The 2020 Pac-12 Championship is a Sham

David Marsh Editorials 95 Comments

2020 has not been a good year for Pac-12 football, and has become a major disappointment for Oregon fans. COVID-19 has taken its toll on all of NCAA Football, but the Pac-12’s decision to start late has left the conference truly undecided heading into championship week.

To complicate matters, only one team has actually played all its scheduled games this season: the Oregon State Beavers. All other teams have seen their schedules impacted by COVID-19, whether from an outbreak on their own team or their opponent’s. This does not create confidence in the already-dubious Pac-12 leadership — especially with Washington winning the Pac-12 North by default, which left a foul taste in the mouths of all fans in the North as an already broken system produced unfair results.

Due to an ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, Washington is unable to play for the Pac-12 Conference Championship this Friday, leaving Oregon to represent the North instead. This has made many Oregon fans happy, but — like everything else this this year — it doesn’t feel right. Oregon was handed the opportunity to play the Pac-12 Championship Game this Friday. It was not wholly earned, and as fans, let’s remember that.

Who Won the North?

This should be settled heading into the Pac-12 Championship Game; however, here we are in 2020 with this very real question. Pac-12 leadership says Washington won the North because the Huskies have the fewest losses, even though they have missed two games against division rivals California and Oregon. Furthermore, Washington only has a 1-1 record for its games played in the division, having beaten Oregon State and losing to Stanford — all while managing to avoid playing a single road game this year.

Tom Corno

Beyond the division championship controversy, fans this year will miss out on a beloved rivalry game.

Even though Oregon is now in the Conference Championship Game, this still does not make up for last Saturday’s missed game against the Huskies because it still leaves the unanswered question as to who won the North. Oregon and Washington have both looked vulnerable this season, so the question as to which team is better is left up to all of us since there will not be an on-field result to determine the true Pac-12 North champion.

Outside of Oregon and Washington, there is another candidate who should be considered to have actually won the North this year: Stanford. The Cardinal was without starting quarterback Davis Mills for the opening game of the season against Oregon, and he barely made it back to the field for the second game against Colorado. After those two losses to open the year, however, Stanford has won three straight against North Division teams. Meaning Stanford has the best division record of 3-1 (3-2 overall), including a win over Washington.

If divisions are supposed to matter, then shouldn’t Stanford be in consideration for the North Division Championship?

The Southern Dispute

USC won the South, and there is little contention in that regard, as the Trojans are the only team in the Pac-12 with a 5-0 record. As we have seen, however, this year it isn’t about how many games a team has won or how many games a team has played; what matters is only how many losses a team has suffered.

Eugene Johnson

Oregon will play in the Coliseum this week against USC.

USC missed Colorado this year as the Trojans could not field a roster due to their own COVID-19 outbreak. Colorado in turn played an out-of-conference game against San Diego State, which did not help their Pac-12 standing but was at least good for the Colorado fanbase.

The Colorado-USC game holds the same significance in the South as the Oregon-Washington game in the North. The winner of that game would have determined the South Division. It is only seen as less controversial because USC remains undefeated and Colorado suffered a loss to Utah this past Saturday. Like every other team in the Pac-12 this year though, USC looks vulnerable, as the Trojans have won three of their five games with last-minute theatrics.

This year the Pac-12 has established that missing a game is more beneficial than playing with a depleted roster. Both Washington and USC have benefited from missing Oregon and Colorado, respectively, because this has allowed them to lay claim to the division championships. This is not to say teams should play with potentially sick players, but shouldn’t there also be a reward for teams that have managed to stay healthy and field teams week-to-week?

Mario Cristobal even stated during his Monday press conference that Oregon had played games with available players in the “low 50s.”

Tod Fierner

Oregon played Cal with a depleted roster.

What Should Have Happened?

The Pac-12 is irrelevant to this year’s playoff conversation. No Pac-12 team has looked anywhere near dominant enough to justify a playoff berth, especially with a shorter schedule than every other Power Five conference in College Football. When the Pac-12 decided to return to playing a fall season, the leadership surrendered any real opportunity for a Pac-12 team to make the playoff.

Instead, the Pac-12 should extend the season by at least another week to allow for USC to play Colorado and Oregon to play Washington. Only then can there be a real Pac-12 Championship Game. As it stands right now, there are two teams in each division that could lay claim to their division championship. The Pac-12 leadership’s determination of the division champions is lazy and an embarrassment and will leave the “Conference of Champions” without a true champion.

In the end, what is a more fitting way to conclude the Pac-12’s 2020 football season than with another embarrassing debacle?

David Marsh
Portland, Oregon
Top Photo By: Tom Corno

Natalie Liebhaber, the Volunteer Editor for this article, works in the financial technology industry in Bozeman, Montana.

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Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Recruiting Letter-of-Intent (LOI) Signing Day!

As of 9:50 AM, Oregon already has all 20 signed LOIs received of the 20 who will sign today. (21 total verbals) The latest verbal announced yesterday, Jonathan Flowe, will sign in February.

If you want to read the impressive bios of the new signees, a page at (right here) is available and fun to read. This is the earliest ever-that-I-can-remember finishing LOIs, and that is another testament to Cristobal. Whew!

Apparently a couple of Pac-12 schools were making a late big run in the last week at Tight End Moliki Matavao, who signed with Oregon this morning at 7:03 AM regardless!

A pretty incredible class! (Ranked No. 3 at Rivals and the best ever for Oregon)

The man can recruit, No doubt about it.

Santa Rosa Duck

I think we have a top Head Coach and the product will start to gel in 2021.

Jon Joseph

In hindsight I believe I have been unduly harsh. No one knows the dynamic of a locker room during a pandemic; including, who is healthy and available to practice and play.

I like all of us, hope and pray that this vaccine will work and work well. Come spring practice we will hopefully see things back to normal. The younger guys improved and a couple of the newbies stepping up from the get-go.

Jon Joseph

He’ll get the new deal which he and the assistant coaches deserve. 2021 is a blank slate. 2020 should not be used in any ultimate judgement.

I know I don’t want this to be an Auburn where a HC in the SEC W wins two thirds of his games and gets canned because of unrealistic expectations.

The job Mario is doing in recruiting considering the natural obstacles added to by terrible conference management including a sorry excuse for a network, is frankly amazing.

He deserves another 3 years at least. He deserves time to get his guys up to speed. And he needs a year, perhaps, like 2023, where he doesn’t have to go on the road to play Ohio State and Georgia.

I only hope that when it comes to the big picture he will become a better CEO and not try to micromanage quality assistants.

Gonna be fun, the Dawgs are howling with delight over Sam, (the third in line) Huard as the QB of the future. Meanwhile, the Ducks are dancin’ in the streets over Ty Thompson!

Jon Joseph

UE QB Sirmon has entered the portal.

Jon Joseph


What I came away with, after looking at some of the bios of the recruits, is there diversity of strengths. Quite a few are wrestlers, Keith Brown, at LB, seems to have been a pretty elite wrestler, great background for being able to wrap somebody up!

Our dual threat qb was on the honor roll all four years of high school. The kid can ball and excel in the classroom, sounds like a 3* recruit we had behind the center a while ago. This guy is a 5* recruit, highest rated qb ever at Oregon!

Another which stood out was our DE recruit won the T&F hurdle title as a sophomore. A DE who can hurdle guys and is 6′ 4″ 210, just wow.

All of the recruits look impressive, congrats to the staff and welcome young Ducks!


Thanks for sharing your careful reading of the player bios. I get that most of that was kind of a brain/file dump of 95% football trivia, but the snippets of family, other sports, etc. I find informative, and hope they can edit some more of that stuff in before they finalize any UO generated bios for these kids.

Also liked that 5’8″ Seven McGee lettered in both basketball & volleyball, so, most likely was a point guard / setter respectively; roles that require vision, quick feet, and superb body control. How perfect is that!


DC, I do just pan down and look at what they did other than football. I think, often, you can tell a lot about a kid if he has other accolades than football.

I particularly like the wrestlers, they can tackle like few can, and we have a few wrestlers this year. The track guys are awesome as speed kills, while these athletes get little of the prestige football hands out.

I did look at Seven McGee, he may just be the huge weapon we need coming out of the backfield as a receiver and as the RB we need for the future.

There is so much hope and dreams on both sides as these kids sign on for their shot at the big time. I hope all their dreams come true!


Yep, all the hand fighting and leverage you see in wrestling is also there in men’s water polo, but you don’t see that as a cross over sport for football too often.


I am mildly surprised that a few of our elite recruits did not pause their signings for even a few days, if not until February. Kind of a relief to essentially bat 1000 by mid-morning of the first day – with a couple of high visibility prospects still in play (as of 10:30 AM PT).

This says to me that the staff have privately assured the kids that there will be minimal or no coaching changes, with the understanding that no one knows the future perfectly. This gives me some comfort Re Big Joe, Avalos, Feld, and Moorhead, with Uncle Phi’s engagement in Mario’s contract discussions a cornerstone of that comfort.

And, in practical terms, the Conference Championship outcome now is essentially house money that is riding on the results, rather than next month’s mortgage.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

To me…your point is blockbuster. That all the four and five star athletes were retained and signed by 10:00 AM? After two losses that should not have happened and Auburn rumors?

Really impressive.


Raise your hand if you remember waiting excitedly for LOI day and reading the lists in the Oregonian. They all looked so good on paper! And it was paper, too!

Now, I can’t even read half of the Oregonian articles because they are behind a pay wall. I already know every player on the list, having followed the process over the last year.

It really reminds me of that year in your life when you finally give up on the idea that Santa is real.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Oh I collected copies from the Oregonian AND the Register-Guard as you never know what tidbit might show up in one, but not the other! And I filed and kept them! (I am laughing at myself as I keyboard this)

You know…those years were not really that long ago, but yet the memory is like….eons ago in tech years.


A cautionary tale: SC signed Jackson Light’s 4 star QB teammate, Jaxson Dart, and has moved up to #8 Rivals, while Ducks have slipped to #5…..

Jackson, I know he was a Senior year transfer to your high school, but c’mon man, friends don’t let friends go Trojan….

Jon Joseph

Dart replaces Garcia who decommitted from SC to sign on as a QB at Miami. Garcia’s parents legally separated so he could play his senior year of HS ball in Georgia.


Yes, seems like a timely get by USC. I watched Dart have a very good game against a strong rival early in the season, when I had tuned in to watch Jackson Light (who also played a great game).

Dart showed a solid arm (not a cannon) and was very effective with swing, timing, and mid range passing, and was also a competent and willing runner on designed and spontaneous running plays. He should be an excellent fit for Harrell/SC’s system. He was a senior year transfer in HS and was running that offense with great skill in their 3rd or 4th game, so am guessing getting up to speed at SC should not be a problem.


Yes, David, you make a number of good points. But as I finish a glass of back-to-back Pac-12 Champion champagne, I can’t get up the energy to agree with you.

J Duck

Great recruiting class.

Huskies never won a national title and don’t deserve to be Pac 12 champions in anything.



OT: From 247Sports
“Moorhead is regarded as one of two finalists” (Offensive Coord)


Apparently so. Sorry.

It is may still be a noteworthy development if you think about it.


Thanks for the article, David. As usual, I am late to the discussion, but I am glad I can still be a part of it!

My opinion will be widely panned, if anyone reads it.

Here is the Ivy League speaking about playing football this year:

“With the information available to us today regarding the continued spread of the virus, we simply do not believe we can create and maintain an environment for intercollegiate athletic competition that meets our requirements for safety and acceptable levels of risk…”

Here is the SEC speaking about playing football this year:

“We believe these schedule adjustments offer the best opportunity to complete a full season by giving us the ability to adapt to the fluid nature of the virus and the flexibility to adjust schedules as necessary if disruptions occur…”

It should not be a surprise that the Ivy League prioritized safety and risk, while the SEC prioritized completing a full season.

So, where does the PAC 12 fit into those extremes? They wanted to be as morally worthy as the Ivy League, but they felt forced into following the other Power 5 conferences, once the Big 10 went in, for fear of being left behind.

But because they were last, and did not have a rapid transition plan set up and wasted more time than the Big 10, they became the last power 5 conference to start playing.

So, you get what we see now.

  • A conference which at the very top level would like nothing more than to be considered an academic (almost) equivalent of the Ivy League on the west coast.
  • A conference which at the sports level would like to be considered a competitive equivalent of the other Power 5 conferences.
  • A conference which tried to split the difference and ended up achieving neither goal.

Now, that might be a little harsh, but that is how I see it!

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Outstanding post in terms of research and conclusions. I agree with your bullet-points, although it is painful.

Jon Sousa

Sorry David, but I didn´t read the article. No time. Just want to respond to the title:

This is the season that wasn’t – look no further than all of the students that didn’t lose a year of eligibility if they played and didn’t lose their scholarship didn’t play.

This season was all about giving those who wanted to play a chance to;
It was all about bringing a little money into the coffers of schools that for the most part desperately needed it;
It was all about fans holed up at home that desperately needed something to cheer about.

This isn’t a season for “legitimate” conference and national championships… as nothing about it is “normal”.

This is a season for a lot of extra “practices” including live interschool “practices” with a few bragging rights thrown in.

This was not a season to get overly invested in as a fan. Too many opt outs, protocols, last minute changes in who teams are even playing “this week”. Colorado’s supply truck is staying the night half way between Boulder and LA, “waiting to find out which way to go.”

This is not a year to get overly upset about anything. Like a bad loss that wasn’t expected, it is best to briefly learn what you can from it… and then flush it.

That’s what I am doing… and that is one more thing that makes it a little easier to face the future with a measure of optimism. Today is a day for celebrating because the Oregon Ducks just pulled in the best recruiting class ever. Two years from now, a lot of these guys will be on the field in Autzen Stadium sacking opposing QBs and “taking it to the house.”


A Husky fan is pretty melancholy about their situation.

It takes a while to get to the comment, the first one. It’s not what I expected to read on a Husky site.


The Celtics lost to the 76ers, but Payton Pritchard played great in his NBA debut.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

So cool seeing that stat line and those replays. We’ve seen the ally-opp passes, and his incredible drives to the basket and it is sweet to see him do it at the highest level.

Thanks 30Duck!

Jon Joseph

St. George. May I suggest Brandy’s for the ribs?


Was anyone else really disappointed we lost Christian burkhalter? I thought he was gonna be an absolute beast. He had a great motor and athleticism and nastiness. Looked like TJ Watt out there at times. We’ll see how he does at Ucla. I was really looking forward to watching him play in a ducks uniform though.


I’m seeing Isaac Townsend not get a snap this season, and thinking Burkhalter is a similar talent who might get buried @ UO, so, wishing him the best and hoping he has a great run with the Chipster for all games except vs the Ducks


Great day in recruiting. I remember when I used to wait for the next days Register Guard to come out for this news. The take in the main article is silly. There was no path for “fair” standings in this season. The Pac 12 announced as clear of rules about the playoffs as they were able ahead of time. Any travesty would have occurred if they had ignored their preset rules which would return us to the days the conference actually voted Oregon out of the Rose Bowl because Washington had more prestige. Irony abounds.

Jon Joseph

Although, even without playing and defeating Michigan, Ohio State would have played Northwestern for the B1G title. So I don’t see this as that big of an issue.


another embarrassing debacle? you say! – – – Yes, you are so correct. The Pac-12 as a P5 conference is an embarrassment to all football schools nation wide and it deserves all the mocking it gets.

Lazy Larry Scott and the school presidents has taken this shining start conference and drove it into the mud. But not all the fault lies there. Each school of the Pac-12 deserves an equal amount for looking the other way while it happed and not speaking out, not taking corrective action.

The question now is can it ever correct itself and regain the glory days of old ?? – – – IMO, I don’t think so. Each year we see more and more of our great regional football athletes move East to the land where football is done right and national champion’s are made. As soon as the last of our good recruiting coaches leaves the Pac-12 it will be the last nail in the coffin, and that day seems not far away.

All this leaves the Pac-12 equal to the greatness of the Mountain West conference or the AAC conference and nothing more.

Jon Joseph

David, without a major increase in media money the next go round, the Pac-12 as currently structured will not bounce back.

Spot on in regards to Oregon, SC, UW being marketable programs, but many conference members are not. If a competitive media deal does not come to fruition by 2026, I think you can kiss at least SC goodbye?

My guess, the B12 would love to add AZ, ASU, USC, UCLA and bring back CU? Add Cincinnati or Memphis to these 5 and you have a solid 16 team conference with big players in both CBB and CFB.

SC is likely the only conference team that could get a Notre Dame/NBC type of deal done.

Jon Joseph

And how about get out of SFO and have another $2M or so to distribute to the schools?


My guess, the B12 would love to add AZ, ASU, USC, UCLA and bring back CU?

And why not UO ??

Jon Joseph

But what about the millions of Pac-12 Network subscribers in China and elsewhere around the world? All tuning in to watch the Pac-12 play Olympic sports.

Do you believe that educated people actually believed the bull Larry was threw and continues to throw, in their direction?

The potential sources of new big time media money is drying up. Oregon has to figure a way to align with more marketable partners. Partners who truly want to compete in CBB and CFB at the P5 level and have the resources to do so,

Santa Rosa Duck

Thanks David Marsh. I had to read it twice to follow along but I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I just hope for this season to end on a high note with healthy players. Lets bring on a vaccine and hopefully looking forward to the 2021 season and actually attending a game in Eugene.


David, I want to say what a great job you did with this, so much more useful than Nemec’s tweet that took a direct hit at Oregon fans. As you stated above this article is a critique of the Pac-12 under Larry Scott and we can only hope that it will convince enough of the powers that be to say, “Goodbye, Larry”.

If anyone gets the homage to “Hello, Larry”, McLean Stevenson’s ill fated sitcom, you really are old.


A large supply of asterisks is going to be needed to document this season.


This season shouldn’t surprise anyone. I think we all knew it would be a mess going in.

Every week was a fingers crossed week, hoping your team or the other team stayed healthy. It would be almost impossible IMO to determine how it would be played out and to be able to come up with a good plan to finish it.

Winner. The Ducks for getting to play in the P12 game because of nothing they did.

Loser. The Buffs for not getting to play in the P12 game and as a bonus get to sit home with no consolation game. Ouch.

Jon Joseph

“Sit around” is exactly right. I think I’d rather be skiing?


Tough situation overall. There are a lot of ways things could of been better this year………….I will leave it at that for fear of what could be construed as the hint of a political statement.

In particular the PAC-12 could of started earlier in September allowing more time for make-up games.

All we can do now is root for the Ducks in one game. It’s come down to a one game season. If the Ducks win then it’s another one game season after that.

I agree with what others have said that if they lose, then they should hang up the cleats for this season and not take a bowl invitation to a lesser game.


Embarrassing debacle? Then let’s call it the Larry Scott Farewell Bowl.

Jon Joseph

Hope so? But with people he reports to? Who knows?


It is hard to understand how he remains or was retained after the first couple of years.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

I will always refer to this year as the one of the Crazy COVID Championship year if we beat USC on Friday. Win the conference, but not the division? Only in this year and justified with the flawed reasoning you pointed out does this happen.

Our weekly writers only need to present a short article to get the conversation going, and a nice full article like this that gets us pondering is a treat. Thank you David!


Thanks for this, good article. Can you elaborate on the below;

Mario Cristobal even stated during his Monday press conference that Oregon had played games with available players in the “low 50s.”

Any additional specifics on that statement and which games Oregon had just over 50% of players available?


Heard anything about how many players Oregon has available at this point for Friday’s game?


Thanks, good to hear.


“Low 50’s” refers to the headcount of scholarship players cleared to play.

The Pac-12 set a minimum of 53 scholarship players available per team in addition to position minimums that include seven offensive linemen, four interior defensive linemen and one quarterback. To satisfy the positional requirements, each of those players must be on scholarship.


Thanks for re-posting those specifics, especially the 53 having to be on scholarship; I missed that the first go around.

Jon Joseph

Spot on by Brent. But even with 53 there are requirements for the minimum # of O line guys, etc.


Would anyone be surprised if a team could not go Friday?


This season reminds me of the saying about sausage. If you like sausage don’t ponder, or really acknowledge how it was made, just enjoy. I am going to enjoy Friday nights game and not worry too much about what went into it.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Made me laugh! Perfect analogy as it is so true for many of us.



You will enjoy as long as its not Duck sausage.

Jon Joseph

LOL. I have yet to figure out why someone would rather eat chicken sausage than a chicken leg?


Go Ducks !!!


Exactly…….enough said.

Jon Joseph

Excellent take David.

I think the ACC made a good call in 2020 in deciding to drop divisions and have the 2 teams with the best records play for a championship. I would support this model for the Pac-12 in every season while maintaining ‘rivalry’ games. Like the CA schools play one another every season, I would do the same with the northwest schools.

While it is exciting to play USC on Friday night in ‘front of’ what should be a significant audience on FOX, the entire enterprise does seem contrived. Moving it up a notch, why is Ohio State now 5-0 and odds on to go 6-0 even in the Playoff picture? Because it’s THE Ohio State University. And 13 all-knowing CFB experts just know that the Buckeyes is one of the 4 best teams in America, right? Because Ohio State beat Indiana by a TD in Columbus, right?

We all know that this season was played for 1 reason and that reason is not because, “we have to give the kids a chance to play!” The reason is $.

I will be watching with interest Friday night, but any victory this season is in many respects, only a pyrrhic victory.

BTW, great observation in regards to Stanford. Not sure Stanford would have been invited to a bowl but the Cardinal has opted out of the 2020 bowl season. Should Oregon not win Friday night, IMO the players have been through enough and to extend the season for other than a NY6 bowl is senseless. I really do not think it’s a reward to spend Christmas in Shreveport, LA away from your family.


Yes, there’s a game on Friday and that’ll be great, and I will forget about all this as I get caught up in the action, and who knows what game awaits the Ducks. I agree about Shreveport. It was great for Musgrave and the guys back in the day, but it wouldn’t be now.

The ESpinners are still hyping the season. Full of drama. Cincinnati should be the team from Ohio planning for the Playoff. I can’t believe that I’m going to be rooting, twice, for Notre Dame. But it’s either the Irish beat Clemson, and really make it hard to keep the “Paw” in, or it’s Notre Dame vs Clemson for the 3rd time this season, before Alabama & Clemson again, for the Championship?

Jon Joseph

1 good thing? With the absolutely moronic manner in which the playoff committee has acted this season it may bring playoff expansion sooner rather than later?

I can’t believe the 5 votes from the G5 wouldn’t be in favor of expansion, plus the Pac-12, B-12 and Notre Dame with AL spots available? That would be 8 out of 11. And with the extra $ that would be generated, why not all 11?

BUT if ND wins, then it’s likely a re-match of the Bama beat down of A+M?


Thinking more about the Committee just makes it worse. 8-2 Florida dropped 1 place after losing to 3-5 LSU. Undefeated, 8-0 Cincinnati dropped 1 place after not playing. Larry Scott is a harmful incompetent doing his best to render the Pac-12, The Conference Of Champions, obsolete.

But, The Committee is a weapon, wielded by the powerbrokers and their monopolistic partner ESPN, to turn college football into a niche sport like polo, enjoyed by their affluent fanbases.

Jon Joseph

AMEN David. Let’s see if the kids want to go? My guess? Fiesta, yes; Shreveport, no?


My thought on the Shreveport Bowls of the world is to get rid of them. Unless a team is going to a bowl for the first time in a long time, the games are money losers to those teams, before the sharing of bowl game payouts.

Coaches don’t want to get rid of bowl games because they are given extra practices. I say we get rid of 1/3 up to 1/2 of bowl games and let teams 6-6 or better get those extra practices without a bowl game. That is the only reason why I “like” these terrible bowl games is for the extra practices.

Jon Joseph

The lower level bowls exist to give ESPN broadcast product and in theory but certainly not in 2020, for localities to sell hotel rooms and show off what is great about living wherever ‘there’ may be?

I would think playing in the Independence Bowl in 2020 would not be a winning financial decision by the Ducks. And this is a reward for the players? Sitting in a hotel room in Shreveport on Christmas Day and being tested?

And what P5 team wants to play Army? That’s a no-win game situation.

K ST is the 1st B12 team to announce that it will not be 2020 bowling. I expect the list across the nation will continue to grow.


I think the money is important. I would not be surprised if schools had to drop football and other sports aften their budgets are wrecked this year.


This is a weird year… For me, I get to see my ducks play another game. I am sure the whole time I will be yelling at the TV screen that my 8 year old (who just started watching every game with me this year) will explain to my father in law “yeah, dad was mad about the shooter (pistol), but they kept doing it….”

At the end of the day, and this weird year, we get another game and that’s got to be enough. Maybe if we fail running the pistol AGAIN, Mastro will get fired?


Jon Joseph

LOL! That is one very observant 8 year old.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

I doubt it as Mastro tells Cristobal what he wants to hear. The real question is when a choice has to be made between Mastro and Moorhead….which direction will the offense go?

And will Moorhead stay and not go in another direction?

I wonder if he is on the list to replace Sumlin?


I suspect Moorhead will be happy to ride out this year’s version of the coaching carousel after less than a year away from his move from Starkvegas. With his nice early departure settlement from MSU, he’ll likely be kicking back with his youngish family after a move in the year of Covid Chaos, and looking forward to working with a talented QB room that will include 5 star Ty Thompson. That’s my take.

Jon Joseph

A very good point and I agree.

Jon Joseph

MAN! Would you leave the gig he has in Annapolis for Tucson?

I hope Ken doesn’t make the move. Who wants to play a triple option, cut you off at the knees, team?