Justin Herbert: 2021 NFL MVP Candidate

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My infatuation of Justin Herbert continues as I ask readers to excuse me for yet another article regarding the former Oregon quarterback as I have written about him several times this offseason. I can’t contain my enthusiasm after what he showed us last year in his first pro season and believe that Herbert has the inside track to becoming the greatest NFL player that Oregon has ever produced. Over such greats as Norm Van Brocklin, Mel Renfro, Gary Zimmerman, and of course, Dan Fouts.

I was once again watching ESPN’S Get Up with Mike Greenberg as Greenberg presented his panelists with his bold prediction that Herbert will win the 2021 NFL MVP. He had cited the recent winning of the award by second-year quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes (2018) and Lamar Jackson (2019) as the basis for his prediction. As well, of course, Herbert’s tremendous rookie season.

Panelist Kimberley Martin believed that we had just gotten a taste in 2020 of how good Herbert can be and that the 2021 Chargers will have a better coaching staff, better roster, and better offensive line than last year. While former NFL General Manager Tom Telesco liked the Chargers’ investment on the offensive line and noted, “As well as he (Herbert) played under duress, imagine how good he’ll be when he has time to look down the field.”

Just imagine hearing, “Former University of Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert wins the 2021 NFL MVP award.” I think we would all like the sound of that. Do you think it’s possible?

Darren Perkins
Spokane, Washington
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I am so happy the Bungles didn’t draft Justin because they suck and they showed how bad they really are when they chose a WR over Sewell who would have protected Burrow’s and now he really won’t be able to muster much because he’ll be running for his life. Justin has everything to win that award next season W/O a doubt.


Winning games will dictate whether Herbert is an MVP candidate. The Chargers defense will need to play much better for him to even be considered. Their defense didn’t stop too many teams last year.

He was one of the most pressured QB’s last year and still thrived. He is very entertaining to watch play. Not many QB’s can backpedal at high speed, throw a 50+ yard bomb off their back foot with accuracy, and make it look kind of effortless.

If Herbert continues to improve his overall play, he will help make the Chargers the “hot ticket” in the LA market.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

While I am thrilled with Herbert’s performances, and love where Darren is going with this….I completely agree with your first paragraph Drake. Perfectly stated…


My concern is that Justin will have a new coach and presumably a new quarterback coach. Even in the pros, coaching matters. Hoping everything will mesh and he’ll continue to have great success.


That’s my concern too. It’s not just a transition for Herbert but for the entire team on both sides of the ball.

The OL looks much better than last year’s, at least on paper, and RB Austin Ekeler is healthy, so that should give a boost to the offense.


Yeah, I think Herbert will be able to adapt to the new scheme but that doesn’t mean it’ll get the most out of him or the offense. The scheme itself may not be that great or the play calling may not be that great. On top of all of that, will the rest of the team be able to pick up the scheme like Herbert does? Coaches Staley and Lombardi are experiments. No guarantee they can run the show but they do have a great young QB to lean on.

David Marsh

If the Chargers new OC does his job we should see Herbert’s numbers improve over 2021 along with more wins. The sad truth of all these major awards is that it doesn’t fully reflect on an individual player’s skill but on the supporting cast around that player. Herbert is an incredible talent and earned the Rookie of the Year award but it wouldn’t have been possible without his receiving corp playing at a high level.

For Herbert to be considered, really considered, for the MVP he is going to need some help from his coaching staff that will let him throw the ball into the fourth quarter, a defense that can allow him to play comfortably (not digging him a hole in the second half) and an offensive coordinator who will highlight his strengths.

All possible but not all in his control. He is going to have a strong season regardless and continue to improve.


There is always the sophomore slump, but I tend to think JH will overcome the distractions, and his football intellect will lead to greater things.

If we start seeing Justin selling shampoo, insurance, and some food product more than on the football field, then all bets are off.


JH is a very smart Duck. I believe he has studied hard this off season and will perform at a very high level again. He has the athletic ability, big arm, but most importantly a great brain to go with competitive spirit and the will to win.