Your Betting Guide to the 2021 NFL Draft

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Betting on the NFL has grown in popularity almost as much as watching the game. Millions of people worldwide like wagering a small amount of money on sports, while millions more choose to wager a larger amount. You’ve come to the right place if you’re new to NFL betting or just want to brush up before the draft. This guide delves into all of the various ways you can wager on the NFL Draft.

How to Bet on NFL Draft

With the NFL Draft gaining more attention than ever before, there are a variety of ways to wager on the league’s biggest offseason event. More markets will become open when we get closer to the draft. The most famous NFL Draft wager is on who will be the first overall pick? There are a variety of other NFL Draft Prop Bets such as the third overall selection, the first of their position group picked, like the first running back or wide receiver selected.

Betting decisions will be made on the best prospects and ability positions. You can wager on players leaving before the certain actual pick or on their landing position, or which is the team that will choose them. You can also bet on how many players from a specific role will be drafted in the first round or overall, as well as pitting two players against each other.

How to Read NFL Odds

Let’s take a look at how to read NFL odds, as there are a variety of ways to wager on the NFL and it helps to know about these terms and strategies and apply them to NFL Draft betting.

NFL Moneylines

NFL money lines are the most straightforward bets to make since they predict which team will win the game outright. Each team will be given a moneyline value based on the implied probability of winning.

Moneylines bets on teams with a higher chance of winning (favorites) yield a lower return but carry a lower risk. Moneyline bets on teams with a smaller chance of winning (underdogs) have a higher return, but they are riskier bets.

Thinking Football YouTube

The Scouts break it all down and now decisions are made…

NFL Point Spread

The NFL point spread is a predicted margin of victory set by oddsmakers for each game, leveling the playing field between the two teams.

NFL Over/Under Totals

The calculated accumulated points scored by the two teams in a game are known as NFL Over/Under Totals.

If oddsmakers expect a total of points to be scored in a game, the NFL Over/Under will be set, and the bettors will choose whether the final score will be Over or Under that total.

Tips for Winning Wagers on NFL Draft Betting

Compared to the NFL action on the field, NFL Draft betting is a strange market to handicap. That simply means that when it comes to handling all of the mock drafts and getting the best NFL Draft props, you’ll need a sharp betting strategy.

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Oregon has another potential first-round player to watch…

NFL Draft Inside Information

When it comes to gaining an advantage in NFL Draft props, the most powerful tool against the books is social media. In the weeks leading up to the draft, social media becomes a major source of information, with roughly a million mock drafts flooding your feed.

Bet Early/Bet Late

Every year, the NFL Draft odds become available earlier and earlier. Draft betting is mainly a sharp market for sportsbooks, with more professional activity than the general public. That means that the first odds are bet as soon as they are posted, and bookmakers shift the lines quickly to take advantage of the sharp money. Following such steam moves is a good strategy for those who want to get the best numbers. (Just make sure you don’t arrive too late and lose all of the value)

Shop Around

Many of the regular NFL Draft props, such as “Which player will go first overall?” can be found in most sportsbooks. Over/Under pick props on the big-name prospects are also available. However, in terms of options and costs, the odds board varies from book to book.

If you have the option of betting with multiple sportsbooks, make sure you shop around to get the best value for your money. A book could provide a prop variation that benefits bettors by lowering the risk or increasing the payoff. Some online sportsbooks will offer live betting if you want to respond to the market pick-by-pick during the NFL Draft.


Penei and his brother could both be first-round picks?

Mind the Mock Drafts

Most bettors have mock drafts and viewpoints. You only have a few mainstream choices in terms of predicted draft picks. However, with the rise of fantasy football over the last decade, NFL bettors have had a deluge of mock drafts to choose from.

When looking for value in NFL Draft props, the best advice is to stop treating mock drafts as evidence and just use them as a comparison tool. They’re handy for position props, such as “How many quarterbacks will be picked in the first round?” so you can compare the predictions of several draft analysts to the betting odds to find your edge.

To Conclude

NFL games can be bet on in several ways. Point spreads, over/under, and moneylines are some of the most common betting options and understanding these can help your NFL Draft betting. These NFL betting tips has walked you through all of your betting choices and help you place your first NFL sports wager. Those who understand the sport and target markets and use a smart betting strategy can not only beat the NFL but also make a little money doing so!

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