Oregon is Going to WIN the Fiesta Bowl

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Oregon is going to win the Fiesta Bowl. There, I said it.

Iowa State is a really good football team. They were a few plays against Louisiana and Oklahoma from having a case for the college football playoff. They have a good QB, a really good defense and one of the best coaches in the country. They have a unique offense, utilizing lots of tight ends and a physical offensive line.

Iowa State is really good, bordering on great. But Oregon is going to beat them.

The Cyclones have exploitable weaknesses that strongly favor the Ducks. First of which is a pass defense ranked 69th in yards allowed per game, as Iowa State has given up 238.4 yards per game through the air. This is good news for Oregon, who has been struggling to throw the ball the last six quarters. Compared to Wisconsin’s 22nd ranked pass defense from the Rose Bowl last season, it looks like the Ducks will have more opportunity through the air this time around.

The next exploitable weakness for the Cyclones is their kickoff coverage unit. They have already given up two touchdowns on kick returns this season, and with a dynamic returner in Mykael Wright returning for the Ducks, there will be the opportunity for not only favorable field position, but potentially, points. Iowa State has also struggled to cover punts, allowing a whopping 12.29 yards per return and a touchdown. Once again, Oregon should be able to exploit a weak kicking game to win the field position battle.

University of Oregon Athletics

Johnny Johnson will have an opportunity to get some yards against a less-than-stellar pass defense.

Iowa state has struggled to finish off drives, as 16 of their 46 red zone trips have failed to result in a touchdown. If Oregon can stop their opponent from getting into the end-zone, they should win the game.

Lastly, Iowa State has an even turnover differential. For an Oregon team that has struggled to stop turning the ball over, while also struggling to force turnovers, facing a team just as unimpressive in those regards goes a long way toward assuring victory.

Overall, the above mentioned reasons will result in an Oregon victory. Winning the field position battle, the turnover battle, being able to throw the ball and not giving up red zone scores are what nearly every coach will tell you are the keys to any given game. The Ducks have an advantage, or at least not a disadvantage, in all of those categories.

There is another reason the Ducks will win though. That reason is that I am going to be in the press box on behalf of FishDuck. (The Ducks were 3-0 with me there last season)

Hopefully , Our Beloved Ducks will keep the streak alive!

Ryan Robertson                                                                                    
Yuma, Arizona
Top Photo By University of Oregon Athletics

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This matchup reminds me of the Las Vegas Bowl 3 years ago. We’re playing a physical, scrappy team with a lot to prove and taking down Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl would be a program defining win.

They’ve played 5 more games than we have and that’s a big advantage for them. I would feel much better if Shough had 5 more games under his belt or maybe Brown had taken over and proved himself. The quarterback position is unsettled at this juncture and that’s not good heading into a bowl game.

The D will have to win this game like it did against USC. We haven’t shown we can stop the run. If we can stop the run, Iike our chances but if we can’t, it will be a long day.

Santa Rosa Duck

Iowa State has a bruising running back named Breece Hall. Built like Jermar Jefferson. If we don’t stop him it could be a sad day.

Jon Sousa

I agree Ryan. Ducks should win this game, whether or not you are in the press box. Enjoy the game!


Also Oregon has proven itself as a big game team, unfortunately not so much when the games aren’t so important. The Ducks will win the Fiesta Bowl, because that is how they roll!

Oregon has won 5 out of 9 January Bowl games and is 1-0 in Fiesta Bowls. Iowa State has won 4 of it’s 15 bowl games and has never played in a January bowl game.

The only issue is this is another agricultural school, much like the beavs. Iowa State use to be Iowa agricultural college and became Iowa State, later. Oregon needs to focus on the fact that this is a big game, not just another game against a small town school. If they underestimate Iowa State they will be hearing tornado sirens for months to come.


Ducks are 2-0 in Fiesta Bowls.