Ducks Destruction: My COVID CONCERNS with Autzen Attendance

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck Editorials 61 Comments

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“Charles, are you out of mind? Doesn’t this article violate your No Politics Rule?” 

The FishDuck Editor-in-Chief Alex Heining was warning me with his usual conscientiousness, as he always has my back and the good of the site as his priority. Yet this subject is so important that I believe we can focus on the issues themselves, and not the political machinations surrounding it. In short, I have observed decisions made by the State of Oregon, and the Lane County Health Authority that impact Oregon Athletics, and I have grave concerns about them making sound judgments in the near future. These crossroad choices could alter the viability of Our Beloved Ducks.

My Own Experience:

You cannot have a football website without pictures, and thus I have photographers at every Oregon game to supply images for our writers and their daily articles. At the beginning of last season the media were informed by the Athletic Department at Oregon that only a few photographers would be allowed on the field (from the biggest media sources), and the rest of us could have photographers in the stands using telephoto lenses. Then the AD declared that almost no photographers would be allowed, even in the stands. There were many games in 2020 where I could not have a single FishDuck photographer present…

Yet I could have two photographers at the Washington State game in Pullman, and two in Reser Stadium? So COVID science is different in Washington than Oregon? The data and science are different in Benton County than Lane County?

Tom Corno

COVID science is different here?

When I asked for the data that supported massive COVID transmission outside when people (photographers) are wearing masks, socially distanced and in the freezing cold? Crickets. As we know, the data did not exist six months ago to support that premise and since then–the data is demonstrating the opposite. One study examining over 232,000 cases of COVID found that only 1/10th of 1% of all the cases were contracted outside. Other researchers concluded that the amount of COVID transmission outside is so low as it almost cannot be measured.

So the State of Oregon and Lane County Health Authority ignored pertinent data crucial in making such a decision?

Working Together: Coercion and Omission

The State recently announced how life and business can open up once a threshold of 70% of the population is vaccinated at least once for COVID. The implication is that herd immunity can be reached or approached at that number, which has been extensively discussed by health professionals nationally. Yet as many scientists will assert, the key is not the amount vaccinated, but the total of those who have the antibodies within their bodies, and this number would include those who have already had the COVID disease. Yet no mention is made of that in any of the metrics or news conferences….

Many sources have estimated that the actual number of people who have had COVID is actually about four times the amount reported.  In Lane County, the total number reported last week was 12,921 and multiplied four times would give us a total of 51,684 in Lane County who have had the disease or 13.55% of the total number of 381,268 in Lane County. Sure, there are some who had the disease and also received the vaccine, but would it not be safe to say that an additional 10% of the county population is safe from contracting COVID again due to their experience with it already?

Kevin Cline

So many people have experienced COVID…

Why aren’t these numbers part of the decision metrics?  Wouldn’t it change the goalposts in a positive direction for life to return to normal? Is it good science to ignore something so basic to the discussion? Is it fair to apply coercion to the masses to achieve goals set by metrics contrived with such an overt omission of facts?

A Nightmare Scenario…

It will not be long before everyone who wants to be vaccinated will be, and life will begin to return closer to normal. Let’s picture that it is late September, and suddenly Lane County has a COVID surge. How could that happen?

COVID is not going away and no matter how careful you are–if you have not been vaccinated, then I believe eventually you will come in contact with COVID when things open up and relax. (Just ask Penei Sewell.) My concern is how the State and Lane County would react to such a COVID surge of unvaccinated people. Would they shut down and punish everyone because of those who made their own free choices? Will this be the ultimate power-play on the populace by the State and County?

I do not see them doing nothing…do you? But what can they do in that scenario? It seems that the disease will need to run its course among those who have chosen to forgo the vaccine, yet the track record of these two entities does not suggest that passive course of inaction. And yet I do not see how there would not be a COVID surge among those who are unprotected…

Eugene Johnson

We cannot afford losing this…

Oregon Football Could Get CRUNCHED

The athletic budget at Oregon must have Autzen full of fans this fall to meet their obligations and to remain solvent over the long term. Cutting those attendance numbers could force the cutback or removal of other sports, and erode the credibility of the Oregon Athletic Department nationally. The ancillary damage could be worse as potential players and coaches decide in the recruiting process that it is much easier to play/coach in other conferences where all the relevant data is utilized in decision metrics.

It could be a negative snowball that impacts the fans of all sports of Our Beloved Ducks. My concerns are based upon the actual decisions and performance by the State and County in my own experiences, and now what we see carried out at the state level. I do not have confidence that they will do the right thing in terms of the big picture, but instead will continue to use omission and coercion … regardless of the impact to University of Oregon Athletics.

I would like to know your thoughts and suggestions, and let’s stay on the issues covered in this article. Do you have concerns about Autzen attendance this fall?

Charles Fischer   (Mr. FishDuck)
Eugene, Oregon
Top Photo from State of Oregon YouTube

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I was just out of the military when 205 was being built and instead of putting in 4 to 5 lanes for the future now the only thing with anything to do with the freeway is backups.

Not gonna change until the right people are put in charge. These have always been the wrong people to be in charge of the state. Also just my feelings on it Oregon needs to expand Autzen because I’m quite sure it will be full.

I hope it’s full or as far as I’m concerned this is our best chance at a NATTY and that’s this season coming up. This stadium can accommodate 70;000 screaming Duck loony’s. I hope this political stupidity stops because if they screw this up I’m done.

It’s almost as if there’s someone out there that just doesn’t want Oregon to ever taste that Glory. Maybe their a Husky Grad or something. Sucks to be a Oregonian sports fan with no NFL, MLB, heck even a NHL team would be ok. Not here though and now the reject Owner of the Blazers. Sorry this sucks.


At some point the decision to participate as a fan or not has to rest with the attendee. There is in law the notion of “assumption of risk”. If one is fully vaccinated one should be able to make his/her (or some other gender I guess) informed decision as to whether to go to games or not. Shutting down an entire sporting economy, especially after an almost two year ordeal of non-attendance, is an unacceptable and extremely expensive proposition and is possibly one that no recovery will be possible.


I think if Oregon reaches the nebulous goal of 70%, then Governor Kate Brown/OHA needs to follow through and let what happens happen. The moving goal posts is really making things worse for us mental health wise.

I’m a vaccinated Duck football season ticket holder and I honestly don’t see a problem with the University requiring a COVID vaccination card as their games are a private event, so they get to make the rules. I see this as a no shirt/no shoes/no service type of thing. However, they either need to do that starting day 1 or not ever. They can’t decide to start doing that at some random point.

Requiring a card will make getting into Autzen a terrible experience. They will need so much more security because we all know people are going to show up and “forgot” their card or not have one and expect to get in anyway since they bought their ticket. The only way I can think of them requiring a card, is for them to only send E-tickets and people have verified their vaccination before hand. The secondary market would be non existent for this season.

Another problem I see is, what about kids under 16? Yes, they have started allowing 12-15 year old kids to be vaccinated, but the numbers show they hardly have severe cases. I’m an adult, I get to choose what I do to my body, but am I going to make my child get a shot?

So hard to stay on topic. I did my best to only answer your question Charles. :)


Realistic appraisal of what I, reluctantly foresee happening. The e-ticket idea is, again sadly, a great solution.

Like you, my wife and I have season tickets. We travel five hours one way which requires hotel reservations being made in advance, they have been for the 2021 season. So obviously, I’m betting some sort of policy will be put in place soon.

I find the -No vaccine card, no admission- distasteful from a freedom of choice perspective. Having said that, Go Ducks! Here’s hoping we will all be in Autzen this fall.


Que sera, sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que sera, sera
What will be, will be


Hello everyone,

As a long time lurker of this great website about Duck football I have been hesitant to join any of the great conversations I have read on here for a few years now.

This discussion is a good one and an important one to be having. And as someone that is not from Oregon but still roots for the Ducks on Saturdays in the fall all the way from small town Texas I feel as though it would be interesting to give my perspective as someone on the outside looking in.

Before starting I would like to say that I am not trying to be political, nor am I trying to be condescending on anyone’s beliefs, opinions, or attitudes towards this pandemic.

Living in rural Texas (about 30 minutes outside of a town called Abilene pop. 150,000ish) the handling of this pandemic seemed to be about the same as what’s happening in Oregon during the first few months. Businesses shut down, and there was a lockdown that has now been lifted for quite some time now.

Last July my wife and I both contracted COVID and while I was very concerned for her due to her just having finished chemo that February, she only had a fever that lasted a day or So. I only had very minor symptoms such as loss of smell and taste for about a week.

After quarantine ended for us we were told that we had antibodies and our concern for catching COVID again should be relatively low.

This is where I start to lose the understanding of needing a vaccine if I have antibodies, have been around multiple cases since I was sick and have not re-contracted COVID what is the point?

Schools down here have been open and maskless(optional)for quite some time now, there have been full contact sports being played in front of a crowd since last fall. people are given the option to stay home if they don’t feel safe or wear a mask if they feel like wearing a mask. And in the county I live in we haven’t seen a spike of cases or deaths.

Politics aside, I want to know why there are such different reactions to the same virus? Why should there be limits of capacity on outdoor venues? People should be able to assess the risks and make the decision theirselves whether they should attend a game in an open venue or not.

Charles, please let me know if I have violated any rules. It was not my intention to do so, only to show the perspective of the virus from somewhere other than the state of Oregon.


I can’t get scientific about covid, but think of the common cold–it can range from a few sniffles, to total misery with high fever, cough, runny nose, excruciating sore throat, headache, body aches. Covid apparently can be equally mild or seriously harsh.


Yes ma’am, the effects can be bad, I had a dear friend in ICU for 3 months with COVID, luckily he pulled through.


I’m of the clan that believes life is a risk. Everything we do has potential to harm. My heart goes out to those who have lost friends and family to COVID. A couple of years ago, Dr. Fauci opined that studying gain of function research into bat (SARS) viruses was “worth the risk”. Was he right?

I have lost friends and family to drunken drivers, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. We don’t see the same draconian COVID regulations applied to alcohol, sugar, animal fat, or smoking. Shall we allow only tea totalers to drive? And roughly 1 million Americans die annually from coronary heart disease alone. Should the government limit the amount of red meat or cigarettes one can buy/month? Is that the government’s role?

I would suggest that none of these things should be banned at Autzen, and I hope that we have a similar COVID approach for football game attendance.

Lastly, I’d like to reiterate two of Charles’ points. Science has shown that masks generally don’t work and viral spread is virtually nonexistent outdoors.

I’m appreciative of your yes vote but whether or not to have the shots or let the unvaccinated mingle comes down to data and science that presently isn’t solid at all and therin lies the rabbit hole that must be traveled for clarity. There’s a can or two of worms available at the bottom. Let’s go fisching!!

The people making policy and demanding others get vaccinated cannot answer basic medical questions about the shots or even the underlying disease. Those who do ask difficult salient questions get silenced.

I vote for more rabbit hole though I’m fisching for trouble.


I tried to read every comment, and I think the most telling thing is that the discussion has kept on track, polite, and mostly fact-based. This is a testament to the community you have attracted Mr. Fischer, and your hard work. It’s not an easy thing to do these days.

First – my prediction:

I am viewing from the outside; I grew up in Oregon and have rabid Duck fans as parents, but I live far away now. But I still keep up on the news and talk to people living there.

My impression of the Oregon government response is that it has been falling on the most conservative side of public health policy, especially regarding sports.

I’ve read some of the Canzano op-ed articles about the rules and regulations regarding practice and competition for college and high school sports, and (assuming he is reporting it accurately) it seems like the Oregon government is erring on the side of being extremely cautious to the point that it is “behind” every other state in the nation in the respect of getting things back to normal.

With that in mind, if I were to bet on it in Vegas, I’d say Oregon might be the last state in the union to open up football stadiums to full capacity. This obviously does not bode well for next season.

Second – my suggestions:

Honestly, I don’t think there is much that anyone can do in the short term other than get vaccinated or catch COVID and get tested for it so that it goes into the official statistics. That might push the numbers up over the 70% benchmark that the state government is looking for.

Otherwise, make your voices heard with your local/state representatives whom you elected. That does work sometimes.

I strongly doubt that the University has much choice in the matter.

Since I want to honor Charles and stay on topic, I will leave aside my opinions about what people should do regarding vaccines. And it was very hard to do! I deleted several paragraphs worth of comments.

Jon Sousa

“Since I want to honor Charles and stay on topic, I will leave aside my opinions about what people should do regarding vaccines. And it was very hard to do! I deleted several paragraphs worth of comments.”

Had to laugh when I read this because I have done it myself several times. Bless you FIC.


Just to be technical for a moment…and off topic (forgive me Charles), I would postulate that the COVID “vaccine” is not a vaccine at all. It is an immunization. One is more accurate calling the action an immunizing “shot”. This is one reason the FDA has not approved the shot…and why it is instead distributed under the EUA…Emergency Use Authorization.


Vaccination: Injection of a killed microbe in order to stimulate the immune system against the microbe, thereby preventing disease. Vaccinations, or immunizations, work by stimulating the immune system, the natural disease-fighting system of the body. The healthy immune system is able to recognize invading bacteria and viruses and produce substances (antibodies) to destroy or disable them. Immunizations prepare the immune system to ward off a disease.

To immunize against viral diseases, the virus used in the vaccine has been weakened or killed. To only immunize against bacterial diseases, it is generally possible to use a small portion of the dead bacteria to stimulate the formation of antibodies against the whole bacteria. In addition to the initial immunization process, it has been found that the effectiveness of immunizations can be improved by periodic repeat injections or “boosters.” Also see Vaccines (in the plural) and Vaccine of a specific type (such Vaccine, Polio).


Regardless of what conditions are put in place, full stadiums of football fans are a new frontier during times of pandemic. Indeed, saying “while outside,” or “while inside” both miss the point, as 52,000 Duck fans in a bowl are actually more of a hybrid inside/outside situation. I don’t have all of the answers except to say that no one else does either for that kind of unique scenario. Of great concern to me is that your (and my) positions are completely “everyone run to your own corner” politicized. Because of that, the pandemic is going to last longer than it needed to last, because I don’t trust you and you don’t trust me.

Kudos to Charles for broaching this subject, and making it as non-partisan as possible. But, even as safe and sane as the discussion has been, anyone with reading skills can tell where everyone in the thread stands.

To directly answer the question as set forth, yes I do have concerns about how this thing is going to affect Oregon Duck sports. Moreover, though, I have lost too many relatives and dear friends to COVID, and I am mighty tired of attending virtual funerals. With those on my calendar, 50%, 70%, 80%, or whatever percentage of Autzen capacity is pretty far down my priority list.


I wasn’t suggesting that the article was about being political. My point was that the pandemic is going to last longer than it should because politics is obscuring the truth wherever it is found. I find few things more frustrating right now. Nor was I suggesting that the topic be canceled, though I guess that is what is assumed nowadays when someone says “B” is more on his/her mind than “A.” That mention at the end was just my mind clicking in before my post clicked out. Sorry if I wasn’t as clear as I could/should have been.


I can’t speak a whole lot for the state of Oregon but as a whole I just don’t think states are doing a great job of fighting vaccine misinformation.

Also what is with the arbitrary number of 70%, no one actually knows the required level for herd immunity.

Oregon could easily create policies that help encourage safety.
-Masks in lines
– sanitation stations
– vaccinated seating
-temperature checks

I just had the opportunity to fly. When you walk on the plane they give you sanitation wipes for whipping your seat and table, the lines to get on planes are socially distanced and people were masks in close proximity many of these options will increase safety as states/communities actually hit her immunity.

When those not vaccinated are the one’s that carry and spread mutations of Covid it becomes different than seat belts, choosing to smoke, and doing things unhealthy. When I choose to protect myself and others, while other’s choices can end up putting my life in risk, and people who can’t get vaccinated it becomes a bigger issue.

Also when you ask the question what can we do, “Penalize the rest of us?” this is moving into the straw man realm. That isn’t all we can do, we can limit what those not vaccinated can do, penalize them.

This is a tough subject, but I think it is important to point out each side of the issue. I am trying to be as respectful as possible and would love to let people just impact themselves. Basically those choosing to not get vaccinated are prolonging this pandemic, and negatively impacting others, that is a fact.

I am not accusing you of being mean spirited or attacking anyone individually. I do think you are distorting the issue when you define it as you did, and then come up with an answer which doesn’t weigh the whole issue.

I actually don’t think we need to really punish anyone. What we need to do is hold people accountable for their actions. It is kind of like, in my opinion, people wanting great outcomes without doing the work. I realize this can happen sometimes, but when it comes at an extreme cost to others, it isn’t ok.

Some want to pay people to get the vaccine. I fall into the camp of, make people liable for infecting others if they don’t get vaccinated. Get vaccinated or get liability insurance.


A virus is different than seat belts, there’s an intersection of personal liberty and public health. I’m glad you brought up smoking. Smoking is regulated, you can’t smoke around others in public places for reasons of public health. I don’t understand the nonsense arguments of not getting vaccinated. Not accusing you of making nonsense arguments btw.

We are very fortunate to have a huge supply of vaccines, enough for everyone in this country, and we the people should take it as a personal responsibility to get vaccinated. The public didn’t resist the polio vaccine back in the 1950s. Look no further than India, they are desperate for vaccine.


India has ran the experiment for opening up without masks and social distancing. They had massive amounts of outdoor religious events that contributed to the spike currently happening in India.

I believe the outdoor statistic is unintentionally misleading because going on a hike has a much less chance spreading covid than a stadium that mimics indoor conditions. so I think an outdoor stadium should have same restrictions as an indoor one.

If covid only affected those who chose to be unvaccinated, I would agree that a waiver would suffice. However, my insurance goes up, the chance for a horrific mutation goes up, and the infection of those who can’t get a vaccination goes up. In essence the unvaccinated population is a large enough population size to disrupt society at large. So a waiver isn’t enough.

The goal is to drive the numbers of infected people down enough in order to handle any spikes or mutations, or better yet kill it off…. and we are not there yet. 37% of Americans are fully vaccinated. I know we have a doctor on here that can give the proper vaccination rate that is necessary to arrest the risk of the contagion.

I’m a fan of masks, they seem to work and a really small sacrifice to do our civic duty. If I was asking people to put on bunny suits or CBR regalia I would understand but it’s a mask. We can watch football, in person, responsibly and hopefully make money this year.

Jon Sousa

Good article Charles. I do not understand how it could be dangerous to gather in an outdoor stadium when the science definitely shows that it is very difficult to catch COVID outdoors.

I could see the likelihood rising if the stadium is full and two people sitting right behind you are sneezing and coughing all over you.

Guidelines for masks and wipes in the bathrooms and concession areas sound reasonable.

I, like you, fear an over reaction by those in charge. Closing or severely limiting attendance at outdoor events might seem like the cautious thing to do, but if it is very difficult to catch COVID outdoors it then becomes an over reaction.

Jon Sousa

Notice I said “guidelines” not “rules”. “Guidelines” are suggestive of a way to go; “rules” are something that everyone must obey.


The number one priority should be public health and if people are spreading Covid at a mass event like a football game and putting stress on the healthcare system then perhaps there should be some rules regulating the attendance at the football game. This could likely be avoided if people would just get the vaccine.

Perhaps one should have to prove they got vaccinated before going to the game as a measure of prevention? When I when I was growing up, I couldn’t go to school unless I had my shots, like five or six of them.


Sorry, I didn’t have time to read those comments, I just was putting my thoughts out there. I’ll check them out when I get a chance. Great topic by the way.


I can’t control what the state, the university, or other fans will do, so I guess my concern is what am I going to do?

Will I attend games? If so, will I wear a mask (except when I’m eating)?
Will I bring Clorox wipes to use in the restroom (I can’t make it through 4-5 hours at the stadium without hitting the Women’s Room once or twice.)

I’ve had my vaccinations, so should be safe, but the efficacy is 94%, not 100%. Will I want to chance being sick, even though not nearly as sick as if I’d not been vaccinated?

Maybe by September things will be much clearer. Maybe by then there will be few to no covid cases. We can hope!


Unfortunately science has no bearing on politicians calculus as you’ve pointed out. I have simple question that get you banned or labeled anti vaxxer. whether people with natural antibodies have longer or shorter, better or worse antibody response to re exposure?

Why if the vaccine works so well why are so many afraid of the unvaccinated? Why are so many having not only adverse reactions but also getting Covid a second time? If these vaccines are so good then why is it a vaccine that has killed more people than than any previous vaccines?

How much safer in public is a fully vaccinated asymptomatic person with Covid than an asymptomatic unvaccinated person?

Why do so many places with regular usage of hydroxy chloroquine for malaria have so much lower death rates considering they are mostly third world?

Why isn’t the focus on general health heart disease, obesity, and diabetes as these are the principal co morbidity predictors for severity?

They don’t want an honest dialogue and deep scientific discussion of all the salient details. Why? They want compliance with authority.

Has anyone seen the animals used to test the delivery mechanism for these mRNA vaccines? No, they’re ALL dead.

I’ll give up Access the everything before I become their lab rat.


Let’s don’t forget that prior to football, Hayward will be hosting both the NCAAs and Olympic Trials. Both events bring huge money into the Oregon economy as large numbers of fans from out of state attend both events. I’m all for letting in vaccinated fans and I’d call this the carrot on the stick for vaxxing up, or maybe Oregon’s equivalent to two free laps at Talladega.

Of course, this could also inspire those who want to catch games at Autzen to vax up. The other side is that if there’s more substantial proof that vaccinated fans have almost zero chance of contacting Covid (and so far, the stats are pretty positive), then it won’t matter come football season. But given that the meets are going to happen in the next 30 days, better safe than sorry.


Charles, thanks for addressing the issue and doing so in the least partisan manner possible. Frankly, my biggest motivation, besides the obvious health concerns, for getting vaccinated was becoming eligible to attend events – Duck athletic contests in particular. Now it seems being 90 per cent plus immune is not enough.

I agree with Hayward about opening Autzen to those with valid vaccination cards. Getting vaccinated is free or covered by insurance so there is no financial burden involved. I will not make any judgment regarding those choosing not to get the shot. But all our choices have consequences. In this case being unable to attend Duck games may be one of them.

Leadership or sadly the lack of it in Oregon and other states when it comes to athletics from kids to professional sports is apparent.


Charles, I agree card checks for admission is a terrible route to take. I do believe we should all be prepared for such measures being put into place. The Seattle Mariners have put in place a system in which vaccinated fans are seated in one area, in the traditional side-by-side manner and the unvaccinated sit in a social distanced section. I am unsure what the mask requirements are. Again, I find this to be a terrible arrangement .

What will I be doing if things open up? I will be enjoying my tickets and attending in person. I am confident the vaccine works and I am as safe as can reasonably be. I believe those making the choice not to be vaccinated should be allowed to attend games as well. I don’t believe they present extreme risk to me. The unvaccinated may well be at risk to one another but it is their choice to make.

We are all free to make these sorts of choices.


Side note: I always enjoy the photographs in the articles. They are superb photographers! Thanks!

OHA hasn’t followed the science on the eligibility of the vaccine – teachers before many seniors. We can only hope leadership follows the science!


Hawaii has put into place a passport system. When I went in February they also had testing before you went and you were tested upon arrival. Without either of these policies in place I, like you, only see potential for reactionary programs that may shut too much down.

Waiting for people to act isn’t leadership. We need real guidance and a proactive plan. I have little faith either will happen as history is our real indicator.

If people want to protest having to be vaccinated in order to go to a game at Autzen let them. Those that want to protest should be given the opportunity to watch all the Ducks games in a small bar with little ventilation, no service and one tv with the Ducks free of charge.


Go easy my friend. I agree that current leadership has been terrible, dishonest, and just a bit tyrannical. FishDuck makes some great points on this. But your last sentence is just a tad on the unnecessary venom scale. While your point may be valid, there are reasons many can not or should not take the shot.


Completely agree and those people who should not and can’t take the shot are being supported by those getting the shot. That is actually the only way they can be safe.

I just have a hard time allowing those people who selfishly decide not to get the shot with no medical, or science basis the opportunity to do much other than gather amongst themselves. You can call that too far on the venom scale, but we live in a shared society where, sadly, sacrifice for the common good is becoming a thing of the past. People want rights, but there are responsibilities too!

There are two issues here, the governmental, administrative management of the pandemic and the individual choices being made. Maybe the individual choices being made should be off limits from comments, but both are extremely impactful.

And to Charles point, those who don’t get vaccinated are impacting those who can’t. We all need to do our part, and there should be repercussions for the choices we make. Politicians lose their jobs because of poor choices, individuals should also have consequences for the choices they make.

For me it comes down to putting limits on those who can’t be vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons, or those who just don’t want to get vaccinated. It is a simple choice for me.

I am a bit of a libertarian, but when it comes to supporting those who get marginalized, or those who make self centered choices, simple choice. Those who can’t get vaccinated having the high(er) probability of contracting Covid isn’t what they should have to choose.

I will agree let’s see some football, live!


I think it boils down to how fearful you are. If being in a crowd is too worrisome, one should stay home.

I wish everyone else drove as well as I do, but they don’t, yet I still drive my car.
Life is full of risks, and this virus will never go away. Can I live with that? Can any if us?
We need to encourage our state leadership to be proactive in setting standards in advance so we all know what the expectation will be.
And there actually is good science available now to follow.
I hope to see all my Fishduck friends this September in Autzen.


What’s a “legitimate” medical reason in your view? Is the Lack of long term safety testing of mRNA vaccines or unknown efficacy over time by comparison to natural antibody response legitimate? Is not having co morbidities likely to produce serious disease response sufficient or is living in a zip code with zero cases legitimate? Is the fact that these vaccines have a very high death rate by comparison to other vaccines legitimate? Who defines legitimate?


I’m with you on this 100%, Charles…especially the mask mandate. The requirement for masks outdoors has been proven unnecessary for some time, now. And those that have been vaccinated need not worry about contracting the disease.


Good read Charles.

Outside and in the sun is key for viral avoidance and moral/mental health.

A vaccination rate of 60-70% gets you into herd immunity, and that is also likely a governmental goal there (as it is here).

I cannot wait to see a full stadium supporting the Ducks.



The percentage of vax’d is a great metric to use, since it already has been for all of the eradicated diseases that already have vaccinations. Up here, the rate limiting factor are the ones that won’t get the vaccine and those that don’t think it’s even real. I get all the arguments on both sides, I do.

I am very aware of disaster capitalism and very aware of how ridiculously politicized this event is in every country (when it shouldn’t be). It doesn’t help when those that sell or invest in PPE brag about how much they made on their returns publicly and to their friends. It doesn’t help when one side says it’s the virus is everywhere and gonna getchya, and the other says it’s made up and Bill Gates is controlling you (so so so ridiculous).

But the fact is, this virus is here, man made or not. Another fact is, nothing will return “to normal” until herd immunity is established. Until then, we may all feel fed-up and controlled.

I wonder how we’d all feel if first world governments just “let’er fly”, took zero measures, let us all get infected, then watched to see if we all live or die.

Sorry for the seemingly morbid response Charles, but not only am i sick of wearing an N95 mask to operate on a 95 year old potentially covid positive hip fracture that should be routine (even after being vax’d), I am also sick of not going for pub beers and heading to live football games. So, I get it.

The world will get there. Hopefully for kick off in September. Cheers.