little brother” is creating his own legacy in Eugene, and it has been remarkable to watch his talents on display each Saturday this season.

The Ducks haven’t looked impressive as a whole this season, but don’t blame Dye. He’s done his share, and then some.

Joshua Whitted 
Morgantown, West Virginia
Top Photo by Tom Corno

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Just another old guy

Thank you Joshua for your article and insight. I for one agree with your assessment of Troy, especially his vision and being able to see the cut back lanes. Reminds me of the Kelly/Helfrich era running backs. Is coach Campbell back? :-)

Well now, Washington wins the PAC12 north by ducking the Ducks.  As I razed my Huskie pals, telling them that was the only way they would ever win the PAC12 north as long as Oregon was around. I say that tongue in cheek as the health and welfare of the kids are most important. On the other hand, 3 weeks in a row of disappointment for the Ducks.

A bit irritated with the fact that it seems like Oregon didn’t try scheduling Ohio State for a fill in game if Washington bowed out. But instead tried to schedule Arkansas State and Charlotte (Charlotte?)

I’m not a big Canzano fan. I think he comes across a bit pompous but he always makes some good points.  And, I have to agree with what he said in his article

Seriously, put on your big boy pants and try to schedule a team you aspire to be compared too.  This season is shot anyway, see where you stand in reaching your goals. If you get blown out, then you’ll know… and maybe learn something about yourself (I‘m talking about the coaching staff).

Just another old guy

I meant Travis (I typed Troy)… whoops!


If you haven’t already, I highly recommend taking a look at the report issued recently by the Knight Commission on college football. In a nutshell is calls for the creation of a single governing body for all FBS schools. The NCAA would over see all other sports.

It would bring uniformity to scheduling, recruiting, officiating, but most importantly it would be in charge of the play offs or tournament. Until ESPN (Disney) and Dr. Pepper along with media directors concerned with maximum viewership and advertising revenue are no longer calling the tune we will be stuck with a system which as David noted appears only be getting dumber and dumber.


Thanks for the heads up on the Knight Commission, Logger 29. Everything you list as its Mission Statement are what the NCAA does nothing about. ESPN/ Dr. Pepper need to be benched.


Perhaps the non-ESPN/Disney/Dr. Pepper conferences or teams should consider seceding and joining this proposed structure.

What we have now is untenable and if it weren’t for my love of rooting on the Ducks (and sometimes the Beavers) I would of stopped following college football a long time ago.

Jon Joseph


No wonder ‘if it bleeds, it leads,’ is the media mantra.

For argument’s sake, you couldn’t have pointed out that Troy’s favorite veggie is Brussel Sprouts?

And, that he wears boxers, not briefs?

Come on Man!

Obviously Joshua, I kid.

Always great when you come on board.


Joshua and Travis getting play on Duck Territory.
Posted on 3 mins, V I P, , User Post Count: 0
3 mins
Really nice write up on FishDuck.
Worth the read.
Written by Joshua Whitted.


Disagree re WA. That was a good match-up for us.

Dye, man. Not the most imposing dude on the field but no one runs harder. Even with the rare miscue, he comes back in and makes up for it several times over. That kid does not quit.

David Marsh

Very few teams are actually playing non-makeup games at this point. Talk of Ohio State is only going to be talk… and with the way the Ducks are playing right now I don’t think we really want them to take on Ohio State anyways.

Jon Joseph

I am Tweet denied. Oh no!

I take it the game has been canceled?

Has any team ever won a N Division title without leaving home?

I wonder what team the conference will schedule the Ducks to play next Saturday? And will it be home or away?


Well, that’s just darn rude of that tweet. Of course it’s from a Husky Beat Writer. You were right Jon, no Huskies – Ducks on Saturday.

Jon Joseph

BC has opted out of its bowl game. If the Ducks bowl is in Shreveport vs Army, will, should, Oregon play?

LSU at 3-6 and about to go 4-6 after the visit to Gainesville, has ‘voluntarily’ given up its bowl game to appease the NCAA.

The Dad of an LSU player was paid $180,000 for a no show job, this to get his kid to play for the Tigers.

Apparently, multiple sexual assaults went unreported.

Does anyone think that LSU will get close to the Hosing Over SC received for 1 guy taking improper benefits? For what Ohio State received for having a few guy’s get free tats?

You think the NCAA is going to come down as fast against LSU as it did the Ducks for Willie Lyles?

David Marsh

I’m going to go out on a limb here and venture a guess… no???

Jon Joseph

Meanwhile the SEC will be hauling in 4 NY6 paychecks.

No Rose Bowl for the Pac-12.

Hats off to Tom Hansen and Larry.


No, and no, and no. In fact not only will the NCAA go easy on the Tigers, LSU will get credit for its self reporting, and this season, not playing in a Bowl. Todd McShay is Todd McSham. His job is so worthless that his complete miss on Herbert didn’t amount to anything.

But, the NCAA, under the direction of Husky, Mark Emmert, is actually supposed to have some standing, some accountability. But in reality, the NCAA is an anachronism in the current environment.


Maybe on the Ducks and the Independence Bowl–another game *is* another game.


JJ – were you thinking 3-7 after the visit to Gainseville?


I really hope he has a big game vs the mutts. And it sure would be nice if the rest of his team showed up big time.

One question is will he be back next year? … Hopefully he’s got his brothers sense of finishing things.

Go Ducks!

David Marsh

I would bet he comes back next year… this is not a great year to show off NFL potential for most players. Verdell I think is a toss up as to whether he stays or goes… his body can’t seem to take the beating so trying to make the NFL for Verdell has to happen sooner rather than later.

With Verdell gone Dye really gets to show off his skills even more.


It could be feast or famine in the running back room in 2021. I can see Dye, CJ, and CH-L all coming back due to the short season, injuries, and the low number of offensive plays run this season. CH-L may be the mostly likely to move on with his life, but CJ & the new and improved Dye may both have pro aspirations that another season of film might help.

Moorhead said early on that he envisioned running around 80 offensive plays a game, but has only been getting around 60. That’s a lot of potential touches that Benson, Dollars, & Wilson didn’t get a whiff of. How long are they going to stay under those circumstances, even with speedback Seven McGee the only verbaled RB for the incoming class?

Jon Joseph

Far too logical for Larry and friends.


Oregon 87 Florida A & M 66

Led by Chris Duarte’s season high 23 points, and N’Faly Dante’s career high, 22 points the Ducks move to 3-1 on the season. Dante actually had his career high by halftime with 14. For the second time this season, after Nyara Sabally went 9-9 from the floor against Colorado, she was also 1-1 from the free throw line, a Duck had a .1000 % shooting night.

Dante went 10-10, and 2-2 from the free throw line. Duarte was 10-14. The entire team shot a blistering, 60.3 %. The one area the Ducks struggled was 3 point shooting, 6-23, 26%.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

What a huge confidence-building game for Dante, and great to see Duarte explode again. So much talent on this team!

Santa Rosa Duck

Thanks Joshua nice to see Travis Dye having a good year. Is it possible that he is playing out of position? Could he be a slot or wide receiver at the next level?

David Marsh

Don’t sleep on a Dye… they’ll burn you. (In a football way)

It is also worth noting that they really haven’t sent Travis up the gut as much as Verdell. They have done a much much better job getting Travis in space and it has paid off.

Jon Sousa

Very noteworthy! If Dye was going up the gut all the time (as in past years) his average per carry would be way down. Good observation. Between the tackles is a rough job, but somebody has to do it. Thank you, Verdell.


Travis is surely a bright star in the backfield. He’s the most improved RB. Travis has added quickness, some new “wiggles” and a new boost speed around the corner and after the cut. As you pointed out Travis Dye is producing chunk yardage receiving. He seems to have better vision and anticipation than he did last year. Travis Dye is a capable and exciting Duck. Thanks Joshua for spotlighting Travis.

Jon Sousa

I think Travis can thank Moorhead for putting him in a position to succeed.


He is certainly a spotlight on what the Oregon offense could be if they continue to innovate. As was discussed before the season, and Eric wrote about, the RB as a weapon out of the backfield can be devastating. The Dye family continues to lead the Oregon Football Program!

Jon Joseph

Heads Up!

With Michigan/Ohio State called off, Utah at CU will now be The Big Noon Game on FOX, kicking off Saturday at 10 AM Mountain time; Noon EST.

Oregon v Washington will follow on FOX.

The Territorial Cup, ASU at AZ, will be played Friday night, kicking off at 4:30 Pacific on ESPN.


Thanks Joshua, those stats shine even more light on the season TD looked to be having. He is also playing with an energy & desire that I hope spreads to the rest of the team. Up among the leading rushers in the nation is not where many of us envisioned Travis residing this season; that he’s doing it in this offense makes it even more remarkable.

Jon Joseph

Thanks Joshua.

Troy has indeed been a bright spot. Do you expect him to return in 2021?