Is Syracuse Transfer Guerrier What Oregon Hoops Needs?

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Once again, the Oregon Ducks men’s basketball team will have some big shoes to fill in the offseason. But just like so many years past, head coach Dana Altman has already started making moves, especially in the transfer portal. With the absence of Eugene Omoruyi, Chris Duarte and LJ Figueroa, the Ducks need some help and experience at the forward position.

Enter Quincy Guerrier, a 6-foot-7, 220-pound forward and All-ACC selection, who announced May 20th his intention to join Altman’s squad for the upcoming season.  It’s kind of a perfect fit, especially with Omoruyi’s length, power, speed and scoring prowess now missing from the lineup.

Like Omoruyi, Guerrier is also a Canadian national that possess an explosive playmaking ability. And he’s consistent, too. During his sophomore year, Guerrier averaged 13.7 points per game (49.3%) and 8.4 rebounds per game, helping him finish the year with third-team all-conference honors.

While it’s not quite as impressive as Omnoruyi’s scoring average of 17.1 points per game, the former Orangeman appears to be a dogged rebounder.

Plus, he’s joining a pretty solid core group of returning players led by guards Will Richardson, Eric Williams Jr., centers Franck Kepnang and N’Faly Dante, and five-star newcomer Nathan Bittle.

So, do the Ducks have what it takes to win another Pac-12 crown and go dancing to the Sweet Sixteen and beyond? You bet your boots. But you tell me Oregon fans: what else does Altman need to go all the way? Is Guerrier the guy to complete Altman’s annual tradition of cobbling together freakish talent to form a Frankenstein monster built for a deep playoff run?

Jordan Ingram
San Diego, California
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Would love too see Oregon get back to the Final Four. This team with the Syracuse transfer we could be special if we can stay injury free. When Boucher went down he could have been the missing key piece for that team to win it all. I hope Bittle is as good as advertised and Dante stays healthy for the whole season this could be a great defensive team.

Carl N

On paper, they don’t look like as good of a 3 point scoring team. However, that may not take into account the flexibility of this team. At times the 2020-21 Ducks had matchup problems the 2021-22 version does not appear to have. The ability to change at will from a small line up to one with an imposing front court is a luxury the Ducks have lacked.

I’ve been wondering if the addition of a Jacob Young would be the final piece to a final four team, or just a log jam leading to more transfers out. Frankly, these concerns are minor imho given Coach Altman’s ability to develop and coach a team to its full potential by season’s end. With all the new facilities and the success in so many Oregon programs, I feel like a kid in a candy shop. These are good times to be a Duck Fan for sure!


This is a great pickup. Outside shooting might still be a question mark. Richardson is going to have to be the go-to guy and I’m not sure if he can carry a team like a Pritchard or a Duarte. Is his primary role a point guard or an off guard with Harmon transferring in? We need two or three more scorers to step up. The depth on this team is amazing and somebody’s going to be the odd man out.


I have no statistical evidence, but it really seems like Oregon has had a great Canadian pipeline over recent years. Maybe the Ducks should start a hockey team and have Altman as a recruiting consultant!


“So, do the Ducks have what it takes to win another Pac-12 crown and go dancing to the Sweet Sixteen and beyond?”
YES, and YES!

“Is Guerrier the guy to complete Altman’s annual tradition of cobbling together freakish talent…….?”
If Q can fill the role that LJ played this past year, that might do it, but I wouldn’t bet that Dana can’t pull another player out of the hat portal.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

The guys on the pay-sites for Oregon feel that the talent assembled by Altman could make the Ducks a Top-10 team next year….and Dana might be pursuing one more player!

We are so very lucky to have Dana, as hiring coaches is usually just a crap-shoot. (And we won!)

Santa Rosa Duck

Looking good so far but do we have the depth for a long season and a deep run in the NCAA Tournament? Not sure. Thanks Jordan.


Much like those shorting Gamestop again, I wouldn’t bet against Altman ever, as you will just get punished.


Sure Jordan, I’ll bite. The new guy looks like the prototype Altman player, long, athletic, and fast.

I’m hopeful the three big men on the team can stay healthy for an entire season. Lack of size late in the season and during the tournament seems to be the one stumbling block tripping the Ducks up for the last couple of years.


Altman is a master at reloading. And the guy can flat out coach, so he will get the best out of his talent. But the three big men you mention are an interesting mix.

Kepnang and Dante are your typical big men…..7-footers who play down low, possess limited offensive skills and whose chief responsibilities are to rebound and discourage opponents from driving the lane.

Bittle, on the other hand, is 6-11, slight of frame, with a good handle…….and can absolutely light it up from the arc. Think Kevin Durant, not that I’m comparing Bittle to KD, but that’s the type of player he is. With the ever increasing emphasis on the three pointer I would expect Bittle to be a huge asset for the Ducks next season.