My TOP TEN Gifts for Ducks Fans

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Choosing gifts for your loved ones is not always easy for birthdays, Christmas and Mothers/Fathers Day. If the Oregon Ducks fan in your life has a special occasion coming up, here are some gift ideas to give you some inspiration. These suggestions were not gathered by sales results, but below are most of my personal favorites as each passed the “would I want it?” test in flying green and yellow colors!

Justin Herbert NFL Chargers Jersey

This jersey is not just great for lounging in, but it is also comfortable and fashionable for any occasion. It comes from a partnership with the huge sports brand Nike, and would make a great gift for a Ducks fan. This jersey is available in a range of sizes and could make watching the NFL fun again for you!

Online Sports Streaming Subscription

Any sports fan needs to have access to sports game to watch. There are many different networks and streaming services to choose from, but an online football streaming subscription can be a great gift.

This jersey is a BIG draw in our part of the world!

Oregon Ducks Recliner Protector

Of course, streaming subscriptions are not the only thing that sports fans need in order to enjoy their favorite sports—somewhere to sit to enjoy the game is also vital. This recliner protector with the iconic Oregon Ducks iconography is a great way to shield your seat in style.

Personalized “Etched” Oregon Pint Glass

There isn’t a better way to have your Oregon Craft Beers than in an University of Oregon pint glass with your name on it! It’s a little spendy, but mixing a vanity gift with Our Beloved Ducks is a perfect match! (Charles … are you paying attention?)

Oregon Ducks Calendar

Calendars are classic gifts, but most of them cover 12 months at a time. For a Ducks fan, the 16-month academic calendar is a lot more important, and this one comes with the iconic Ducks logo.

Support the football team and Oregon athletes with this cool Polo Shirt.

Limited Edition Mens Football Polo Shirt

This is a cool look that supports the Ducks, but also the Oregon Athlete Foundation, a cause to look into helping all our student athletes at Oregon. Every man needs a great Oregon Football Polo shirt like this…

Oregon Ducks Glitter iPhone Case

Plenty of sports fans also appreciate a little sparkle in their lives, and a phone case is a great way to display this. Not to mention, it will keep their phone safe from any sporting injuries or flying balls when they are in the stands.

The Classic Oregon Hat…or Not

So many choices on this page, and so many hats that fit all the sports at Oregon. The beanie pull-over hats are pretty handy on those cold days at Autzen and the entire selections is from a local small business in Eugene and Springfield.  Support those who survived the “COVID” year, and celebrate Oregon Ducks Sports everywhere you go!

Awesome Autzen!

Where Dreams are Made … a Poster of Autzen on GameDay!

Every Duck fan who views this poster cannot help but have a smile and warm feeling from all wonderful times on fall Saturdays. So many memories that will never die and this poster will summon those remembrances every time it is viewed. Get one for your fan!

Coffee-table PERFECT: Not a Book, but an Oregon HELMET!

Nothing gets you in the GameDay rush like an Oregon Helmet on the Snacks table, and on the coffee-table to show all your loyalties. The hard part is deciding on the color as this green is cool, but so is this yellow helmet and they even have a white one as well. Get one for each table and the ManCave besides!

Every one of these items will make a Duck fan happy, and while I’m sure Mr. FishDuck wishes he got a commission from the suggestions here–they are my favorites and come from many sources. Do you have suggestions and can provide a link to them? Gift suggestions at this time of the year are helpful, especially when they can be ordered online from local businesses. Spread the Duck love!

Lakeside, Oregon
Top Photo by Kevin Cline

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