Oregon Baseball: The Odds of Winning a Regional in 2021?

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Our Beloved Diamond Ducks have shocked the Pac-12 in 2021 with superb pitching, and even better hitting not seen in Eugene for years. The College World Series will be held in Omaha, Nebraska, and the season will go through Regionals, Super Regionals, and finally, the College World Series. The 2021 Baseball season has been exciting, especially with so many complete performances by the Ducks. What are the chances of Oregon going deep into Baseball Playoffs?

How Far have the Oregon Ducks come in 2021?

The Ducks have stunned us this season by currently leading the PAC-12 Baseball standings. The Oregon Baseball team hasn’t claimed the conference championship since 1964, but now seems to be the time for Oregon. We hadn’t seen the Ducks even above 5th place in the Pac-12 since 2015, and the last time they were in the top three was eight years ago in 2013. Now finally, the Ducks are on the top of the conference with a record of 17-7, and everyone is asking, “who are those Ducks?’

It is the second year of Mark Wasikowski as the coach; last year, we couldn’t see his magic due to the COVID-19, and now Wasikowski has helped the team blossom with a ton of experience through the line-up. Overall the Pac-12 conference has been very interesting this year, especially with surging surprise teams such as Oregon and Stanford, along with the disappointments from the usual powers of UCLA and Oregon State.

Oregon Baseball Twitter

Gabe Matthews has set four new school records!

2021 NCAA Regionals

Oregon Ducks also have been selected as the potential host site for the regionals. If Oregon gets selected as one of the host sites, there will be a massive advantage for the Ducks in the Regionals. Traditionally host teams have a significant edge in the regionals, although sometimes host schools also play as the visiting team.

Looking at the Oregon’s performance this season, they certainly have a chance at the regionals finals. They have improved enormously over the season, maybe it could be the magic of the new coach Mark Wasikowski, but the credit goes to the whole team for their focus and intensity. If they get selected as the host school, there is a massive chance of Oregon going deep this year. (in more than home runs!) If Oregon might continues its overachievement, they have a real chance to make it to the Super-Regionals this year.

The odds also could predict the team’s journey, but since Fanduel’s odds aren’t out yet, we just have to wait for now. Considering the national records of the college baseball bluebloods-making the College Series might be a tough challenge for the Ducks, but whatever the results would be, Oregon could have their best season ever.

Oregon Baseball Twitter

The Ducks currently sit at No. 6 in the nation!

2021 NCAA Baseball Pac-12 Contenders:

Conference Record: 17-7
Overall Record: 34-11
Streak: 7 wins

Conference Record: 19-8
Overall Record: 36-13
Streak: 4 wins

Conference Record: 13-8
Overall Record: 29-12
Streak: 2 losses


Our rival, Oregon State, is still smarting from losing the five-out-of-six-games series this year to the Ducks. (I am still giggling over it!) Yet the Beavers play Arizona in Corvallis this weekend, and play at Stanford the final weekend, thus they can help the Ducks while helping their own seeding!  For the first time ever … this epic Oregon fan OregonReigns says …

“Cheer for Oregon State over the next two weeks!”

Oregon Baseball Twitter

These stud-starters are the best in the Pac-12?

Quick Notes on Our Beloved Ducks

–Oregon has taken on a ranked team seven times in multiple game series.
–The Ducks are ranked No. 13 in the all-important RPI ranking.
–Oregon matched the modern day record of four home runs in a game at USC, and then for the first time ever blasted four against Washington at PK Park.
FIVE Oregon players are batting over .300!?
Robert Ahlstrom (North Eugene HS) and Cullen Kafka rank in the top four in both the Pac-12 pitching statistics of ERA and On-Base-Percentage allowed.
Aaron Zavala (South Salem HS) is ranked No. 1 in the nation of D1 Baseball Top 100 Draft-Eligible list batting .394 with an on-base percentage of .531!
Robert Ahlstrom has been named Pac-12 Pitcher of the Week three times this season, with only David Petersen (Starter for NY Mets) ever matching that number of honors as a Duck.
Kolby Somers (Hillsboro, Oregon) has been stunning as Oregon’s closer with batters only hitting .061 against him!
–As of this week, of the 24 available Pac-12 Conference weekly awards presented this season, Duck baseball players have earned 25% of themtwice as many as the 2nd best team!

How far will they go into the 2021 NCAA Division I Baseball tournament?  Will they win the Pac-12? What a finish!

Lakeside, Oregon
The superb top photo of a Duck safe at home against the Huskies by Gary Breedlove

Watch this big series with Stanford on the Pac-12 Channel beginning at 6:00 PM tonight!  Or watch it live stream right here, by scrolling down to the game and clicking on the link.

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How RARE is the Ducks Quest for a Pac-12 Championship?

The article states that the last league title was in 1964, but that was when we had a Northern Division championship–and the Ducks won it that year.

The last time Oregon won the conference crown was in 1954 (and the only time the Ducks have gone to the CWS) which was before I was born and I’m age 64!

The unique combination of players is presenting an opportunity; soak it in Oregon fans!


As an avid baseball fan (Ducks, Beavers and Cubs in MLB) I can say that this is the best team we have fielded since returning to the diamond a little over a decade ago.

Coach Waz has made a huge difference, it was a great move bringing him in. He has the x factor needed to get these kids pumped and his strategic approaches to the game are as good as any coach I have seen in NCAA baseball.

The biggest improvement has come on the offensive side. A team batting average sitting at .293 at this point in the season is unbelievable and so much more fun to watch than past Ducks teams.

Horton was just too conservative for my tastes….too much small ball. Coach Waz has this team swinging freely and making a lot more hard contact on the ball.

Oregon pitching has generally been pretty good over the years since returning, but this year has been exceptional with our starting three dominating with a combined 2.75 ERA, and often working deep into games offering our bullpen the chance to come in for short stints and throw hard strikes daring the opposing team to put the ball in play. The middle relievers have struggled at times, but the closer Kolby Summers is lights out. A team ERA of 3.61 is nearly unheard of in College Baseball.

The defensive effort has been great as well, with short stints of bumpiness.

All in all I have really enjoyed this season. I love the Oregon Live Stream and am super bummed the next two weeks games are on Pac 12 Network as I don’t get it. I am considering signing up for a 7 day free trial of Fubo TV, but I would still miss the last two Cal games.

It won’t be easy to win the Pac 12 at this point. The odds favor Arizona, as we lost the series to them several weeks back in Tucson, so they hold the tie breaker. We need to play really well to win the Stanford series at least 2-1 and then sweep Cal at their field and hope the Beavers can take at least one game from Zona this weekend.

That is pretty much the scenario we need to fall into place, although there could be some different iterations of this. If we lose this series to Stanford then there is really no way unless the Beavers sweep Arizona, which is a very long shot considering how the Wildcats have hit the ball this year.

Either way though there is a good chance we still host a regional. The regional games should be on ESPN so that way we can all tune in.

If we win a Pac 12 Championship in Baseball…..what a year to be a Duck fan winning league championships in all three major men’s sports eh? It’s a long shot at this point and we need some help from the Beavers but it’s attainable.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

Think of it in the Arizona series; they won one big and we won a high-scoring shootout. The winning difference in that series was a 5-4 win by the Wildcats in the first game.

ONE RUN could decide the Pac-12 Championship? That could be one bad, slow pitch by accident, or a wild pitch…and that is baseball!


Exactly Charles, there is really no way for one school to dominate year in and year out because of so many variables in the game. That is another big reason I love the sport.


I personally detest the game of baseball. It’s slow, really slow, and lacks much strategy. It’s fun to go to the park and have a brew and dog, get some sun and share in small talk between innings, or pitching changes…or pitches. It makes me yawn just thinking about it.

That all said, for the first time in many decades, I watched a little baseball this year…some of the Duck’s games. I am, afterall a dyed-in-the-wool Duck fanatic. I’ll watch their regional and beyond games this year. They are THAT good that they even make the game palatable to an old curmudgeon!

Thanks for the article, Reigns.

Charles Fischer, Mr. FishDuck

I NEVER watched baseball growing up, but like Womens Basketball or Softball–because it is an Oregon sport–I began watching it and really have been getting into it.


Couldn’t disagree more, especially regarding baseball, “lack(ing) strategy.” The game is one strategic move after another. Glad you watch the Ducks. This weekend’s series will be exciting. Go Ducks!


Glad your’e watching and rooting for the Ducks. The game of baseball is so much different than football and basketball, being much less physical and aggressive and more strategic and even luck based in some instances. It’s my favorite sport hands down.

The reason I like it so much and it’s my favorite game is because:
#1 I like being outside in the spring/early summer weather
#2 It’s a gentleman’s game and that’s kind of my style
#3 History…it’s got so much storied history as it is America’s past time
#4 I played it….and I mean a lot. I started playing tee ball when I was 7 and played all the way up until being cut by the Beavers in 1997. I played for two seasons at Lane Community College. So it’s deeply rooted in my existence and passed down from multiple generations of my family. I played football and basketball as well in high school but I wasn’t nearly as interested in those sports as baseball.

I like to think that maybe someday baseball can help heal our divided country. Not sure why I think that, but I do :).


I played, too. My only really fond recollection was my one and only grand slam homerun of my short career. And IT was taken away because the game got rained out.

And that is how much I like baseball. LOL.

But I agree…it is a game for lounging in the Spring/Summer warm air. (And I always truly enjoyed the aroma of the many cigars being smoked at games. (Yep, I’m THAT old.)

David Marsh

My only memory of anything baseball related was when I played T-ball and they took away the T and thew the ball and I couldn’t hit it… I was like 6 and super embarrassed.

Though I like seeing the Ducks do well in these sports I can’t watch them. I just like the headlines and the results being positive.


CJ, looks as if you and I are in the minority. Grew up with a father who loved the game, would read the results and box scores to my brothers and me every morning at the breakfast table. He expected us to figure batting averages and winning percentages in our heads – talk about practical math!

There was no coach pitch or T-ball, just the hope that the gangly kid on the mound would put the pitch somewhere near the plate and not in your ear hole. Fear of the hardball, catching it or trying to stand in and hit it eliminated most kids at the pee wee level.

Little League was the next cut line. The guys unable to grasp concepts like backing up the play or hitting the cut off were out. High school and American Legion ball were some of the most enjoyable of times, the guys at that level knew what they were doing and it was fun.

Good for you CJ to be able to have taken the game as far as you did. “Let’s play two!”


Thanks for the informative article.