Moorhead on the Move ALREADY?

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As the condensed College Football season winds down for the nation and the Ducks, the new hires and transfer reports are starting to boil. There is now a healthy mix of both well-founded and straw-grasping rumors fluttering around the college football ether for programs seeking new coaching talents and prospects from across the nation, and those more desperate than others often seem to seek more and more outlandish solutions to their respective team’s struggles. Now, this of course shouldn’t include the Ducks after a Pac-12 Championship win and decent 2020 showing considering the circumstances, right?

Unfortunately, the football world loves its drama.

Joe Moorhead has come up more and more in the past week, a prime potential suitor for programs that can’t motivate their offensive attacks to be able to win consistently. These rumor suggest him retaining his position of offensive coordinator in some cases and moving up to the head coach spot in others. After just the first year of Moorhead’s reign with Our Beloved Ducks, is it already time to expect another changing of the guard?

The short answer: NO WAY.

Moorhead just arrived in Eugene and his fostering of a new vision on the offensive side of the ball for our Ducks is just scraping the surface of potential. Tyler Shough hasn’t executed this offense as well as we may have wanted at this point as fans, but that’s to be expected in a year such as this. Dropping two games should not be enough at any level of football to be prepared to move on from a new experiment. Even without COVID, I can’t imagine that Oregon is really prepared already to let a new coordinator go after only half of a season, and Moorhead couldn’t possibly ask for a better opportunity in a program that’s on the rise, unless it was for another head coaching opportunity.

UO Athletics

The Ducks just claimed championship hardware under Moorhead’s offense throwing for just 108 passing yards!

On top of that, the Ducks’ recruiting is only getting better, and he’s got to be excited about the future playmakers on this team. In comparison, a move would result with Moorhead on a program like Kentucky, a middling team sitting at 4-6 just looking for a new coordinator, not even a head coaching spot, and a par-to-subpar recruiting class. The Ducks are on the verge of being a dynastic program, and Kentucky is not the answer for Moorhead’s (assumed) aspirations of a head coaching job in the future, or at least one he would want to keep long term.

Some fans would assert that Moorhead contending for an OC job at Kentucky is not a lateral move, but an escape?

The connection of Moorhead to other programs could also be in light of head coach Mario Cristobal’s new extension. This leaves very little room for Moorhead to be able to move up within the program, but after being fired from his previous stint with Mississippi State, the Ducks have the perfect amount of national presence in recruiting and flashy athleticism at the skill position for Moorhead to be able to regain that coaching confidence and potentially get a head coaching spot down the road.

Considering the extension reinforces the fact that Cristobal is here to stay, do these rumors potentially point to the idea that Moorhead was expecting to take over when Cristobal was theoretically fired? Perhaps the same way that Cristobal took over for Willie Taggart when he moved on to Florida State?

From UO Athletics Video

Joe Moorhead has made a good impression on the Duck faithful.

I doubt it. Anyone I feel (as a biased Duck myself) would love to take over our Ducks program moving into the foreseeable future. But after being fired and getting such a great opportunity to let the vision of his offense flourish, I doubt Moorhead would take a job anywhere else at this point in time. That is, unless Cristobal doesn’t let that vision flourish.

Should Cristobal be restrictive of Moorhead’s running of the offense down the line, do you think that would force Moorhead out? If the new rumors about Moorhead are false, could Cristobal’s handling of the team potentially be a deterrent for offensive minded coaches in the future given how Justin Herbert has flourished in the NFL more than he (arguably) ever did at Oregon?

Alex Heining
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo by UO Athletics Twitter

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Jon Joseph should have a spot for his daily takes. 

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

He has an article coming up on Thursday, and when we have our Forum–he will be able to start his own threads for our edification and entertainment. (Of which I personally am going to love)

Speaking of which….today I had another SKULL SESSION with the Web Developer for the Our Beloved Ducks Forum and I am wiped out from the Fire-Hose of information. The good news is that we are on a good track and we will be rolling-it-out to the public this next Saturday, December 26th.

Trust me on this….it will not be like any forum you’ve seen or been on….

In fairness, if I was not such a techie Luddite I could come with more takes.


so it will be up before the Fiesta bowl.

cool beans!!!

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Oh yeah…a full week ahead of time. Winning the Pac-12 Championship made me cut down the tasks to what everyone needs right now to post in the forum and discuss our game in a New Year’s-Six Bowl!

Jon Joseph

In addition to the post on Thursday the 24th, I believe the plan is for me to have another one up on the 31st, before the playoff and Fiesta Bowl games?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Yep, that’s correct.

Jon Joseph

Thank you. But others likely demur? And with some. at the very least, good reason.

The Forum should be a hoot. We start and stop a lot of threads on this great site of Charles that are ripe for continuing discussion and respectful difference in POV.

I know he has put a lot of time and effort into this and I think it will be great.

(OK Charles, have I earned my Benji?)


Absolute genius of an idea!!!!!

JJ’s Pondering Rants…. love it.


I’m not sure how you can publish an article on 12/22 about Moorhead becoming offensive coordinator at Kentucky, when they announced their new offensive coordinator Liam Coen on 12/15. That is now over a week ago. It’s even been listed on the UK website since the 15th.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

The gist of the article is not that he was hired, as the article linked do not say that, but that he was a candidate of which is disconcerting to many. That he would be a candidate is news and an important item to ponder, and we are.

The real question is….is he looking further elsewhere? If he was a candidate at Kentucky, is he leaving already?

Reasonable questions to write about and discuss, don’t you think?

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Eric, check your email. Thank you.

Jon Joseph

Once again Trirtay, thank you man for all of these informative posts.

Looks OK to me? I’m far more interested in what the results will be at the conclusion of a 2021 season that will hopefully, not be cursed by this COVID witch.

Defeat 2 very, very beatable teams this season and these results would be much more in the Ducks favor.

Beginning in 2021, the Ducks need to take care of outmanned opponents and not play down to their level.


It’s fascinating how many of us, myself included, are so frustrated by Shough’s game. BUT..his stats were better than those of Morris, Mills & DTR from UCLA. Not that stats are everything, but they appeared to carry the day for Klovis. Definitely agree with Noyer.


No complaints here, no conspiracy I can see.

Shough definitely didn’t look the part.

Some have pointed to his stats……they didn’t hold up in the end though.

Besides I prefer what is seen on the field and he didn’t have many clutch plays or wow moments compared to Noyer.

Glad to see Noyer recognized……..I am the eternal Oregonian homer I guess. I even root for the Beavers at all times except when they play the Ducks….have I mentioned that before :).

Jon Joseph

Noyer is great story. From a back up safety in 2019 to 2nd team Pac-12 QB in 2020. Have to tip your hat to Karl Dorrel for seeing Noyer’s potential and talking him out of the transfer portal.

Based on 2020 results, many of us underestimated Karl Dorrell. I wonder in Mel Tucker would have gone 4-1 with this team? And CU was leading and going toe to toe with Utah before the Buffs outstanding LB, Landsman, was carted off the field.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

It goes to show how hard picking coaches is, because I would not have thought Dorrell was the answer this time.

Wrong again Charles!

Sherman Poindexter

Few things::::
Obviously Joe Moorhead has a plan. He eschewed other opportunities to come with his family cross country.
Without being Karnak the Magnificent, it’s probably safe to say that he envisions the Ducks going to the playoffs in the next couple years. And at that point, he’ll be the hot coordinator with head coaching experience. He’ll be wooed by every football program AD with an open head coaching seat.
So, until then…. I’m sure he’s keeping his head down. And trying his best to keep Cristobal from messing with his offense.

Speaking of offense::::
Beyond the X’s and O’s, every offense has its quirks that present unique challenges to opposing defenses.
That said, what I LOVED about the Chip/Helfrich Blur was the constant attacking of the edges and the bubble screens.
I mention this because THIS is what made those huge holes in the A and B gaps.
All the pre snap movement.
The hurry up play.
Attacking the edges with the threat of Marcus running with a keeper.
THAT is what made for the huge holes for the running backs to pick up 7-8-9-10 yards a clip.
Defenses were so worried about what was happening off-tackle, that stacking the box would’ve been outright stupid.

If the defense is getting gashed by De’Anthony Thomas running 20 yard sweeps. And Byron Marshall being sprung for a 35 yard gain on a Keanon Lowe blocked bubble screen.
Then nobody is stacking the box.
And if they did, then Chip/Helfrich would destroy them on the edges ALL DAY.

That is how your offense IMPOSES ITS WILL on a defense.
It’s elegant simplicity.
And it struck fear in the hearts of every defense we played.

Unfortunately, whether Cristobal is interfering with the play calling or not, I don’t see the same overarching theme to what the Ducks are trying to do on offense.
There is no doubt that Moorhead is clever. And he has some very intriguing plays.
But he hasn’t demonstrated a universal motif that challenges/wrecks/intimidates defensive coordinators BEFORE the game is even played.

If the Ducks are gonna run it up the middle…. it better be because the opposing defense is so confused and freaked out about where the Ducks are gonna go with the ball from 1 play to the next.
I mean seriously!!!!
You think De’Anthony Thomas was the goal line back scoring at will off guard because he was so physically imposing?
The fact of the matter is – at that time in Oregon’s football history, defenses had no clue what the Ducks were gonna do.

When Moorhead starts showing he has an all encompassing THEME OF ATTACK (and is able to run that offense without interference), only then will the Ducks be knocking on the college football playoff door.


Thanks very much, Sherman. It makes so clear what we’ve been complaining about when you tell us just what Chip-Helfrich were doing and what Mario is not. It’s not even that coaches were adapting to it, it’s the issues you brought out and summed up, “elegant simplicity”.


Well said. Chip and Helf played the game of chess….I mean offensive football very well. Always had the opposing D on their heels wondering what was coming next.

Now a lot of the time, especially late in the game, everyone and their dog knows exactly what is coming and then whap!…..another stoning at the line of scrimmage (if we were lucky enough to get back to the LOS).

I completely agree Sherman, and I wrote recently of how there is no system on offense, but a mish-mash of what Joe runs and what Mario wants.


I call their system predictable.

The average Joe like myself knows at least 75% of the time what they are going to run.

I like being fooled sometimes, but only by Duck offense.

Jon Joseph

Great take Sherman. Clever? How about the debut of Mr. Brown? That certainly threw a curve at the Trojans.

Mike West


DAT was imposing inside. If you ever get a look, check out DAT when he played against Stanford. As physical as the Cardinal were against us, he was the most physical back inside against them. He gashed them…inside. His size was deceitful, as he relished contact. In high school he was a beast inside.

You have a very valid point of view. Attacking the edges is vital on offense. In fact, if I were a defensive coordinator, my first order of business would be to seal the edges. As in nobody ever gets outside my edge—no matter what formation I have to defend. Thus, it also would be the focal point of my constraint plays on offense. Ironically, Moorehead seemed to attack the edges early in the season…using the Pistol formation.

Could it be Mario Cristobal wants to be seen as an offensive genius, instituting HIS BRAND OF OFFENSE? I’m beginning to wonder aloud about that. It started with that natural disaster in the Vegas Bowl. Like an earthquake that keeps delivering aftershocks…


BTW, I like the banner photo of Joe that you chose, Alex. It’s a little late for this year, but you might suggest to him when you next see him that he reproduces the photo into a Christmas card, He can have photo shopped with a big red bow to the side, or maybe a nice Doug Fir Christmas Tree with blinking lights in that margin to the left. it’s magical with the ball suspended between his hands.And, the sly look of the OC…… “bet you can’t stop this play you dirt rotten Scoundrels!”

Jon Joseph

How about one with a stick in his hands attacking a pinata dressed like the Iowa State team?


Mastro is a (xxx-deleted). Period. He has been sitting on dollars to add with the pistol plunge bs.


That is a way it could be put. Not sure I would go that far but I definitely would like to see Mastro’s vision for the run game sidelined for good.

And yeah, Dollars looks like he deserves some more touches to me……

Jon Joseph

Interesting is it not that the flu bug has bitten a 3-8 South Carolina preparing to play Sun Belt champ, UAB, as well as a staggering TN team getting ready to play West Virginia?

BTW – UF and Dan Mullen have just been NCAA sanctioned for recruiting violations. LSU is being invested in a pay for play scam among other issues, and the Tigers is hoping to appease the NCAA but not having its team bowling in 2020.

Oh, and mighty 1L A+M? Jimbo thinks A+M should be in the final 4 because it played an all SEC game, BRUTAL schedule. He failed to note that in 2020, the Aggies played 3 teams that finished with winning records.

3L UF finished at 7 and undefeated Cincy at 8. UGA went 0-2 vs the top 25 and finished at 9. 3L Iowa ST finishes a 10. 1L LA that beat IA ST in Ames at 19? But rest assured that we have an unbiased group of experts calling the shots, right?
4 $bowl games, again, for the SEC.

SC 17, Oregon, a team that I believe defeated SC Friday night, finishes 25? Why this, because of SC’s Ws against AZ and WSU?

And 4-1 CU disappears without playing a game.

Where’s Larry? Probably on a beach in Maui?


David Marsh

The biggest factor that comes into play with Moorhead staying or going at this point is how does he get along with Cristobal and company.

MC has seemingly pushed some coaches out the door before. Working for MC isn’t easy as he demands a work ethic near his own which is difficult for most humans to undertake.

I do feel that Moorhead is taking more and.more control over the offensive vision as the season has progressed.

I don’t think the lack of a pass game against usc and Cal was in Moorhead’s original game design but a regression of Shough. It will be up to Moorhead to either get Shough back on track or get Brown in the game.

David Marsh

The other thing that comes to mind concerning Shough is the Oregon defense. Shough has practiced against an Oregon defense that has struggled up until recently to put much of a pass rush on anyone.

So going against some aggressive pass rush teams has him feeling a bit frazzled. Ucla went all out on a pass rush but with their blitzing it left open recievers for him to find.

Usc and Cal were containing him and putting pressure on him while not giving him easy passing targets.

With a defense that is coming together it might give Shough some real practice against a pass rush.

Not sure I entirely buy that explanation of things but I thought it was worth throwing out there.


I agree……..we got almost 3 quarters completed in the P12 Champ game before we saw the pistol dives up the gut and the prevent offense take over. Now if we could just give Moorhead that final quarter.

Jon Joseph

Alex, apologies for not thanking you earlier for this article. Thank you!


I join in thanking you for the fine article, Alex, and also apologize for not reading it closely enough to see how to spell Moorhead’s name.


The worst kept secret in the world is that a lot of us here at FishDuck think the CFP is a mess. We aren’t alone. 7 coaches thought Ohio State shouldn’t be there.

Here is another look at how some coaches voted:


Let me guess…….is it because they wanted more ACC/SEC teams in?

I will be rooting for Ohio State all the way in this playoff. My disdain for the ACC and SEC has taken on a whole new form here this year.

I just wish the Big10, Big12, Pac12 and other conferences would split off and leave those southern fools holding the bag.

Jon Joseph

With Bama center Dickerson hurt and out of the playoff I think Ohio State brings the best O line to the table. But Ohio State is going to need WR Olave and the other guys who were COVID out against Northwestern to suit up against Clemson.

And, against the Tigers, Ryan Day might want to run the ball a little sooner in the game?

Interesting that Clemson for all its playoff success is 0-2 in Sugar Bowl playoff games. And 4 seed Ohio State had a big win against 1 Alabama in New Orleans.


It’s making me cringe, but I’m really hoping that Ohio State beats Clemson…at least gives them a game. But my early call is Clemson 35-16. Alabama – Notre Dame, remember when they played each other in 2013?

Jon Joseph

I do remember the Manti Teo girlfriend game that I’m sure Brian Kelly would like to forget?

I think the Ohio State/Clemson game will be closer than your predicted score? Ohio State is coming in with a big chip on its shoulder after last season’s loss to Clemson and with Dabo stating that 6 games should not be enough to get the Buckeyes in the field. But Fields has to have his full cast of O guys and he has to play his best game of the season.

Clemson’s excellent safety being targeted-out of the 1st half could be a big deal? But not if Olave cannot suit up for tOSU?


I despise Ohio State but will also root for them. Their fans in the Rose Bowl made the Huskies look good.


The coaching job rumor mill is alive and well. I think the agents for some of the coaches that get mentioned as potential candidates start some of the rumors for their clients. I don’t see Moorehead staying at Oregon long term, but going to Kentucky? Ughh.

If Moorehead has the desire to be a head coach, then staying at Oregon makes much more sense to me for the reasons stated in the article. Top recruits to work with and he gets national exposure at a marquee program to show off his offense.

Changes will happen, but I would be very surprised if it happened this year.

Jon Joseph

All the Oranges are being handed out at Christmas?

This makes sense as does meeting the commitment to ESPN for inventory. ESPN’s bowl inventory is already taking it in the shorts. Such a shame, right?


ESPN had its “Bowl Mania” show, where they pick the winners. It was a bit subdued with only 28 Bowls. Iowa State was a clear pick in the Fiesta Bowl. Trevor Mattch picked Iowa, “not because they’re a great team, but because I know they’ll bring it every game, I can’t say the same about Oregon”.

Now, those are words we can understand. One thing though, Trevor was also sure that Notre Dame would sweep Clemson with a win in the ACC Championship Game.


ISU lost 3 games. So I guess whatever “it” is “they bring every game” isn’t always effective.

They’re a good, well coached team. I look forward to a good contest. But picking bowl games is one of the most difficult things to do.

Old Trevor is a nice guy, seems sort of genuine compared to most of ESPNs latte sipping, hundred dollar haircut, Syracuse J school talking heads. But it’s all talk until the pads pop.


I agree about Trevor being the best of the ESPinners, and he elaborated on what you brought up about betting on Bowls. More than during the season it’s about attitude, desire over talent & X’s & O’s, when it comes to winning. Both the Ducks and the Cyclones have powerful incentive to win.

Jon Joseph

1 of the Ls came against Sun Belt LA-LA in Ames. A game that LA-LA dominated. Interesting that 3L IA ST is ranked at 10 and LA-LA at 19.

The Cyclones TX win was aided and abetted by Herman’s bad game decision making, including eschewing a 4th Q FG that would have ended regulation in a tie. Instead, TX went for it on 4th down deep in IA ST territory and was stuffed.

Iowa State’s D in the B12 champ game did play an excellent 2nd half vs Oklahoma. The leading rusher in the country plays for Iowa State. But QB Purdy is a game manager and does make questionable throws. Obviously, the Cyclones team has played a lot more games together in 2020 than has the Ducks.

As for CFB stereotypes, which champ game B12/SEC, looked more SEC-like and which looked more B12-like?

Iowa State has a run heavy, TE oriented O and a solid built to defend in the B12, 3-3-5 D.

The Ducks DL will have to play like in did in LA and Moorhead will have to use a lot of motion to get guys in space. Dive runs out of the pistol will play right into hands of the IA ST D.

All we are saying, is give Brown a chance.

Jon Joseph

I have yet to see a site including Athlon, CBS, ESPN, that has the Ducks winning the Fiesta Bowl. But, ditto for the Pac-12 champ game.


While Mississippi State may wish they hadn’t fired a coach with a winning record and hired a coach who gave them a losing record Moorhead is ours and we should be happy, as should he.

Moorhead has a 5* qb coming in along with a top RB weapon. He also has some receivers coming in who may provide some magic too. These players may be just the ingredients he needs to put together an offense that will again shock college football. At Penn State he did just that.

Moorhead will become a top head coach candidate once he puts together another offense like he had at Penn State. Until then he will just be a candidate for the UNLV type jobs. What was UNLV’s record this year you ask, 0-6.

Moorhead will be smart and do the job he was hired to do and wait for the top job to open up. Until then we should see more of what we saw against SC, and an offense coming together as next season gives us time to prepare.

You raise some interesting questions, but the answers will come over the next season and maybe the season after that. Moorhead is Oregon’s for at least another season.

Jon Joseph

I note that the MS ST player who decided to ‘walk the dog’ in the 2019 Egg Bowl did not help Joe’s cause.

Joe never got buy-in from a disgruntled group of Bulldogs who Dan Mullen recruited, and who were not happy about Mullen heading off to coach fellow SEC member Florida.

Once again I say. ‘Good riddance, Pirate!’ Leach is going to do a lot of plank walking in the SEC.


We will know when we know. Or, in Yogi’s terminology IT WILL BE OVER WHEN IT’S OVER.

Next coach up. but say it ain’t so, Joe. I like you and think you could be a long-term Duck.


It’s a positive sign for the coaches, and the program, when their names are brought up for job openings. When’s the last time you heard Helton’s name on any other teams short list?

Getting the job done here, would do more for Morehead than moving sideways in to a new job. A OC or DC are more glamorous titles than ever before and stability is what Morehead has to show now, so he’s in a great position right here.

Jon Joseph

Hats Off for Noah Sewell!

Named to 1st team D on The Athletic 2020 Frosh AA team.


Good job, Noah, with the recruiting the Ducks are doing, this will become a regular thing!

Jon Joseph

No doubt Stoops desperately needs a new OC at Kentucky, and no doubt SEC teams can unload the dough for assistant coaches.
But in the CFB scheme of things, I don’t see a move to a mid-level, at best, SEC team as a beneficial career move for Moorhead.

I also do not believe that Moorhead decided to become the OC at Oregon with the intent of taking over for Mario Cristobal. I have never heard of a rumor to this effect. If there is such a rumor, it must be coming from the National Enquirer?

Moorhead is not going to further sully his coaching reputation beyond the debacle that was his brief stay at MS ST. He has a two year deal with Oregon, right? Whatever philosophical disagreements he has with Mario, these either get resolved in 2021 or Moorhead leaves when his contract expires. He is not going to be lacking for job offers. And he may want a shot at developing Thompson?

I do not think he is a lifer in Eugene. However, he moved his family to Eugene and as noted above, he’s in the process of putting his reputation back together. Why jeopardize his long term future with a peripatetic job jump now?

BTW, where did you hear of or see, anything about Moorhead taking the Ducks OC job with the intention of replacing Mario? And where did the Kentucky rumor come from? Thanks.


Right on all accounts. The rumor may have come from those who want to break up the coaching staff we now have at Oregon, like USC. (but thats just a rumor).

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Jon, this information came to me via one of our community members and if you click the first link in Alex’s article above…you will see that it is not a rumor. And this article is another confirmation of Moorhead being considered at Kentucky.

The site, FootballScoop, that tracks the coaching openings and the coaches interested–mentioned Moorhead in a couple of articles and here is one of them for you to see.

Where there is smoke there may be fire?

Thank you. There may be smoke but I hope no fire or voluntary exit?

KY does have the ability to pay more money but I think this would be a foolish career move for Moorhead and I believe he knows this to be the case.

Meanwhile, Faux Pelini is looking for a job.


POP Quiz: Who was the head football coach at Kentucky, 2003-2009 ?


Rich Brooks I believe. :)



Jon Joseph

And the KY QB, Terry Wilson, is a Ducks transfer.

But this just in, Babe Pelini is not returning to play and Bear Bryant is not returning to coach Kentucky football. The year KY won the SEC football title (big surprise) and basketball title (no surprise) KY game Adolph Rupp a tricked out Caddy and gave Bear a wrist watch.

Bear said good bye and good luck.

One thing for certain. Nick Saban will never win an SEC title coaching at Kentucky.

Jon Joseph



Don’t forget family has a say sometimes in these coaches moves…maybe they didn’t like the RV drive out west!

When Moorhead first took job, he mentioned he had offers from other schools, even pro opportunities, and he took
what he considered most promising. He said $$ wasn’t that big of a deal. I can’t believe it is now!!


Unless Moorehead feels that he’s unable to run his offense secondary to Head coach interference.

I love Mario with respect to recruiting, but I’m concerned that our tendency to run into the middle of a packed box at critical parts of games seems very similar to last year with our previous OC.


The fact that Moorhead is not coming out saying no chance (of what I would consider a demotion to OC at Kentucky) may be a harbinger of this problem you mention.

I have been concerned that the pistol formation and very conservative play calling as the game moves into the later stages are signs that Cristobal may be micro-managing, although the source of the problem is Mastro, as he brought the pistol to Oregon.

If this is the case, and on the surface it appears to be, then I could see Moorhead saying screw it I need to find a place where I can open up the playbook for the entire game so I can show what I have for potential head coaching jobs.




It’s like having a cup of coffee in the morning. Great routine here Pm. Thanks!


I’m with you on this one Alex. No way is Joe Moorhead leaving the Ducks at this time. IMO Joe and MC get along good enough for at least another year maybe two. Things at Oregon are clicking along nicely for all the Ducks coaches right now and leaving is not on the minds of the Ducks top 3.

Jon Joseph

Did the thought even cross your mind?


Only as a fleeting puff of smoke in the wind.

Jon Joseph

That’s OK. It’s legal out west.